Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fuck Summer...

Summer is here, or I think it is. One day we get a 50 degrees centigrade temperature outside. The next day is cloudy and windy… Oh well who cares, let's hope it passes fast cause the heat is really getting to me...

Went a bit off-topic there. So mainly, summer time is where kids finish school and university. And start rampaging in the streets (kinda like those monkeys mentioned in Akhbar al-Khaleej on 12th June). With nothing to do but sit around for hours and hours doing absolutely nothing. Seriously, I don’t understand what’s with teenagers and sitting in front of a grocery store… what’s up with that?? Where’s the fun in that? What's the fucking point? I actually went there the other day (and by there I mean the damned Bu Kuwara Road), and actually sat next to a grocery store, where a group of annoying sand-niggers were sitting a couple of feet away. I sat for a minute before I lit a cigarette and started smoking, finished smoking in like 2 minutes, then got bored, and left...

I swear I tried, I just didn’t get it, and what is it all about? Why do I wanna sit on my ass for 6 hours in front of a stinky grocery store in a stink shit-filled neighborhood??

And for our Manama friends. Adliya Road is probably the equivalent to the shitty Bu Kuwara Road, where guys sit in front of 2 famous “sitting” spots, Habara Restaurant and Suraj Shawarma place... and of course you get the annoying bikers who just hang in front of Katkoot restaurant and rev-up every once in a while, then sit on their asses for 5 hours, before revving up their motorbikes again…try actually riding the fucking bikes you fucking good-for-nothing morons!

And of course, summer time is where you get annoying university trainees. Our company is infested with them. I mean my floor alone has around 10 annoying students. The guys are a bunch of geeks, and girls look like a bunch of whores who try to impress some hot-shot manager to hopefully fuck them and buy them a car!

I come to the office now and it somehow feels like Dairy Queen in Salmaniya where all these annoying student fucks hangout. I'm trying to get some work done here. How can I get anything done when this bitch next to me is on the phone like 7 hours a day, while chewing her gum like a prostitute? And of course you get some other girls from other tables running around flirting or being flirted by the older employees, and non stop giggling…OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!!!

Maybe if these fucks actually tried learning something instead of giggling and SMSing each other all the time, they might get decent jobs when they graduate...

*Silent Pause*

Can you believe this shit! HAHAHA I crack myself up… HAHAHA getting jobs HAHAHAHA

Well…Maybe if their daddies had good connections they will... otherwise... GOOD LUCK! HAHAHAHA getting a job… damn that’s funny...

Man, with the shit going on these days, it doesn’t matter if you have a PhD. It’s who you are and who you and your daddy know that gets you a job!

Oh well that’s life… or is it? Summer blows. Maybe it's time for a vacation… Come to think of it, I don’t have any vacation days left!!!

Fuck this, I'll go ride with the Adliya bikers, maybe I'll fall and get me a sick leave...


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4:04 PM, July 12, 2006  
Anonymous tooners said...

you are so right on w/ all of this. i sit and find myself thinking the same but don't speak it. my husband and i talk about it, complain about it, but i don't write it. i love your blog.

you are so right about these guys just sitting around, smoking and crap. i don't understand it either... such a waste of life.

the trainees you speak of... well, we don't get a lot of these at my job, thank gawd, but i know what you mean. i've worked w/ some girls like you speak of. one, in particular, used to flirt for the minister i worked for and would dress up like a whore when he was in the office, chew gum, bathe in perfume.... to get his attention. he loved it. she was his favorite. these girls do this because it works! and don't even get me started on the talking on the phone crap. this is my biggest pet peeve. i've never, in my life, seen ppl who talk on the phone so much. this girl i worked w/ was engaged and talked on the phone all day to other guys, flirting, laughing, giggling... i could go on and on. she wasn't the only one.

and then... yes, the dear old daddy getting ya a job. i see it over and over again. it happens all the time where i work. it's all in 'who you know' not what ya know. that's obviously why everyone sits around on their asses not doing diddly squat. that's the bad thing about jobs here... if ur daddy knows the right ppl, you got the job. again, ass kissers. it's all a game.

9:15 PM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger Alfanan said...

Maan… this is so true. I couldn’t help but laugh when you mentioned those girls getting a job… (still laughing).

I like your blog…. You speak the truth my friend. The office atmosphere is truly hell with florescent lighting. ☺

Believe it or not, I prefer summer over school days. We get these guys during the day from the school in our neighborhood, and they just sit around, smoke, litter, spray paint trash bins, all of that right before class. Not only this, but they walk in the middle of the road in groups of like 10 and 15 … refusing to move and allow the cars to pass.

10:28 PM, July 18, 2006  
Anonymous sawsan said...

What do you do at the weekend?

3:58 PM, January 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there
just want to say one thing:
fuck you and you can leave my country right now..
if your country was ever better, you wouldn't have left it and came to live/work in my country.
so, like it or not, screw you all dirty expats.
WTF... they come and enjoy their fucking life in here and then open a shitty blog to talk bad about us.

3:47 AM, July 11, 2010  
Blogger LiB Team said...

Whoa last anon,

From which part of your demented ass did you pull out the fact that we are expats?

Not that we have to justify ourself to you who think you are superior to others but we are NOT fuckin' expats.

Damn idiots jumping to all sorta shitty conclusions. No wonder Bahrain faces issues it's because it's full of airheads like you. Moron.

4:08 PM, July 21, 2010  

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