Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Union of Boredom (UoB), a.k.a University of Bahrain…

I came across an article in the newspaper which brought back old memories and how angry I was back when I was at Uni. I was more pissed off then than I am nowadays at sand-niggers, mowaleed 7waar* and shitty fucking drivers. But ninjas still come in No.1 in the ultimate list of big time piss-me-offs!

This is the article:


Smile, for you are in the University of Bahrain

To all full-time and part-time students…
Let the smiles be shining on your faces always, for you are in the university of Bahrain.

Dear students…
If you want to see how an ant colony attacks a piece of cake, then all you have to do is go to the registration section during the add and drop period!
And if you wanted to lose 3kg of your weight DAILY then all you have to do is go back and forth to building number 40 on foot!
And if you discover at the beginning of a semester that your timetable has NO subjects at all then smile, you’re in the University of Bahrain!
And if you wanted to know the latest rage in fashion, mobile phones, makeup trends. Go to the University of Bahrain and you will definitely smile =)
If you were hungry and want to have a scrumptious meal then go to the food court. But beware, you might end up spending all that’s in your wallet but never forget to put that smile on your face!
And if you do manage to finally graduate from the university and you never got to see [His Excellency] you academic advisor’s face not even for once. Smile!
And if you wanted a signature from [his highness] the head of your section, then wait for one whole week, but smile!
And if your eyelids don’t close at night and you cannot remember how delicious sleeping felt, in the name of studying to the extent of hallucination with numbers, years and names, and in the end you get an “F” then smile, you’re in the University of Bahrain.
And if you come one day trying to find a parking spot for an hour until the lecture time is over then smile!
And my dear father, if you want to enroll ALL your kids at the University of Bahrain then think again as exemptions have been ceased and expenses have increased dramatically. But don’t forget to smile!
If you have Vitamin (W) [meaning WASTA**], then you will be in a good health and shape, away from the “add and drop” diseases and the full medicine.
The “A” grade has become a dream everyone is wishing for and the “E” is what everyone gets. However, the hope in graduating remains even after a while.
My dear university…
I apologize, as I am honored to be one of your graduates.
With sincere thanks and gratitude.
[The most sarcastic woman in Bahrain]

Look at what kind of shitheads we had/have to deal with in this shithole of a university? I remember when I was studying there 5 years ago, I had just started work and was working shifts. I went to change from part time to full time and they refused immediately without looking into my case! I had a letter from my employer stating that they needed me mostly for night shifts therefore attendance of evening classes would be difficult but nooo, they don’t give a shit about human beings! They want to allow changes to people who either bribe them or do them sexual favors. Or, of course, you can use a was6a** if you have one. Just like a typical government ministry!

I spoke to a lot of different people back then, and I discovered once that someone I know knew Dr. Isa Al-Khayat (Dean of Registration) very well. She tried to talk to him about my case, changing from part-time to full-time too, yet he still refused to do anything and said that it’s impossible for ANYONE to do that. If that was true, you so called doctor, fucking dicksuck, then why on earth were Saudi female students allowed to change? Were they giving you blowjobs? What the fuck? Are you trying to be Clinton now? This is the kind of fucked up people we have to deal with in this country: People with a power trip who think they own everyone, and they consider everyone their bitches. As usual, there are rules but they do not apply to everyone. Why put rules and regulations in the first place if they apply to a selected number of people? Why do you want to deprive them of their dignity? Well I guess they’re doing this in uni to prepare people for their harsh lives ahead of them. Well in that case, I think it’s a good idea! People WILL face situations like this in life here in Bahrain. Well, Mr. Dean of Registration, how would you like to suck my dick with no teeth? Wouldn’t you like a taste of your own medicine? Motherfuck.

Plus the university itself is all shit. They don’t teach you anything properly and they give you tons of non-related subjects, resulting in low GPAs. Or worse, you get nerds memorizing every word in all of the books, just to get that 4.0 GPA, and then they graduate with zero understanding of what they studied! When they enter job interviews, they’ll be fucked!

Oh fuck, I can’t even go on anymore. I am too tired to get into detail. The whole educational system here is a joke. Kids were always raised to think that you need a 4.0 GPA or top grades to get the best jobs. None of us are properly skilled unless we learn on our own time. No wonder why America and Europe will always own us!

Fuck this shit, I need a teethless-dean-of-registration-fuckhead blowjob.

--LiB Team Comment: I was trying to find a picture of Isa Al-Khayat, so I googled his name, wanted to highlight that he is the devil, but couldn’t find any, you can click here to check out all images on the uni server. 50 google search pages, yet not a single picture of that dicksuck. Is he a fucking vampire or something?

* Mowaleed 7waar: This means "Born in Hawar Islands". A term used to describe the Syrian and Jordanian Bedouins who were "brought" to Bahrain and were given the Bahraini nationality on the spot, so in the passport, their place of birth is "Hawar" islands, despite being a desert island and no one lives there.

** Was6a: Pronounced "waasta" which means to use your power, influence or aquaintances to get something done, bypassing all rules or policies. It's a common thing in Bahrain and you have to resort to this measure to get your errands done on time and without hassle. Otherwise you will have to suffer and beg like a dog to get things done.


Anonymous Intoxicated said...

OH GOD! Don't even remind me of UOB i spent 2 years there it's a good thing that im still alive and didn't comit suicide cause of that shitty university! U call that place a university fucking hell it isnt it's a shit hole with shitty rules and regulations, shitty staff, faculy and EVERYTHING!

It's a good thing im not there anymore im a much happier person at the uni im at now and graduating very soon :D

1:30 AM, December 21, 2005  
Anonymous Muharaqi Pundit said...

Thank God that my parents decided to send me abroad to finish my higher education :D I would of ended with half the brain cells I would of had when I joined. Not only are the high prices but obviously the standard of education is worst when compared to a private high school 12 grade education. My Cousin dropped out of UOB because they wouldnt let him graduate in time. WAY TO GO UOB. While abroad I am paying lesser than I would have to pay those bastards. and oh i forgot good luck for those graduates getting a job :D

4:21 AM, December 21, 2005  
Blogger The Joker said...

Pundit, where do you study? Abroad and paying less than UOB? Sounds like a deal

9:25 AM, December 21, 2005  
Blogger LiB Team said...

That's right, sounds like a bargain! I mean studying abroad could be cheaper than some private unis we have here but uni of bahrain?

10:00 AM, December 21, 2005  
Anonymous Intoxicated said...

Exactly muharaqi where did u graduate from thats cheaper than UOB :S from what i know of is that UOB has the cheapest fees from all the other private universities here!!

1:17 PM, December 21, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UoB is an evil entity, I hope that they burn down to the ground...

2:40 PM, December 21, 2005  
Anonymous Muharaqi said...

I graduated from a high school in Indianapolis Indiana in the states and now I am in Ontario, Canada and attending a college. Now yearly im paying about 10,000 Canadian dollars yearly about 3,216.94 bahraini dinars which includes food, housing, utilities, and tuition etc. And that fees might be slashed if I test out of the courses that I have selected so the amount might be decreased by 500 to 1000 bd max. Now ive looked everywhere and this is the best deal considering the quality of education and the overall value of what im getting for my buck and my bro was thinking about UOB during the summer and he was asked about 5000 bd for his MBA course. Now i might be wrong but this is what he told me.

2:45 PM, December 21, 2005  
Anonymous Intoxicated said...

Muharaqi u want my advise, stay where u are and dont u ever come back here u'll seriously regret it!

3:00 AM, December 22, 2005  
Anonymous Shorty said...


There sould be a reality show named "UOB SURVIVOUR" where they rally up students and give them impossible tasks, find the parking, get the "A", Wheres Wally (or ur student advisor).....etc

To all the readers out there that did make it through, you should be proud...

10:13 AM, December 22, 2005  
Blogger LiB Team said...

shorty, there is also another thing, to all those who made it through you either should be proud (if you made it through clean), or ashamed (if you made it through by cheating, being a nerd or ass-kissing and sucking the instructor's cock).

11:10 AM, December 22, 2005  
Anonymous Muharaqi said...

hey intoxicated

yes ofcourse mate I would be crazy to even consider going to a university in Bahrain. Seriously if you guys can affort it there than you should consider studying abroad, it might be a little bit more but in the long run you will have a secure future and hopefully a guaranteed job. You guys should see all the boys who jump over the public school walls and chill outside. I think they are smart in avoiding that so called education that is provided in public schools. No wonder younger Bahrainis are unemployed, who would want to employ a sand nigger that cant speak proper arabic let alone english!!! All they care about is whats the latest fad in telephones and cars. LIB, you guys should do an article about the stupid fads. Like listening to Bob Marley loudly as if you know what hes talking about ! University is supposed to be the best time in your life and from what I heard UOB is a hell hole heck even a shit hole.

9:12 PM, December 22, 2005  
Anonymous Strav said...

Are there any religious police at UOB like the media had it a year ago? Or is that all bollocks too? BTW, why did uob need religious police in the first place?

What are the profs like?

12:33 AM, December 23, 2005  
Anonymous Intoxicated said...

Although im not there anymore at UOB but i still wanna BURN THAT PLACE DOWN! even thinking of it pisses the shit outta me!

1:26 AM, December 23, 2005  
Anonymous shorty said...


yes there are religious police at UOB not in the sense of actual police but security guards and social workers "murshidat" that run after everyone to check what they're wearing, who they're walking with, even what they are doing. In a way its good because girls are controlled from flasing their butt cracks at you and yet its a matter of privacy... nas y5arboon 3ala nas

UOB just wants to gain respect as a shit hole..

Oh and the prof's arent bad they just hate themselves for working at UOB

2:01 PM, December 24, 2005  
Blogger butt nugget said...

emmm yeah ive been on campus one time at uob. once was enough.

4:38 AM, December 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound very angry--mostly at yourself than at anybody else. If I may quote a wise saying, "Profanity is the attempt of a weak and feeble mind to express itself forcefully." This alone, I believe, is enough to express my opinion towards the person who wrote this blog.

1:38 PM, April 01, 2009  

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