Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy National Day...

To all Bahrainis, Happy National Day...

This was taken in Bukuwara Road, highlights how many useless people are there. If you want to celebrate the God damn national day then fine, show your pride... But don't do it in this ill-mannered way. Go take part in events, go watch the fucking fireworks which are really dull by the way. We went to the 24-hour Bahrain race at the BIC which was interesing although some of us are not that into cars and racing and some are. But the first-timers appreciated what an astonishing achievement this venue was. The construction, the facilities, the organizing of the event itself etc... Despite the weather being pouring wet, it was a very nice event nevertheless. It was much better than loitering around roads going back and forth doing nothing but letting their shitty kids hang out windows. Heaven forbid there would be an accident then they will come to kill the driver who accidentally killed their shitty hang-out-the window kid instead of questioning their own ignorance and negligence. What a bunch of good-for-nothing fucks.

Thought for the day: I called the ministry of housing to ask about whether I can switch my application from a purchasing loan to a land. They told me lands are limited and impossible to get. Well how come "some" people still get them? Fucking waasta bastards. "Happy" National Day indeed.


Blogger Siamak said...

I'm laughing my ass off =D. Thank you for another funny post guys ;).

12:28 AM, December 18, 2006  
Blogger shorty said...

u guys should check this out:

4:23 PM, December 27, 2006  
Anonymous Sawsan K said...

I'm from Bahrain (my mother's family is Iranian but they were all brought up in Bahrain, speak Arabic, and my grandparents were born there, and my father's family is Bahraini, to clarify before I get dissed) and I lived there for about 6 years and I loved it and I still go during holidays. I managed to go to St Christopher's and still not be a snobby little brat. Don't think everyone there is like that, please..there are some nice people everywhere. It isn't really catholic. It's not like they have a church service at school or whatever.

I live in the UAE now. The UAE national holiday was a little while before yours, and you know what the whole of Abu Dhabi was like? It was filled with these 'ninjas' - just normal middle and upper class locals in either BMWs or Land Cruisers (Land Cruisers are almost the 'traditional' car in the UAE) with tinted windows, flags on almost every car, stickers on almost every car of the UAE flag and the current and previous rulers of the UAE. Everyone was sticking their heads out of their roofs and dancing to this 'jalsa' music.

And you know what? There was not one goshdarned thing wrong with it. In fact, the atmosphere of all the families or young teenage boys and old men and even FOREIGN people celebrating this country's national day made me want to cry. Because on days like this it doesn't matter whether you're trying to be cool, whether you're uncool or whatever. Nobody cares on National Day here. Everyone celebrates with everyone. One of the reasons that I like this country is because the locals love their country so much. Over there in Bahrain people expressedly and openly diss their country while foreigners talk about what a nice country it is. The street was filled with those cars, you would have hated it. But it was so nice to see so many people..SO many people..having such a good time, not just because it was an excuse to go out for a maseera but because they genuinely feel something in their hearts for their country and people. And I don't see why that's a bad thing..whichever way you want to show it, on that day it doesn't matter. Over here the authorities or whoever organised special events for people to go to and put special lights up everywhere. It's just a nice spirit. I know you probably want to diss the hell out of me and say I'm some stupid rich kid who's living a high life in rich UAE and blablablablabla. Don't generalise though. You're smarter than that :/

I understand why a lot of people in Bahrain annoy you..but isn't there anything you love about the people there? Anything you love about your area, about Bahrain?

Don't you feel the need to celebrate on that one occasion?

What makes me so sad about Bahrain is the people who just hate and grumble. Sure there is a lot of inequality there, and you can't stay quiet to that crap, but that's not the whole story you know? And please don't say 'You wouldn't know about inequality over here' because I do. Of course I do. There is ignorance there, injustice there, you know, the list of bad things is endless but nobody over there even bothers to think about the good things. I know a lot of people - my family for instance - who are so obsessed with seperating themselves from everyone else, people who just hate to..come together. It's not just from one side but from both. It's always shia, sunni, upper class, working class, poor guy, rich *******, man, woman, ignorant, educated.

It would make such a difference over there if people WANTED to embrace each other. Why don't they? Why not at least make an effort? You diss these be better than them.

I understand your need to complain, I do it a lot, and your need to broadcast it to the world, I've done that too, but why just point out the bad things cause it just pisses you off more!

I don't know who you are but it would make a difference to me if I saw you changing the blog a littttle bit and being like, "You won't believe what happened today. Those waasta *******s were actually nice to me!" Who knows, it might happen.

But hey, I respect you for warning all of us about those ninja dudes. They could have killed us.

And don't be pissed off at me. I just wanted you LiB guys to be happy. And don't say 'it's not that easy'etc. No, it's not easy for anyone..not even for those rich guys in BMWs who've got tons of 'friends' with more BMWs or whatever. Trust me. Just beee..content.

4:00 PM, January 08, 2007  
Anonymous Genuine mahyawa maker said...

God I miss bukuwara( im not a sand nigger or a bedowi wannabe btw), I miss malghoom razan, bubul sandwich. Although it takes 1 hour to get in and out, but it is still worth it.

2:15 PM, February 18, 2007  

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