Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hug me Satan, Show me the Love...

Well well well, yet another day, and another fucked up article published in the newspaper. Damn I hate these ignorant bastards. Let me just get to the point… Friday's Arabic daily newspaper (Akhbar Al-Khaleej "Gulf News"), published an article which was entitled “Satanic Ritual Party Held at a Local Health Center”. I paused for a second, took a deep breath before deciding to continue reading on. The article said “Groups of teenagers were gathered around at a local and well known health center, playing really loud satanic music. And people gathered inside the auditorium and outside at the parking lot, shouting weird satanic chants, boys and girls holding hands and hugging, and all wearing black clothing with images of skulls and snakes on them”. Who the fuck comes up with this bullshit? Seriously, don’t they have better articles to write about? I had to admit it was funny reading what they were describing as any normal teen hangout, but of course we all know the main source of this bullshit. Fucking good-for-nothing extremist fags.

Let me tell you what really happened, for I happened to be there. It was just another gathering of teenagers that formed “bands” and were playing live at the Gulf Air health club in Isa Town. The health club was supervising the whole event. They gave the organizers permission to play music on stage inside the club's auditorium. The gig started at around 3:30pm (which is apparently the evil hour. When the sun is up the demon summoning begins, according to extremists). And a bunch of teenagers started showing up at around 4pm. Ages varied from 13 up to 26. Refreshments were sold by the club themselves. And organizers were there with security and everything to make sure the area is secured and that no one gets into trouble or does anything that is against the law.

Now, a few hours later, a bunch of fags from the newspaper showed up. They started talking to some of the people outside about what was going on,.They asked some stupid questions like “Are you serving alcohol, or doing any drugs?” and “What is the purpose of this event?”. The organizers made a statement that this event was purely for entertainment. People get together and play music and hopefully have a good time and they showed them what was going on inside the auditorium and showed the evil beverages sold (Diet Coke, Fanta, Water) and even let them take some pictures.

They sounded convinced that this gathering was really innocent. Nothing satanic or religious or anything regarding these issues was going on. And everyone felt relieved hoping that they might finally print something decent about them and remove the whole “satanic” label from them.

Apparently that’s not what happened. Newspapers thirsty for gossip and extremists backing them up, They printed shit like “boys and girls were hugging”. Ok let me give you a better image of how it was, imagine one of those private schools' open days or carnivals, where boys and girls are walking around, talking to each other, holding hands, what’s wrong with that? I mean they are school mates and they have different mentalities. These things are common; you even see them in Seef mall and other teen hangouts. So it's basically ok to do these things elsewhere, but if there’s rock music in the background, you label it satanic and obscene? Gimme a fucking break…

What about all this crap in hotels and night clubs? People screwing each other everywhere. Blowjobs in the Seef mall parking lot. No one said anything about all this bullshit that’s going on. And what about the “Real” Satanic music? I’m talking about Rave and Trance music where you need to be under the influence of drugs to be able to enjoy? What about all this you apes!

Stopping a goddamn teen concert before the final bands go on stage, shameful indeed…

I had to read the damn newspaper article 3 times to understand what they were talking about. I even looked up the word “hug” in the dictionary, and the only meaning I found was this:

Hug: verb (past and past participle hugged, present participle hug·ging, 3rd person present singular hugs)
transitive and intransitive verb embrace affectionately: to put your arms around somebody's body and hold the person tight to show affection.

I looked up online trying to find any satanic rituals, but nothing evolved hugging a friend, you cocksucking ignorant extremist nincompoops.

Amature rock bands will never have the freedom to express their music in this country, thanks to the brain-less bearded morons that roam around and multiply day by day. And we’re never going to see a real rock band perform either, look at the picture below:

No, this is not a concert in Vegas. Its in fact a picture taken from the Dubai Megadeth concert, where thousands (not hundreds) of fans attended and cheered as they watched their favorite rock band perform on stage, but thinking like an extremist fuck, I guess they are ALL satanic!

Fuck these extremist baboons; I'll go to a Nancy Ajram concert instead…

Hey come to think of it…. I CAN'T EVEN SEE THAT EITHER!!!!



Anonymous chanad said...

man. i cant believe these guys keep bringing up these satan worshiping stories. hear the esteemed mp mohammed khalid talking about it here.

when will they give up

5:56 PM, April 08, 2006  
Blogger God's Loyal Opposition said...

It's all fucked up.. I am not a rocker myself but I have many friends who were preforming or organizing the event. never it accured to me that it would be labeled satanic. the only thought was "alright cool some nice talent gonna show there, I hope to hear a good solo".. but since this ultra conservative fuckhole won't let that drop and anything they don't understand is labeled satanic.. even myself an atheist am labeled satanic I don't even believe in him..fuck that

9:30 PM, April 10, 2006  
Blogger Wolfwood said...

Re-elections are coming up. Gotta get those conservative votes somehow. But it's alright. When all is said and done, the only music that'll be left (besides what passes for arabic music these days) is that of our saviour Michael Jackson...what? It's not like the beards are denouncing his behaviour or anything. Or Tom Cruise's for that matter, seeing as he belongs to that deplorable Scientology cult and how a good percent of the money we spend on his movies goes to funding their racist, misogynist, blame-all-our-problems-on-alien-ghosts-living-in-our-bodies-that-we-can-help-you-get-rid-of-if-you-pay-us-a-few-thousand-dollars pyramid scheme.

Yeah, being 'Satanist'metalhead doesn't sound too bad in comparison. At least you have independent thought, tolerance for others and, occaisionally, good taste.

10:50 AM, April 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, this time I don't see a point in what you wrote.

It's just a bullshit to me just like that article in Akhbar Alkhaleej.

Satanic or not, I don't give a f**k even if they were f**king each other in that health club.

They just forgot the fact which is : We DON'T live in Europe!!

4:53 PM, April 11, 2006  
Blogger God's Loyal Opposition said...


you have to agree we're not trying to transform the isle into Europe.. The weather doesn't help. but can't you see today they'll say rock is satan, rap is sex, trance is drugs, Humming an elevator music is cursing at Allah and Muhammed..

9:34 PM, April 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to start by saying that u guys are intelligent I like how u discuss our society's problems in a humorous way,, I enjoy reading ur articles it makes time go by faster at work.. about the rock gig ive been to one its not exactly a perfect environment for a girl to be in I hated it people looked like zombies to me they looked freaky and when my brother saw me there he dragged me out and at the time I was 13 I didn’t understand why he did that and I just hated my family and thought they were the most closed minded people on earth but now 7 years later I realized what the hell was I thinking it was crap, but these extremists seriously exaggerate A LOT! They can force people to think like them it a free country they can guide aware discuss but not force cz even our profit never forced anything on anyone.. they can make people do the right thing if they approach people the right way instead of barking like dogs I believe that we are a Muslim country and our society doesn’t accept behaviors done in the American or European society, lets say u had a daughter one day and u caught her in bed with a guy how would u react to that? Will u say so what she is in a private school and SHIT HAPPENS see now a man in his proper mind wouldn’t say that.. let me tell u how that happened it starts with holding hands like u earlier said its ok then it leads to a hug where u also say its ok then all these innocent actions keeping in mind that puberty and teenage feelings occur where even they don’t understand why they have these weird curiosity feelings all this leads to a huge sin where even they don’t realize the mistake they did until the girl is atleast 20 and is about to get married, see u as a parent ur duty is to prevent such things to happen to ur daughter and to protect her if u say its ok then she'll go ahead and follow her feelings or friends which leads to a disaster !
Im not trying to offend anyone especially u guys I truly admire u guys speaking ur minds off its impressive im just expressing what I think,, maybe when u guys become fathers ull know why people fight against everything wrong in our country in order to protect their children cz seriously some wacko kids truly get into all these stupid believes and we as parents are suppose to guide not destroy!

8:03 AM, April 12, 2006  
Blogger Evil Pissed-Off Bahraini said...

you do have a point anon..

yes we do not agree with the whole holding hands and hugging and whatever, but thats not the main point of the article, the point is that these guys label people for what theyre not, these poeple are just trying to express theyre musical talents across people who are actually into that style, it not about satanic rituals or anything of that kind, the people there did look like zombies, but its all an act, basically the audience and the musicians try to recreate the whole punk/rocker image, because we never had any of that in our society...

think about it, when you go to a soccer match, and everyone is wearing the same team tshirt, and have theyre face painted, are they doing it to create the whole team support feel, or is it a satanic ritual?

when you think about it, the same goes here, these people just have a rockers/alternative image to support and create a whole alternative environment (think like a costume party), and some people may find it scary, but thats ok, cause no one is forcing you to go to these places in the first place!

and why the hell do these extremists pick on these kids anyway? what about all these arabic female singers/whores that are everywhere nowadays? how come they dont label them satanist?

or how about the Hindu society which covers almost 40% of the population? so lemmy get this straight, its not ok to worship satan, but its ok to worship a cow? think about it....

2:22 PM, April 12, 2006  
Blogger God's Loyal Opposition said...

I appreciated your comment anon..but then again your enforcing that lack of religion is automatically is a lack of morallity. now please don't give all the info on how western societies suffer. Education is a must.. raising awareness of unsafe sex and teenage pregnancy is a must.. instead of letting our youth roam around in malls let us provide them with activities and part time jobs and sports and keep them off the streets..thats the way we can combat immorality in our society..not by putting a theological gun to your head and saying "GOD SAID SO" people would listen to reason more..

And Evil Pissed off Bahraini..I tottaly agree with you about these young dudes showing their talents to the public..but your remark on Hinduism..come on worship a superstition indicated by a merchant man in Mecca 1400 years ago no one is judjing you upon it...he worships a cow I worship aliens my friends worships what it's your beliefs and your entitled to them..and Again I have to say Dr. LeVoy's satanic bible does not acknowledge the existence of Satan or God for that matter it puts a man as his own think about that

1:35 AM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I support young talents i love these gigs coz it keeps these kids busy with music and seeing them actually do something they really like, i dont want them sitting on a "dacha" listening to BOB or running around seef with nothing else to do...


Look the whole thing now is a propaganda publicity stunt so the organizers will have to play the game to get what they want here are a few pointers that will kinda help.

dudes just play the game by their rules... yes continue the gigs but invite the english press to cover the gig (GDN/Tribune/Bahrain Confidential) to cover the "music" event not only will the young bands get recognized but also the next day paper will be writing about these "music" gigs in which the arabic papers cant contradict what there own "english sister paper" is saying by calling them satanic.

2:27 AM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at Battle of the Bands they get away with it, and its a place where ppl get a free beer by the door...

Play smart and these rock gigs will never be labelled again

2:35 AM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there you are so ignorant you stupid mut trance music and rave is not satanic it's the stupid death metal you cunts listen to and by the way i don't approve on calling these concerts you people go to satanic for 2 reason 1. it's not and it's just a gathering of boys and girls from private schools they just wanna have good time with some music around instead of sitting home with nothing to do and 2; is you kids are too ignorant and chicken to be satanic nobody ever read the satanic bible in bahrain. and by the way hehehe you kids crack me up come over i'll give you a lesson on music you stupid fuck too ignorant you are but i kinda agree on hating the press

4:32 AM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous GDN - Editor In Chief said...

Would like to comment on what happened in an official capacity please? Instead of trading insults at us which is of no good?

thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,
George Williams.

7:45 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is to all of u out there..
u keep on saying "private school kids" like its a bad thing.. well guess what private school kids are the ones always in the picture cause we believe in something different and that is called having your own thoughts and beliefs about everything.. we're all human and we have brains to think with.. and when u say girls and boys r hugging and holding hands u make me sick.. everything to u guys leads to sex.. that is so just because ur all perverts.. all u think about is sex and that is because ur religion made u become pervs.. and by the way in private schools girls and guys have been together since nursery so we're like brothers and sisters... so dont come along pretending u know it all if u weren't part of it.. i feel so sorry for all those shallow ppl out there..
we need to live.. the way that we want to.. if u believe in something then do it but we believe in something else and we'll do that.. just mind ur own bisness.. we dont all have to be the same.. so plz try to live and let live..
and rock music isnt satanic.. that is something else.. and its not just music its a whole belief and rituals.. so dont blame us for a crime we didnt commit.. thank god i've been away for 2 years... living in bahrain is a disaster now cause of all the shallow bearded idiots out there..

9:51 AM, May 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well the whole thing was fucking gay, they were asking for it if you ask me, all those scene, hardcore wannabe fags and sluts, all the people there had IQ below the legal limit, including the journalists

12:19 PM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger God's Loyal Opposition said...

Hey come you don't post anymore. Don't give up on us just yet. Miss your funny arse shot of reality.

Get back dudes

10:15 PM, May 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u dont need to be under the influence of drugs to enjoy trance and techno, i despise hip hop but i bet i would enjoy u if i was smoking a joint.

Its all about taste.

6:47 PM, July 10, 2006  

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