Wednesday, November 16, 2005

One match away from the World Cup...

Today Bahrain's national football team (that's soccer to our American readers) will either make or break history by qualifying to the World Cup finals in Germany 2006. All they need to do is either win the match or draw 0-0, if they draw by any other score they won't make it through. If the team does make it to the finals, it will be the first time (and probably the last) in their history to make it to the elite of football competitions. We might be seeing the reincarnation of Saudi Arabia's glorious defeat 8-0 to Germany back in the 2002 finals in Japan and S. Korea. I hope that Saudi Arabia's team eat another 8 or 9 clean goals so that they finally put a sock in it, they keep saying we did this and we did that.

Anyways back to Bahrain, if they make it through, I will be happy of course, they are my national team and they represent my country, but oh my God, aren't our roads already chaotic and dangerous? Damn! There will be traffic jams upon traffic jams. The already busy streets will be literally clogged. Now I know this is the world cup, and all over the world such celebrations happen, so I am not writing to talk about the celebrations. I am writing to talk about some assholes who will ruin these celebrations.

There will be people already out in the streets, whether by car or outside their cars expressing their happiness. Unfortunately, you will find some people not giving a rat’s ass about the safety of all those happy people by skidding their cars and burning rubber everywhere, not giving a damn about cars from other lanes who try to get in or get out, like the road was his own property and all else have no right to use it. There will be people throwing firecrackers at others, if your friends agree to have their faces and asses blown and burnt, do it to them, not other innocent people you morons. Then we have the sprays, if you are taking part in such celebrations, please keep your windows up when you see a spraying piece of shit approach you, cuz they will spray you with all this glowing shit that looks like painted booger, again, if they wanna do that, let them do it to their own groups, not other people who don’t like it. And god forbid that you tell them anything, they will declare you public enemy #1 and rally their groups to beat you up.

Let’s say there are road blocks by the police to important areas so that if anything urgent comes up, nothing would be distorted. There will be assholes who will throw stones, eggs, rotten tomatoes, anything that comes in their hand (you fill the blanks) at them. Like the police force are the enemy. And if the police do detain some culprits, their whining parents will come and cuss at the police for actually doing their job and write about them in the newspapers in the name of “human rights”. Yeah, it’s your right to come and beat me up or throw rocks at me or at the authorities, it’s your right to ruin everyone’ s lives by imposing your own shitty fucking lifestyle on others. Grow up and get a life you inconsiderate fucks.

Despite all those fucks which we’ll see around, I hope that we qualify to the World Cup tonight and hopefully it would be one of those memorable nights. Will try to get some pics taken :)


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