Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Being Bahraini...

Look at Dubai. Look at all the fantastic architecture built and on the way. It is almost ‎scary how fast and efficient that emirate is when it comes to its development. But it’s not ‎just tall buildings; have you seen the hotels? The resorts? The shopping malls? Intense ‎We go to Dubai once every three months just to see what’s new! Some areas become ‎almost unrecognizable!‎

<-- Burj Al-Arab Hotel in Dubai

Why not Bahrain? Well I’m not gonna go deep into economic and political theories and ‎conspiracies coz that’s not what the LiB team does. The fundamental reason I will be ‎explaining is simple: We don’t deserve it.‎

I mean don’t get me wrong, I think we as a nation do; we the people of the kingdom of ‎Bahrain who care and love for our country and work hard to keep it safe, economically ‎sound and a great place to live, deserve it. But, unfortunately, there is a great majority of ‎people here that do not give a fuck about Bahrain or its people, and only care for ‎themselves, the bunch of selfish pricks!

Bahrain Financial Harbor --> ‎

You see them everywhere! Where you work, where you shop, even when you drive! ‎Like the company employees that slack and delay their work because no one else can do ‎what they do and they’re too fucking lazy to finish it at a normal rate. You have ‎customers to serve man! If you don’t do your job, people will complain! At the end of ‎the day the slowness will domino onto the customers’ requests and this will further prove ‎to them that things aren’t done as efficiently or professionally here as they are outside of ‎Bahrain.‎

And what about the driver that pulls up and throws out his trash in the middle of the ‎fucking highway! Do you like driving through garbage? Do you like the sound of ‎crunching cans under your tires? Is this how you spend your day at home? You walk ‎around eating bananas all day and throw the peel on the floor, huh, Monkey Brain?! ‎Garbage smells for fuck’s sake! But I guess you wouldn’t be able to notice since you ‎smell like shit yourself.‎

There are real smart payphones in the UK that you can send emails, faxes and SMS’s ‎from. How long do you think these would last here in Bahrain? The average lifespan of ‎a normal payphone in Bahrain is 23 hours, 14 minutes and 37 seconds. I would expect ‎the high-tech ones to be killed off in 3 seconds flat. I guess people are so superstitious ‎that the bright lights from the monitors scare them and they fear they will bring a deadly ‎curse upon them and their children YOU FUCKING IGNORANT SHITHEADS! It’s ‎because of these people that when companies get introduced to great and innovative ‎technological ideas, they just dismiss it for the reason that “it will be abused” or “no one ‎will use coz they’re retards and they’re not up to date with technology.” Trust me man, it ‎goes way past not up to date with technology.‎

My advice: Grow the fuck up. Think about what you’re doing before you do it. Change ‎your fucking attitude because you’re acting like children! “Why should I do it if no one ‎else is doing it?” Well if you don’t do it WHO THE FUCK WILL? Work as hard as you ‎can, if not for your country, for yourself and your family! There’s no harm in more ‎money is there? And what about some recognition? People DO get recognized for their ‎work. “But sir, I work so hard and no one gives a shit!” Then there’s something wrong ‎with your boss (this will be discussed in another article). If he doesn’t give a shit, go ‎higher. His boss will love to know he ain’t doing his job right! At the end of the day, ‎your company will do better, your customers will be happier, and more money will flow! ‎Good shit gets carried forward just as well as the bad shit!‎

Look at your country. Just stop and look at it! Find out what’s wrong with it, but don’t ‎just live with the problems! Do something about it! Anything! Aren’t you sick and tired ‎of being branded by the phrase “lazy Arab?” I swear man it ain’t difficult! Can’t you ‎wait until you can find a trashcan and throw your rubbish there? Yes it can be that ‎simple. ‎

You’re complaining because we have problems. Good! That’s step 1: recognizing the ‎problem. But what about step 2? No it ain’t “let’s just sit and watch as we live our lives, ‎side by side, with our beloved annoyances.” You have to tell people about it! But you ‎know what? Chances are people already know about it. So go on to step 3: tell the people ‎who are concerned. Usually, we are ALL the people concerned. If not, let them know! ‎Show them! Do rallies, write articles, use art and music; anything! It will not go ‎unnoticed. Since you’re already acting like children, then you’ll probably react the same ‎way: you’ll run to your room and slam the door, but we all know you were listening. But ‎you don’t have to sit in your room and cry about it. Get out and show everyone you ‎recognize the problem too and that you WANT a solution to it. If you have a solution ‎then broadcast it, don’t leave it to yourself. If you don’t, tell as many people as you can; ‎you never know who might come up with a great idea. The more people you tell, the ‎more people will think, the better the chances of finding a solution; it’s math people. ‎

Act like you deserve better. Make them see that we deserve better. Change your attitude. ‎Be proud: You’re Bahraini.‎


Blogger The Joker said...

I can't agree with you more. Nicely written rant. Not only does it sound like something I'd write.. but even the template is similar. Sister blogs I guess. Keep them coming guys.

5:02 PM, December 14, 2005  

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