Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Close Encounter of a MORON Kind!‎

Roughly translated, a Sri Lankan couple took this UNDENIABLE PROOF of a picture that space ships have indeed visited our lovely little kingdom. Yes the flying saucer was seen circling Tubli Bay, possibly looking for intelligent life to beam up and examine. The joke’s on you aliens: You came to the wrong place, and you obviously have not been reading this blog! The only anal probing that’ll be done is by Riffa niggers on your own asses!

What the fuck is that anyway? It’s a drop of sweat on a camera lens man! Or a fucking drop of water from all this Goddamn humidity that is suffocating us. Otherwise it’s a cheap plastic bag, like the ones u get in cold stores, floating with the fumes of Sitra (caused by stinky Sitra B.O.). Whatever it is, I can’t believe our newspapers have now stooped so low as to print a glorified redneck tabloid story. But maybe the reason the poor Sri Lankan guy went to the press in the first place was because he was afraid the Ministry of Information might block his site if he uploaded the picture somewhere (you know, like they did with FUCKING GOOGLE EARTH!). If we publish this picture in our blog, are WE gonna get blocked too? I wouldn’t be surprised...

But you know what? I think it IS aliens. Yeah it’s that little alien family that just left their 30,000 year old home under Alba to get some more green sludge from their home planet. Or maybe it was some new alien species coming to work for the BDF or Salmaniya Hospital. OOPS, someone forgot to switch on the cloaking device! Well, I guess it’s yet another reason to own an Sc777 Alloy Baseball Bat.

[UPDATE]: Apparently, the nincompoops at the Ministry of Information realised what kind of backwarded shitheads they are and due to the massive pressure by the public they realized the idiocy and the error of their ways and decided to bring back Goole Earth. That's the only good thing that you idiots did in a long time, actually maybe ever!!! They have asked Google to block the sensitive areas only. You morons should have thought about that from the beginning instead of opting for the easy solution and that's to FUCK every single one just to please a bunch of cry-babies. Next time, do the right thing, not do what you think is right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nah. That's just another crappy bullshit kalak.

It would have been call though. I hope they pass by AGU and take me with them before they head to Salmaniya Hospital then prolly outa space..


2:31 PM, August 09, 2006  
Blogger Siamak said...

Bloody awesome guys =). Always a blast reading your blog!

8:15 PM, August 11, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

Cece: yeah ur right, but it IS related to ALBA sludge and Salmaniya Hospital ;) LOL

Haf3z: Thanks man, glad to see you again :D and more glad to see you enjoying our blog :D

2:23 PM, August 12, 2006  
Anonymous Hisham said...

Hilarious! Keep up the laughs, guys.

Oh, and here's another site yout might enjoy: looks like it's the bomb.

5:34 PM, August 21, 2006  

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