Monday, August 18, 2008

"Daddy's House is Awesome!"

After spending a few months out of the country focusing on my new job and furnishing my new apartment and organizing my shit out there, I decided to come home for a short break since my employer gives me two return tickets every year which is great news!

I come home, only to find frustration creeping back to me a few minutes after landing, starting with the arrogant passport control fuckers to the idiots that are blocking the road outside the airport to the maniacs driving cars on the streets. My mind was clear for a few months and was never stressed out even though my job is overloaded and I am busy all the time. It's the shitty environment of Bahrain I guess but hey, it's home after all and I was more than glad to be back.

On one of the many jammed streets, this caught my attention which I decided to analyze and share with you my observations and conclusions...

The idiot kid who doesn't know the value of money (which I don't expect him to at this stage of his life, but will probably will continue not to know based on how his parents will keep on spoiling him and giving him what he needs), the kid keeps wondering how beautiful his dad's house is. Oh you have no idea that your dad has to go through and pay with his blood for the next 25 years. That means until you grow up and get married and have a family of your own, your dad would still be paying for the house and still wouldn't be able to call it his own.

Now to the second point, which is the house itself, there is no way even if hell freezes over that you will find an isolated house like that in Bahrain. It would look more like this:

And of course the houses are stuck wall-to-wall so even in your "own" house you can't properly listen to some music on a moderately loud volume or enjoy full boom 5.1 near-cinema sound effects on an action movie without having the dickwad next door wanting to come over and kick the living shit out of you.

And for such shitty houses, they would set you back around 90-100 thousand dinars which you would have to get 20% of first as downpayment then the rest would be broken down to 300 equal installments @ BD 822 a month (I asked Bahrain Credit for a BD 100,000 house and how much it would cost and that's the figures they provided). So I have to pay 822 Dinars a month for 300 fucking months then the house will be mine. Oh and the Bahrain Central Bank have that shit-ass rule that you cannot have more than half your salary in deductions. That means with those figures I would be paying 82.2% of my salary which they won't allow due to that rule. So my salary would have to be around 1650 Dinars a month provided I have NO deductions NO bank loans and even NO GOSI deductions, which would take the total salary if I only had GOSI deductions to 1700 Dinars a month. So even some people on management jobs wouldn't be able to afford such tin can-sized houses.

You want a fucking solution? Stop foreigners and other GCC fuckers from owning land and restrict them to only commercial lands, not let them own residential plots as well. They do the same for us so why should we be the kind species and allow them to despite our island being small?

The ministry of housing are also shit with regards to this case. They consider me rich and the guy on the other end of the phone told me in these exact words "You have NO RIGHT applying to a ministry of housing loan of ANY type with us". Can you fucking imagine? I have no rights in my own fucking country. I am already enjoying my work abroad and being respected for the value I am adding. Unlike the fuckers in Bahrain who drove me out. It wasn't just the housing, even at work I was being treated like shit so that the whore bitch who used to be my manager could bring one of her "own people" in. With such mentalities, nothing will ever be solved in Bahrain.

If there are no REAL solutions to tackle those problems, I will never think of coming back and not only that, these issues are driving more and more frustrated youth to leave the country in search of better lives for themselves and their families. And yet the part of community who think that all is well and life is rosy in Bahrain have the Audacity to question those poor youths' loyalty. If they had a good life, do you think they would have even thought of leaving?

One final thought. The current situation tells me that only bulshitters and asskissers and those with strong was6as, not any was6as but strong ones, in addition to some expats are the ones who will continue to enjoy the best of Bahrain while the rest will struggle to make ends meet in light of the ever-increasing prices of consumer goods while salaries remain the same. Government gives some handouts or salary increases? No problem! Merchants are ready to increase the prices even further. When the government "thinks" to give any increases through announcing in the newspapers that they will study the feasibility of increasing wages, the merchants bump up the prices and when those increases are physically given after months of torture and degrading the dignity of people by announcing their names in the newspapers like some paupers, the merchants add more increases, they have to make a living too, right? Bite me, motherfuckers.

Fucking mongrels are shitting all over the country and the good ones are leaving. One day it will turn into a big turd dumpster unless we change it.

Fuck this shit, I'll go set up my own business to exploit others too...


Anonymous T. said...

Damn! That was a good piece of an article.

So many true facts which makes me more and more hating the situation in this island.

This makes me more angry upon the situation in this country.

Appluase my friend applause

4:41 PM, August 18, 2008  
Anonymous Hisham said...

Good stuff. If only the GDN would publish articles such as this!

Keep it up, but easy up on your blood pressure, will ya.

2:12 PM, August 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gdn is run by the same people he is talking about, I have sent many letters to them but the Kerela & foriegn mafia refuse to publish them; this is the unfortunate path Bahrain is following.

6:43 PM, August 22, 2008  
Anonymous Sous said...

Good post. I really know where you are coming from. I think it is well expensive in this country and I can't seem to get hold of a decent good with decent pay....and I have to stay here cus my kids are here.... My ex who insists to live here works in Saudi and has a well paid ob on the other hand and thinks it is ooh so greeat here..sure when u earn a lot of money. The price of housing is well expensive here and much more expensive than back in Sweden. I really wish I could get the hell out of here but I just can't. In what country are you working now?

On another note, it is scary how things are progressing here both with the economy and culturally. It is messed up in my opinion.. from all sides. Westerners, Asians, Saudis and other Arabs all ravaging the country. No one takes any responsibility of anything.

7:39 PM, January 01, 2009  
Anonymous Sous said...

Uh it should say a decent job...

7:41 PM, January 01, 2009  
Anonymous Marrakech Riad said...

Houses are quite creatively made, i like to live in a country like this.

6:20 PM, November 13, 2009  
Anonymous sudhir said...

The article was very entertaining and quite amusing.

I guess you can still get such isolated houses in bhudhaiya right?
I mean the last time i went there was in 2002 and it was full of farmland and stuff!
Just look outside of the major developments(muharraq,juffair,rifa and manama)

p.s. I loved exhibition road where i stayed during my time in the island!

I loved and enjoyed every bit of my stay although i was grossly underage to enjoy any of exhibitons's entertainments ;)

I really don't understand why you criticise your country so much?

The earnings are tax free and house prices are much lower than in all of europe(western and northern atleast) and even in the us only the shitty places have low prices don't ask me about aussie and nz!

The ex-boss of yours was she a keralite? just curious!

I got my pang of nostaligia reading this article coz although i am not a bahraini either through ethnicity or through nationality it will always be close to my heart and on the same level as my homeland India coz i spent my entire childhood on the island thought!

7:42 PM, April 16, 2010  

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