Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy Eid :)

We would like to wish everyone who sees this a very happy, joyful Eid.

Of course the preparations for Eid in Bahrain are always messed up, I dunno how these people have NO time management skills or at least some decent plannig skills.

It's a syndrome I like to call "LMB Syndrome" which is short for "Last Minute Bahraini". Now Mr. LMB always waits until one or two days before Eid to go shopping for eid clothes, then he complains that there was nothing nice. Of course you won't find anything nice, dipshit, everyone did their shopping weeks ago! Another LMB would go to a tailor to get his Eid Thob* ready JUST TWO DAYS BEFORE EID. And what's worse, this fucking towel-head will shout at the tailor cuz he can't get it done, he doesn't give a fuck if this poor tailor is working day and night to get OTHER PENDING ORDERS done before Eid. Fuck off you retarded towel-head.

What do you call a bunch of LMBs doing their last-minute chores and a bunch of mghaazelcheyya** in either Bukuwara Road or seef mall? A traffic jam-fest. This is what happens when you go to these places to get your shit done one day before the occasion.

You also get LMBs at work of course, when you set them a deadline you get the work one week after the deadline has passed. That's why I always give them a "fake" deadline so that I get it right on time =D

The scenes I saw in Riffa the past couple of days were anything but nice. Fucking player wannabes, and oh fuck, God damn Qataris everywhere, they're like a fucking plague. Infesting the whole road, I saw 4 qatari cars BEHIND each other in bukuwara, what the fuck? Let people do their shopping in peace, I was stuck in traffic for 45 fucking minutes until I got to where I wanted. When I took back roads for shortcuts they were also clogged! Plus again, just like the national day celebrations, fucking kids on bikes everywhere and jumping right in front of you! I swear I wanted to deliberately hit one kid so that the others would stop it! God damn sand-nigger kids. And their dads who work in the fucking BDF just have those kids and throw them so that the street raises them, that's why they take up drugs and alcohol and form gangs. Once they are in jail you see their slutty mothers come and whine and DEMAND for their release cuz their "precious" kids are angels. My ass!

Fuck all this, happy eid to you all and please, please if there are any LMBs reading this, CORRECT YOUR SHIT.

*Thob: The traditional Arabic dress "thoub" which is worn with a ghitra and 3egaal.
**Emghaazelcheyya: The player-wannabes, who go and flirt with girls hoping to score some chicks.


Blogger butt nugget said...

i fucking hate qatari's. what a terrific idea to build the causeway, nice job!

1:02 PM, January 11, 2006  
Blogger augurwell said...

May I suggest you substitute Fark for fuck, to much farking around and you lose the impact of the curse. Granpa taught me how to swear effectively If he swore at you well, game over. I never heard him swear except about Jimmy Hoffa and we all know what happened to him.

Glad to add you to my list of blogs.

2:58 PM, January 11, 2006  
Blogger Evil Pissed-Off Bahraini said...

Fark you, you tick suching farking azzhole....

such my tick...

"oh no, all the swearing, i cant take it, my innocent self cant handle such swear words.. nooo.nooooo" *BOOM-Head Explodes*

hmmm, theres a an idea, lets replace fuck for fark, just like the brilliant people who brought us FCUK!

Fark off retard...

10:06 AM, January 28, 2006  

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