Saturday, August 07, 2010

Burn Baby Burn!

So a lot of people have been arguing in regards to the statement by one of the long bearded no brains MPs which suggested using “live ammunition” on protestors, Either for or against. Well, as much as I hate MPs and I think they are a complete waste of time and space (not to mention money with their fat salaries, fancy cars and the recent fat pension which guarantees them being secured for the rest of their miserable lives while other Bahrainis who elected them scrape for breadcrumbs until the end of the month… but that’s another blog article), he could be getting somewhere with that…

I know, I know… everyone of you turned to a bunch of hippy humanitarians and human rights activists that think this is inhumane. Look at this image below…
THAT’S how it’s fucking done!

Once upon a time in Bahrain it used to about the Shiaa sect groups in Bahrain who were causing trouble and rioting, burning tires and blowing up gas cylinders. But that’s not really the case anymore… EVEN THEY ARE SICK OF IT!

Now I have asked many people that belong to the Shiaa sect, regarding the incidents that are occurring, all responded with “I can’t sleep at night...” or “I’m tired of this shit” or even as simple and meaningful as “FUCK THEM BASTARDS!”…

Now imagine going home every day and seeing graffiti on every wall in your neighborhood... Remains of burnt tires from the night before… garbage dumpsters set on fire in broad daylight… Aren’t you going to be worried about the safety of your family? Your home? Your wife? Your children? Anyone with a heart would not want their families jeopardized or in the face of danger, which is why I sleep with one eye open and a cricket bat next to my bed… (True story). Time to upgrade the cricket bat to that baseball bat!

Solving these people’s problems is indeed the perfect solution to all of this, but that would be difficult if they can only express themselves by burning shit up… they have reached a level of mentality which turns them from humans to wild animals… now tell me, is it wrong to shoot a wild rabid animal? HELL NO!

They themselves don’t know what they want! Some asshole is brain washing a bunch of kids (yes they are kids, I chased a few of them before plus look at the picture below) to go and burn shit and destroy property... I mean seriously, who in the right mind would go and blow up an electrical generator, just so that the electricity in the neighborhood would get cut off, and they end up sleeping in our lovely 45-degree, 100%-humidity weather??? I tell you who… DOUCHEBAGS!

Or lets burn down a store that belongs to some poor Bahraini guy that’s trying to make a living… that lives in the same neighborhood! Seriously… What the fuck!

Plus, and please bear with me, how on God’s green earth would a 12-16 year old complain about housing and unemployment? Go and study hard first and get your fucking degrees THEN maybe, just maybe, you would be able to justify all these unjustifiable acts because a sane person would keep on fighting for their rights in legit and credible ways rather than “twisting arms” or “gimme this OR ELSE” or burning shit up. Only then they would have credibility to gain the support of all people and not just a bunch of loafers. Oh and those who entice these kids, are always on planes out to London where they preach their hatred on the streets, business class, baby!

Let me give you a better solution, Mr. MP: Give me a shotgun with unlimited ammunition, and a license to kill, I will volunteer to patrol the streets of my neighborhood and rid the world from tire-burning scum forever… and I bet I can bring a lot of “Call of Duty” fans along to help me out…

Fuck this shit… I wanna play some real life FPS!


Anonymous chanad said...

Yes, great post LiB! Using live ammunition to quell rioters has always been the solution!

The use of live ammunition has an excellent track record of quelling rioters around the world. Just look around. In Palestine, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Kashmir, East Timor or against blacks in the USA. In all of these trouble zones there were problems until the governments decided to start killing the rioters with live bullets. Once they started killing kids everyone decided that things are okay and went back to work.

In none of the above listed places did the rioters respond to the live ammunition by getting ammunition of their own or using bombs. No, they would never do that...

6:19 PM, August 07, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is really sick; I haven't read anything more stupid than this; in one sentence you are telling the reader that they are brainwashed 12-16 year old and in the next sentence you want to kill them.

no wonder why these guys do they do, if on the other side there are people like you!

1:51 PM, August 08, 2010  
Blogger LiB Team said...

Okay maybe my teammates go a bit overboard but that's just to say that there are people who just want to do others harm.

This community is going downhill with the acts of this bunch, the ignorance of others instead of all working together to better the lives of society as a whole. But no it's about "me and me only" and "my way or the fuckin' highway". That's why we will never progress.

And the frustration faced in our situation is that these idiots come and do harm to the resst by doing this. If someone comes near my wife and children with a burning tire or a molotov cocktail you want me to welcome them with open arms and point at my family and tell them "please be my guest"? No matter what the arguments are, I'm sorry but this kind of act is NOT acceptable to me. Anyone that intends to do my family harm I will never look nicely upon and if they get even closer then I'd die defending the people who matter the most to me.

Okay no need to shoot them. Just lock them up in a prison cell and get them a bicycle tire and burn it in their cell twice a day, just a bicycle tire and not a set of tires. Maybe when they inhale the smoke they would understand why others don't like it. Again, if anyone intends to suffocate my family, then don't expect me to smile at them and give them a pat on the back. If any sane person even *slightly* accepts what these people are doing "no wonder these guys do what they do", he/she is with them and has no concern for others' rights and safety. Because this is not acceptable at all. The live ammo shooting part was just to highlight that it is not acceptable and those who wish to do others harm with the intent to kill should not be tolerated or condoned.

4:00 PM, August 08, 2010  
Anonymous chanad said...

Sure, I can sympathize with your frustration at the situation. And if anyone directly harms you or your family, you can and should defend yourself using any means necessary.

But I always wonder why the people who are so opposed to the fumes of burning tires seem so unconcerned about the industrial fumes that are killing the people of Ma'ameer on a daily basis. Or how the people opposed to kids throwing stones at the police are unconcerned about the overwhelming evidence of police using torture on protesters.

It's like when you hear pro-Israelis asking "why don't those Palestinians keep their kids at home?", as though that is the most important question.

Yes, burning tires and molotov cocktails are terrible, but maybe there are other questions you can ask as well..

6:16 PM, August 08, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m not saying what they do is right nor trying to justify it; god forbid but what all I wanted to say is that extreme carelessness for these kids lives and the indifference that you show for their suffering (yes they do suffer), is exactly what incite this violence.

These kids are mainly uneducated dropouts, but this doesn’t give you the right to demand killing them for burning tires; this is called disproportionate use of power! Burning tires, no matter how dangerous is that could be, ) is not equal or even close to shooting with live ammunition. (and I think you are exaggerating a little bit when you claim that these acts put your family at risk because I live in one of these neighborhood where the kids burn their tires every other day, and though I’m very frustrated and annoyed from these kids, I never felt at risk).

Now, I’m sure you are an educated chap and from the way you write I can guess that you went to good schools and that doesn’t come free. I mean your parents must have worked hard to earn a little bit more than average to be able to put you in those schools. So you owe a great deal to what you are today, to that extra money your parents had; what I’m trying to say is that better household income increases the chance of better education and eventually better life, so it is not good to judge those who are not as lucky as you.

3:31 PM, August 10, 2010  

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