Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Just Show Your Face Everyday"...

You know why Bahrain will never advance? I mean we do advance but VERY slowly. It’s the shitty mentalities that we have. I mean look, the stone ages ended about 15,000 fucking years ago! We talk about improving efficiency, doing things with less complication blah blah yadda yadda… Go shove all that flashy talk up your asses cuz none of it will ever happen if you keep acting like the shitheads that you are…

We still want people to work like they used to in the fucking 30s. Go to your office on time, sit there, and leave when it’s time to leave. You’re a perfect employee if you do that, apparently. But heaven forbid you should go for a meeting or to another floor or office to get your work done. You’re considered as a lazy bum who’s never in and never gets any work done! Hey dipshits, what about the work that’s actually being done? Eh? Fuckheads? So you want me to come in, sit for 7 fucking hours and then leave. That makes me a perfect worker to you right? Even if I don’t get anything done? What the fuck kind of mentality is that? There are technologies nowadays that allow you to work from fucking Mars without having to physically be in the office. No, you just have to be in your goddamn cubicle until your ass goes numb.

Change is slow, newer leaders are taking over, eventually. Still we see those bureaucratic bullshit going on everyday, and what’s worse. Even the new generation, instead of improving, are turning into a carbon copy of their shitty dinosaurish bosses. Fucking moronic drones.

I swear if I had my own business with a good income, I would never have to work like a fucking slave ever again.

Fucking workmates not seeing you in the office, they go to the big boss telling him that this guy is “never around”. The big boss, seeing your actual work being achieved, doesn’t defend poor me. He tells me to show up more in the office and apologizes to the fucking whining motherfuckers who went petitioning to him. FUCK YOU ALL.

Okay if that’s what you want, I will be your pretty office boy, I will come everyday, even on weekends, from 9-4, sit and do nothing and then leave. I bet I will get a better end of year appraisal than the rest of the dipshits in the office cuz I will be there on time, do nothing and show the big boss my pretty face. Burn in hell dickwads.

Fuck this, I will go rob a bank and go on early retirement. If I get caught I pay a BD50 fine and then live off the hidden cash. Damn.


Anonymous tooners said...

i know exactly what you mean. i experience the same. i have absolutely NO work, none, but am expected to sit at my desk for 7 hrs just so that ppl can see me there. i only wish i had some work, but... even still, w/ the work i do, i could do it from home but it would never be allowed.

ppl love to cause trouble here. i've never seen such gossip and back-stabbing, and then they turn around and smile in your face. thankfully i don't have to deal w/ these types, but i see it all the time.

it's all games here... everybody kisses ass. it all makes me sick but the big wigs love it. i see this every day and the biggest ass kissers get the best jobs and are treated the best. if you dont kiss ass... then forget it.

me, i'm honest and can't stand this game and refuse to play it. crap, i even get little talks if i don't go to meetings/presentations about a healthy lifestyle that is given in Arabic and i don't speak arabic well enough to sit in a presentation such as this, but i'm expected to be there.... WHY???? i'm expected to go to conferences and sit in on the sessions and listen and seem interested when i don't understand it. how boring is that?!!

it's all a game. they like to show off and say, "oh look, we have an american working for us". i hate it.

anyway... sorry for the long post. thanks for stopping by my blog. btw, i did add the sentence from bushy boy about what he said about syria. that was my main reason for the post. he's such an idiot.

9:00 PM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

Thanks for stopping by, tooners :)

Yes it's true that ass kissers get the best jobs, and that was the main reason I posted, some schmuck got promoted just cuz he's a pure bullshitter while I was told that a bunch of stinkin' whiners went cryin' to the boss that this person is never in yet he gets appreciated..WHAT?

5:52 AM, July 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you cant keep up with shit, then just quit..find something better and be more productive or you will just end up like them in a few years!

5:02 PM, July 23, 2006  

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