Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy National Day Indeed!

First of all, Happy National Day, Bahrain.

The national day is an occasion for the whole nation, it's not only political, it's a symbol, a mark of an era. A symbol for the people. We're not gonna get political 'n stuff as usual. Once again, we wanna highlight the assholes that make us look bad who were as usual ruining the beauty of this occasion.

Of course this is a happy occasion, and to celebrate it is not bad or something you should be punished for. However, if you were in Bukawara Road this evening you would have loved to shoot some sand-niggers, Saudis and fucking Qataris who were driving back and forth as usual but in greater numbers tonight!

One of the cars I saw had their kids sitting on the edge of the window holding Bahrain flags. Would you wanna have your kids with NO safety at all to sit on the edge of a car window holding onto a flag instead of something to prevent him/her/it from falling? I saw a kid who nearly fell because his shitty ninja mother hit the gas suddenly and the kid nearly fell. Damn! What the fuck was that?

Here is a pic I could take of a kid sitting on a car window edge holding a flag.

No wonder these shitty kids turn out to be shitty adults who will in 10-15 years have their turn to be good for nothing fucks to roam around the "love streets" of Bahrain.

Here is a video I took of a Saudi fucker who had half his car on the pavement and his other half on the road. We had a fucking Saudi wannabe comment on one of our previous posts that Saudis are good and they own us 'n shit. Well I hope this is good enough proof for your blind eyes you fucking camel jockey. Now I know not all Saudis are bad but these are the ones we do see everyday. So don't come blaming us for criticizing you. Even the American Department of State has some caution for those Americans traveling to Saudi, highlighting the way they drive. See how tarnished your image is? So shut the hell up and stop being a cry-baby. 90% of Saudis are savages. LIVE WITH IT.

TRAFFIC SAFETY AND ROAD CONDITIONS: While in a foreign country, U.S. citizens may encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those in the United States. The information below concerning Saudi Arabia is provided for general reference only, and may not be totally accurate in a particular location or circumstance.
Short-term male visitors may drive on their U.S. driver’s license. American men employed in Saudi Arabia should obtain a local driver’s license with the Department of Traffic Police. Women are not allowed to drive or ride bicycles on public roads.
Traffic accidents are a significant hazard in Saudi Arabia. Driving habits are generally poor, and accidents involving vehicles driven by minors are not uncommon. In the event of a traffic accident resulting in personal injury, all persons involved (if not in the hospital) may be taken to the local police station. Drivers are likely to be held for several days until responsibility is determined and any reparations paid. In many cases, all drivers are held in custody regardless of fault. Those involved in an accident should immediately contact their sponsor and the U.S. Embassy or nearest U.S. Consulate.

The road was PACKED with Qataris and Saudis who were holding Bahrain flags, now we all know that they weren't holding those flags for the love of Bahrain, they are here to score some chicks who were displaying true whoreness tonight. They also had their car stereos at full blast and bringing their heads out and screaming at everyone they saw. The only thing they didn't do that they were so close to doing is to flash their tits at everyone they came across! Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people? I mean it's okay to celebrate the national day, but do it moderately and in a civilized manner. Here is another video of different kind of morons who were at Bufuckingkuwara Road tonight, ranging from bitches, Saudis, Qataris and Bahraini sand-niggers to kids who were carelessly riding their bikes with no caution to the heavy traffic on the road. These are people who obviously have nothing better to do with their time or a better contribution to society, bringing their kids with them to teach them what to do with their spare time instead of going for REAL events that were happening during the national day holiday.

When will these people learn? Do they use the internet often? I want them to see this site and see what kind of fucked up things they are doing to our name as Bahrainis.

When will these negative fucks stop what they're doing? I think never!

Screw this shit, I'll book a flight to Guatemala.


Anonymous Ali said...

Hey what do you expect from people who have been driving camels for thousands of generations...

all is say this is what you get when you go from A CAMEL TO A CADILLAC !!!!!!


THE muharaqi PUNDIT

4:38 AM, December 17, 2005  
Anonymous A said...

oh crap didnt realize the type


Muharaqi Pundit

4:39 AM, December 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes i know some saudis do some stupid stuff, and Im not a Saudi wannabe im actually a Saudi. And to the stupid Ali guy, we have been driving cars years before your dear bahrain, and happy national day lol.

1:12 PM, December 20, 2005  
Blogger Evil Pissed-Off Bahraini said...

welcome back Mr.Saudi... just cause you put your name down as anonymous doesnt mean i cant recognize a smelly towel head a mile away..

if i had a pen, it doesnt mean that i can write, if i had a book, it doesnt mean that i can read, and if fucking idiots like you have cars, it surly doesnt mean that you can drive..

although it could be true, you guys have been driving cars before we did, mainly because we couldnt afford cars back then, we didnt suck american cock to take our petrol and then shower us with money...

i honestly thought that it could be true, and that not all saudies are bad drivers.. not until i actually been to saudi, what a shithole.. no pavement is safe from morons, crossing the road is as risky as bungy jumping, and by driving below the speed limit you will end up in jail...

if thats how you see as what "good driving" is, then i suggest you keep driving in your own country, hopefully you and your kind will kill each other on the road, and eventially get extinct...

fuckin retard...

4:56 PM, December 21, 2005  
Blogger LiB Team said...

Saudi, you got OWNED... AGAIN!!!

Plus, you're proud to be a cammel shagger? you're proud to blindly follow a leadership who named the WHOLE country, the whole 2M after themselves? What a bunch of retards!

11:13 AM, December 22, 2005  
Blogger butt nugget said...

camels R US

4:19 AM, December 30, 2005  
Blogger butt nugget said...

god i love this website

4:20 AM, December 30, 2005  

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