Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Dream Lost...

Our national football team lost yesterday's match against Trinidad & Tobago 0-1, thus ending our closest chance to qualify to our first-ever world cup finals. In a way, they deserve it, but I'll tell you who doesn't, the 680,000 other people who were on their toes or on the edge of their seats wherever they were watching the game, at home, in the national stadium or in coffee shops. A nation' s heart was broken and we might not see another chance to get this close to the world cup, maybe not ever, as this was our strongest team that ever was produced. Sure there is the future to look up to, but you never know what might happen.

This means no road chaos, no celebrations and no abusers of the right to celebrate by imposing their asswipeness on others. Yet I felt crushed and I think we deserved to have an appearance in the world cup.

Maybe if the players' incentives weren't announced prior to the match, it would have been better. Of course incentives are always a good motive to perform, but in the case of Bahrainis it's a motive to think about different scenarios on how to use those incentives which disrupts their performance and this leads to them not performing well and even ruining a chance in getting the incentive altogether.

The members of the parliament had approved an incentive plan for the players should they have reached the world cup, which comprises of BD 50,000 cash reward, a new car, a government house (which probably they would get ahead of others who have been waiting for 20+ years to get it) and a BD 1,000 monthly salary upto and during the world cup finals.

I bet you that what has been going through the players' thick heads when they were playing, they were thinking on how to use the BD50,000, would they spend it all? Would they buy a peice of land or invest the cash? If they already live in a house or own a house, would they rent the house that will be given to them? etc etc etc

Despite all that, life goes on and if we ever wanna qualify to the next world cups, this calls for proper training, better facilities and great tactics. The problem is that whenever our team performs well, the media praises them so much that the players just relax and think of themselves as invincibles! This is not how it goes in the real world, the hard work should be consisten and not sit back until your goals have been fully achieved. Next time if you're gonna give them incentives, announce them after the match not before!


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