Monday, April 16, 2007

Now This HAS to be Good News...

The highlight of news for today, this really made my day, Gulf Air total pwnage. FUCK YOU GF.

Airline plans Bahrain hub

MALAYSIA-based Air Asia Group, which owns the world's largest budget airline, is considering Bahrain as the hub for its new airline's Middle East operations, it was revealed yesterday.The new airline, Air Asia X, will operate on long-haul routes including Europe, India, China and Australia, with stops in the Gulf, group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes said yesterday.

"We find Bahrain, which is the gateway to the larger Middle East markets, including Saudi Arabia, an excellent location for our hub in the region," he told the GDN.

Mr Fernandes is in Bahrain along with Air Asia group deputy chief executive officer Kamarudin Meranun, to attend the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. Air Asia has sponsored the Williams F1 team.

"We hope to come back to Bahrain within two months and hold talks with the Civil Aviation Affairs to discuss our plans to fly to Bahrain," said Mr Fernandes.

"The initial feedback we received here has been very encouraging."

Air Asia, launched five years ago with two aircraft, now has 54 aircraft, which operate to 80 destinations in South East Asia.

"We have placed orders for 150 brand new Airbus 320 aircraft," Mr Fernandes revealed.

"We carried 11 million passengers last year and our forecast for this year is 18m.

"Since the launch we have carried 32m passengers and we offer the lowest fares in the world at $30 (BD11.3) for a 90 minute flight ."

The phenomenal success of Air Asia and its low cost, no frills customers philosophy has seen the airline expand its horizons both throughout the Asia Pacific region, said Mr Fernandes.

Air Asia currently operates narrow-bodied aircraft of a type which cannot fly long distances, he added.

"We have therefore decided to launch the new airline, Air Asia X, to operate wide-bodied aircraft to longer routes," said Mr Fernandes.

"We shall operate to many points in the Gulf, including Bahrain. Once in operation, we are confident of offering Bahrain-Malaysia return tickets at fares as low as $100-$200 (BD37.8- BD75.6).

The return fare from Kuala Lumpur to London will be only $250 (BD94.5), said Mr Fernandes.

"Air Asia's mission is to create new markets and to connect to points which were not connected before", he noted.

"We want to stimulate someone who never plans to fly by offering seats on our flights at an affordable cost."

Mr Fernandes said he was highly impressed with the marketing campaign undertaken by the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix organisers.

I can imagine Gulf Air sitting in a corner crying... You fucking deserve it for being the corrupt evil corporation that you are.. God bless the likes of Jazeera Airways, Air Arabia, and now with Air Asia joining in we will be able to travel on long hauls for cheap. When I was in Malaysia they were flying to other south-east Asian countries for the equivalent of 9 Dinars or so. Of course it will mean that even shitty people will reach the far ends of the earth, but I don't give a fuck. Let these countries worry about such mongrels, at least they enforce their laws on EVERYone regardless of who they are, if you break the rules, you get punished, it's as simple as that.

Fuck this... Time to get my simsim passport refilled, oops I mean renewed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's great to have options, where u can choose an air-line instead of bieng stuck with GF. but what we really need is another Telecommunications Company that is more interested in providing services rather than making money. forget about gulf-air, it's BATELCO and it's monopolistic corporate practices that needs to be replaced by a foreign company. for god sake an entire country that has only one Telecommunications provider??!! and those fuckers know that people don't have any other option but their shitty company so they just raise the price على كيفهم

2:11 PM, April 16, 2007  
Anonymous lebinbah said...

I guess this means cheaper flights to South East Asia .. Malaysia and SIngapore HERE I COME!!!

6:52 PM, April 16, 2007  

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