Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sluts Rights Activists!‎

I was browsing through the newspaper the other day and I had the laugh of my ‎life when I came across this bombshell of an article:‎


‎“With confidence”… A college girl demands her “freedom” with her ‎boyfriend!‎

A young Bahraini woman stood in court confidently admitting that she has an ‎intimate relationship with her boyfriend and that she has had sex with him in a ‎parking lot, excusing her actions by saying “What I have done is part of my ‎freedom… We are in a democratic country and my boyfriend is going to marry ‎me anyway.”‎

The judge did not like the gutsy young woman’s remarks so he scolded her ‎saying, “Our country is Islamic before it is Arabic.” He sentenced her to three ‎months in prison on the charges of public indecency.‎

It was one of the patrol cars that arrested the girl as she was in an intimate, hot ‎position with her boyfriend in a car park.‎

Her defense attorney’s case was built around considering her university ‎circumstances and her young age, but the court was having none of it as she has ‎passed the age of 21 years, supporting its judgment on Bahrain being a kingdom ‎that respects the rules and does not imitate the west. And she was sentenced to ‎be imprisoned for three months according to rule 350 in the Laws of Criminal ‎Punishment.‎

What kinda drugs has this slut been munching on?! Democratic country? Part of my ‎freedom? What is this, Jerry fucking Springer?! This bitch has been fucked so hard she lost her ‎fucking mind! Who the fuck gave this slut the idea that she can stand up in court ‎‎(impressive that she could still stand after all that ass action), and teach the judge about ‎what she can and cannot do in this country? What nerve! What's next, sluts rallying in exhibition road for the right to fuck in public places? Gay rights rallies?! Fuck that, over my dead body, not in my kingdom! Oh and respect to the boyfriend that actually ‎convinced her that he’s gonna marry her. Yeah, right! You think someone would marry ‎a slut like you? Not just a slut, but fucking PROUD of it! I bet she knew, and she was ‎just using desperate excuses when she figured out that all that was coming out of her mouth was a mixture of semen and bullshit! ‎

Kudos to the judge, man! Swift and fair justice, no fucking around, just threw her ‎straight to jail for 3 months! And I commend the lady who wrote this article too. Check ‎out the wording! “She was caught in a hot, intimate position with her boyfriend in a ‎parking lot.” HAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA! Not only is she a slut she’s a ‎fucking parking lot slut! I mean forget the fact that having sex before marriage is wrong, ‎but what about the fact she was doing it in public? A fucking parking lot? You must be ‎real desperate for cock, bitch. And respect to the defense attorney not trying pull off any ‎hotshot lawyer tactics and sticking to the “she’s just a stupid kid” case. Did she actually ‎think she could win the case? Maybe if you flashed your boobs to the judge… ‎naaaaahhh. ‎

I know there are a lot of guys out there who actually want this shit to happen. They want ‎girls to be open (literally), and unfortunately there are girls who agree and provide this ‎for them. Look at the west that you’re trying to imitate here: you get teenage pregnancy, ‎bastard children and an increase in venereal diseases since kids have no fucking clue ‎what safe sex is! There are good reasons why Allah banned sex before marriage, so why ‎do you challenge His word? You think you don’t have freedoms because you can’t have ‎sex before you’re married? Look at Palestine. Look at Iraq. Look at all these countries ‎where people fight for food, water and liberty, facing death everyday. Consider yourself ‎lucky for being able to walk down a street without getting shot, you ungrateful bitch! ‎

Right, fuck it! I’m checking myself out for herpes! ‎


Blogger LiB Team said...

Okay there was BIG misunderstanding here, one of our members went "berserk" and took Mahmood's comments a bit too personally and went mad, we do apologize for the misunderstanding although Mahmood went kind of hard on us telling us to stick to parking articles as if we can't write something else. Still we would like to apologize for what happened and I decided as a team leader to keep a new password to myself and all comments made by the LiB Team to be filtered through me. I agree that there should have been proper dialogue instead of a war of words amongst us bloggers. This is not what bloggers do, all of us are writing here cuz there is something frustrating us, we are angry about something but let's not take it out on each other. Once again, the LiB is about highlighting bad attitude and we don't want to become one ourselves, furthermore, the purpose of this article wasn't political or religious, we wanted to highlight the nerve of that girl to speak up like that, true we should have freedom, but everything has a limit.

Anyways what was done was done, and we can start all over again. Let's work together to make Bahrain a better place. Not go down to whoever damages our repuatation and be just like them.

LiB Team Leader

3:32 PM, December 28, 2005  
Anonymous Muharaqi said...

Hahahah lol
some funny shit here. This chick needs to be on jerry springer :D
I am in a democratic nation hahahaha I wanna smoke some of the stuff shes been on... Girl get off that wacky tabacky

What might her family and friends might be thinking now? lol

6:08 PM, December 28, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone should realise there is a limit to personal freedom, and this cum-guzzling whore needs to be exposed (i mean her name, not her pussy). But what about the bastard who getting his prick massaged. Where is he in all of this? If it was a some bengali maid and bahraini dude u guys wouldnt have batted an eyelid.

9:34 PM, December 28, 2005  
Anonymous Intoxicated said...

LIB team leader keep up the good work and yes to everyone out there lets make bahrain a better place to live!

4:53 AM, December 29, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I prefer if girls would be more liberal than this because it's easier to bring them home or take them places so we can have sex with them.

Some times I feel guilty because I know im tricking them & they believe they are in a different world (one where their boyfriends them).

Then I think these girls are all betraying their families so it doesnt matter what I do with them since they are traitors anyway.

It's good being a guy ahahaha & i'm sure in a couple years, girls will be alot more liberal & wear much sexier stuff.

12:51 PM, December 29, 2005  
Anonymous shorty said...

The newpaper clipping made me laugh so hard my sides ached...

Seriously how stupid is she, she has no respect to herself nor the place shes living in. And to the guy who was banging her i hope he gets genital warts.

and to annoymous,
dude seriously u have no respect to urself NOR UR LIL DICK! u'd stick it in a goat if u had the chance. 9ij desperate fuck

12:58 AM, December 30, 2005  
Anonymous butt nugget said...

when i read this, i had to convince myself that yes, unfortunately, retards of this amazing calibre do exist in bahrain. how sad. what a stupid whore. i agree with intoxicated and all y'all, lets make bahrain a better place.

4:12 AM, December 30, 2005  
Blogger butt nugget said...

yes lets buy "anonymous" a sucktastic vacuum cleaner, might keep him quiet for a little while.

4:16 AM, December 30, 2005  
Anonymous LiB Teammate said...

i WAS gonna reply to this guy, but intoxicated, shorty and butt nugget did the job for me! Keep your comments coming guys.. you're the ones that keep us writing about fucked up people and hilighting shitty attitudes!

1:03 PM, December 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait, you all attack me because I said I want gitls to have more freedom to make their own choice ?

SO WHAT if people like me are waiting for that, there is nothing wrong with girls like her consenting to sex.

What the hell do you think it's like in the US & Europe ? Girls can make all the choices they want & when they screw up, rather than let them go to waste, might as well get some.

Freaks, what exactly are you accusing me of ?

12:20 AM, December 31, 2005  
Anonymous shorty said...


wow what amazing mentality you have, here you are defending girls right of choice and liberize the girls of bahrain just so u can SCREW THEM...

hahaha your such a man whore

12:53 AM, December 31, 2005  
Anonymous lib teammate said...

anonymous, you said you wanted girls to be more liberal in the sense that they become easier for you to bed, hence for your own personal gain. you dont give a shit about these girls as you said "it's easier to bring them home or take them places so we can have sex with them." Read your post dumbass.

Moreover, we r accusing u of being a desperate sex pest :)

12:53 AM, December 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every politician in history looks at what he can get out of every political issue. I'm no politician, but I analyse the same.

Girls are going to be freer to go to night clubs, stay out late, go out with men, who the fuck are you to stop them ?

It's their choice if they want to believe that the guy that picks them up at a nightclub is going to marry them (ahahahaha).

What you will have is a generation of girls who are torn between wanting feel Bahraini & wanting to feel "modern", that boils down to wanting to get married & wanting to go out with men at the sametime.

You call me a hypocrite, how many of these girls have you spent time with ? They all feel guilty that they are betraying their family & yet their loyalty to their families is countered by a 1 week relationship with me. THE FUCK IS THAT ???

Just like girls are free to pose for sexy photo shoots & go out drinking, they will be more free to come by my apartment.

Hopefully as time goes by they wount feel guilty just practicing their freedoms.

You want to give women freedoms but you dont want them to suffer consequences ? You think that guy she was with in the carpark is going to marry her ?

I know you have some strange laws that forces men to marry the women they have sex with. In other countries, they dont have that (I dont know about countries in this area).

You want women to be free to have sex outside marriage, but men will still face consequences should they get caught. Lib Team that's one more topic for you. Lift the consequences on men, instead of just on women.

If you people think this whole thing is a bit sick, then you need to shut the hell up. Women in your country are already very free compared to others. What freedoms are left to give other than the freedom to make their own sexual choices without interferance from friends or family ?

12:28 PM, December 31, 2005  
Anonymous lib teammate said...

wow i didnt know we can stop them! this is a blog my friend, we don't write the laws, we write about our opinions of them and those who break or question them. The laws have been written by Allah. You my friend cannot argue with the holy Quran, can you?

So from what u said, if i go up to a woman and say would you like the freedom to be tricked by a man who says he'll marry u, she'll say "yes"? i dont think so, sex pest..

and about the girls that pose nude for photos and drink that will go tour appartment.. who the fuck r u? hugh hefner?? ur making urself out as a pimp but the only proof of that u have is, umm, ur desperate addiction to muff :)

also, as far as i know, the men who get caught DO get jailed too, dumbass. so they r judged also! this article had no mention of what happened to the guy and our comments weren't focused on her punishment, but rather the shitbrain remark she made in court coz she's a slut (yes having sex in a carpark makes u a slut).

this aint an issue of freedom boy. this is an issue of sluts trying to make it ok to be sluts. so stop missing the point, idiot.

5:09 PM, December 31, 2005  
Anonymous lib teammate said...

oh and by the way, as i noticed u claim u can see into the future, can u see ur future career as an old-woman-servicing gigolo in guatamala?

5:12 PM, December 31, 2005  
Anonymous lib fan said...

hehe, luv the last comment!

Way to go people - you rock!

5:42 PM, December 31, 2005  
Blogger Evil Pissed-Off Bahraini said...

ill keep my reply short...

Anonymous... u want girls to be free and "libarate" ??

will think about it this way.. if you're chasing after some girls, some dude is chasing after ur sister!

if you want all girls to have the right to do what they want, how would you feel if your mama went to night clubs ?

u give us guys a bad name, u whore

3:35 PM, January 01, 2006  
Anonymous Vibes said...

What's wring with yo mums going to night clubs and pubs?

Who are you to curtail their freedom of movement & expression of speech.

Get your head checked fools! What'sthe difference between the thinking you exhibit here and the extremist islamists?

For all we know this whole blog might be another weak attempt by Bahraniat ( and her wefaq-loving creatures!

Grow Up!

3:46 PM, January 01, 2006  
Anonymous lib teammate said...

What the fuck? U r such a dimwit vibes. It doesn't take an extremist to believe that drinking and random sex is fucking wrong! this is a muslim country with muslim laws. In your context you're giving theives the freedom to steal! what's the difference? drinking is wrong and stealing is wrong, right? so when u allow women to have random sex, why dont u allow murderers to kill? This aint the USA fuckwit. If you wanna get your mama to a club, that's up to u. But dont go shovin that pig-headed crap our way shithead.

4:42 PM, January 01, 2006  
Anonymous vibes said...

Thought as much: shithead ;-)

That just proves you people are none other than the wefaq creatures. Don't worry, you will find your way soon just like Bahraniat did.

7:24 PM, January 01, 2006  
Anonymous lib teammate said...

wow.. i didnt know being a muslim is wrong now-a-days. vibes, if you're an athiest then good for you. But u need to stop being paranoid man. Not every muslim in this country is an extremist. If you believe that, then we welcome u in our "fucked up sociopaths of bahrain" list. I do not hate you because you are athiest nor do I want to interfere in your life. But it seems you dislike us for practising our religion.

If that's reason enuf to shut this blog off for you, then bring it on biatch! :D

10:15 PM, January 01, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

People think that being muslim automatically makes us extremists and terrorists. Think again. If you wanna screw slutty girls then good for you, are you that proud? Get a life.

Plus wefaq can kiss my ass for all I care, We do not belong to any political societies nor we want to. All we wanna do is highlight shitty attitudes, yours included so thanks for the likes of you that we have things to write about, dipshit.

10:25 PM, January 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You lib guys are funny. I like you.

Damn i'm posting so many comments I should get a cool name too, lets see Lib Team's Bestfriend.

You guys need to understand the bigger picture. You need to understand the difference between the following:

1. Bitches having no freedom to sleeparound. (similar to present day)

2. Bitches having the freedom to sleep around. (What both me & the bitches want)

Now the problem with point #1. is that you have bitches complaining. A woman complaining in a muslim country is the perfect mix to become an instant hero in the west (damn feminists have screwed the west).

Problem with #2 is that you'll get all the problems we have at home, teenage preggos, single families, diseases, bastard kids that get caught in the middle of all of this & a huge drain on medical & education, until the women become self sustaining.

So why the hell are we even talking about Option #2. ? Because you cannot stop it. No-one can. People like to fuk around. All you can do is raise kids that dont take part in free sex & not take part in it your self.

If you look at the bigger picture thats a bit of a lost cause, since for every responsible family, there will be 10 who fail.

If you think this through, you'll see that both of us hold the same view.

The only difference is that you guys highlight whackbitches for who they are, while I cant get enough of them.

Give the women freedom to make their own *mistakes*, that's the only sustainable model.

btw I have no sister & I dont even know about my mother. Any self respecting "mothers" & "sisters" wouldnt get themselves into these situations in the first place.

-Lib Team's Bestfriend.

9:39 AM, January 02, 2006  
Anonymous lib teammate said...

I agree I agree I AGREE!!

But you see, we write about this shit coz like u said, there's nothing we can do to stop it. But it is an interesting topic to discuss and argue about (as I enjoyed our exchange of arguements for this post).

The most important point i agree with is the fact that it's up to ourselves to try and keep our sisters and daughters and the rest of the female members of our family in check with this issue. We wrote this article to let naive people know that this shit exists and that they need to be careful. Now is that so wrong my best friend? :)

You're right saying no self-respecting mother or sister would do such a thing. But there r women that do not know better. This is why we r here writing and arguing for a cause. We cant save em all, but maybe (just maybe) we might save some! That'll be an achievement on its own!

You r lucky u dont have sisters to worry about man. But u need to take responsibility for your actions. Tricking a girl who's naive is nothing to be proud of. Hearts get broken and people will feel betrayed, all for a few measely minutes of nookie. it may be worth it for u now. We hope that someday u will see the error of ur penis's way and will stop ruining girls' lives :)

12:50 PM, January 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It doesn't take an extremist to believe that drinking and random sex is fucking wrong! this is a muslim country with muslim laws."

Oh really? Then how come drinking and consentual sex between unmaried people over the age of 21 is legal here? Of course, if you are married you can take 'em out of grade school and have sex with 'em according to your 'muslim laws'.

"The most important point i agree with is the fact that it's up to ourselves to try and keep our sisters and daughters and the rest of the female members of our family in check with this issue."

Why don't you lock them up in their bedrooms while you're at it.

"Not every muslim in this country is an extremist."

No, but the people responsible for this site are!

"so when u allow women to have random sex, why dont u allow murderers to kill?"

Aah, were do I begin with this one? You equate having random sex with murder? What a confused dumbass you are!
Allow? Who are you to 'allow' a fellow adult human being to do anything? Especially since the laws are in her favour.

This site is terrible. Confused people who think like you are one of the main reasons Bahrain has so many issues. God damn!

1:57 PM, January 18, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

ahahahahahah you think we're extremists? you're funny anon. Just being normal practitioners of our religion makes us extremists in your eyes doesn't it?

Just because we're saying that it's wrong to have sex, our religion says so, if you want to have sex, by all means go and have some! I am not the one to punish you, I was merely highlighting this bitch's attitude.

You wanna drink and fuck by all means do it, just because we say our religion bans it doesn't make us extremists.

If you don't like this site, just get lost and go to

11:09 AM, January 19, 2006  
Anonymous CHILLOUT! said...

I mean seriously whats wrong with this chick??

I just read this article and am flabbergasted at what nerves she has!

Her freedom?!! Democratic country??


Saudi on one side and and oman on the other bahrain is stuck in the persian gulf my dear not scandinavia!
Lol did she do some hasheesh or wat ;)

We live by allah's rules in bahrain although the oil wealth that is responsible for the enitre middle eastern(Read ARABIAN) economy was discovered by the brits and the use for it(IC engines) were also discovered by westerners and they form the biggest market for petrol and petro-chemical products but OH NO we follow the hadith and live by shariah and islamic rules!

10:34 AM, April 18, 2010  

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