Saturday, December 03, 2005

Overnight Experts...

As small as our beloved kingdom is, it contains a large number of accents depending on ‎the area (which can be a few square meters) people live in. There are just as many types ‎of people residing here too. These include the quiet “mind my own business” type, the ‎loud and obnoxious “I don’t give a fuck but you have to notice that I don’t give a fuck” ‎type, the extremist “INFIDEL!!!!!!!!” type and many more. Today, we will talk about ‎the Know-it-All “Glory Hunters” (less formally, the “I am an expert in this field although ‎I have only heard about it 23 seconds ago” type).‎

Take this example: we are the proud hosts of the Formula 1 race in the Middle East ‎Region, and have been since April 2004. This is a major event and, naturally, everyone ‎will be talking about it. Even the old geezers were saying something about a “Four ‎Mullah*” event which was gonna take place.‎

I’m not bothered by the number of people talking about the F1; on the contrary, it was ‎exciting. What pissed me off was the sand-niggers who INSTANTLY turned into F1 ‎gurus who were the only people that knew anything about it (as in, no one else did) and ‎considered themselves a terabyte-sized database of Racing knowledge. What the fuck? ‎REAL F1 fans travel around the world to see the F1 races and never miss a single lap (not ‎even for toilet breaks). These low ranking BDF fuckers wouldn’t go to Sitra if the next ‎race was there. As a matter of fact, the only reason they go to the track is to see chicks, ‎be them Bahrainis or the Ferrari girls (who I must admit IS a good reason to go but right ‎now, it’s not why they say they go). Screw you assholes! You didn’t even know what a ‎track marshal was until you found out girls can join! And now that everyone is talking ‎about this event, you wanna act like you have been following this sport ever since you ‎were that lucky little sperm that wasn’t stupid enough to die before getting to your ‎momma’s should-have-remained-unfertilized egg! I myself am not into motorsports, ‎although I do express my interest into them since they have become a part of our ‎country’s identity. That is not, however, reason enough for me to go around telling ‎people I knew Michael Schumacher’s underwear size (if you do know this then I’ll admit you’re ‎an F1 expert… a sick one but an expert nonetheless). What if Bahrain built a space research ‎facility like NASA. Will these guys jump up and explain quantum physics to us all of a sudden?‎

These bung-holes are also classified under “Glory Hunters.” What a bunch of wide-assed ‎hypocrites. Example: 88% of Manchester United fans (of which I am a VERY big fan of ‎since 1987). The red devils started to truly shine again back in 1993, and I was trying to ‎follow them however I could, which unfortunately does not include going to a match ‎‎(yet!). All of a sudden (this is still 1993 by the way) the whole of Bahrain became Man ‎U fans. All of them pretended to know everything about the club. I asked a few of these ‎people questions they should know the answers to, like the club’s heritage and history, ‎and they knew absolutely NOTHING. It’s like, as far as they’re concerned, the club was ‎founded in 1993! What a waste of brain cells, pretending you’re a huge fan of ‎something. And what’s even more irritating, is their replies: “You think you’re ‎knowledgeable? Do YOU know any of that info?” As a matter of fact, dickhole, I know a ‎lot more about Man U than ALL of the info in your thick brain (if any). Man U got a bad ‎stint for the past two years and haven’t been as successful as before. So what happens? ‎Those people are now BIG Chelsea fans coz they’re doing better! Gimme a break! ‎

These people need therapy. They are compulsive liars. They lie just to get attention and ‎they probably believe the lies that they tell because of how many lies they barf out ‎everyday. If they cannot be treated, then our only use for them is to round them up, tie ‎them together, stick em into a giant hamster wheel, and let em all run together, generating ‎enough electricity to get Al7ala** powered up. A great solution for both the government, ‎environmentalists and us, the citizens of Bahrain who are pissed off about the existence ‎of such scum.‎

Screw this shit, I’m late for the Man U match.‎

* Roughly translated, this phrase means four clerics.‎
‎** Pronouced Al-Hala, an area North of Bahrain (some say it is part of Muharraq, others ‎say they are their own country)‎

Check the Bahrain International Circuit website for info about the upcoming events on


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U hv a nice blog and speak ur mind freely but what's with the foul language?I thot that sort of language was for bad Hollywood movies not for this nice country,Bahrain.Make ur point by any means but not by compromising ur dignity.
With best wishes from a Bahraini expat

5:58 PM, December 03, 2005  
Anonymous Evil PissedOff Bahraini said...

oooo gosh mister, were so sorry worry, maybe we will go help old ladies cross the stweet....

and then have them run over by 18 wheelers... damn retard..

did anyone aske you to look at the site? did they come to your house, grabbed you by the penis, and glued you ugly face to the pc monitor??

dude, if you got a problem with free speach, then take a hike, go to a PG rated site or something...

ooo the Bahrainies are so nice, they the are nicest widdle people in the whole wide world...will this aint disney land jack ass.. wake up n smell the crap...

11:23 PM, December 03, 2005  
Blogger LiB Team said...

I partly agree with EPB, although I would like you to understand that we do not use foul language for the sake of using it or that we are impolite. We are using this kind of language to a) Highlight what kind of fucked up people some could be in Bahrain and the language we're using actually doesn't do these asswipes any justice, if there were stronger words we would not hesitate to use them, b) This is one way of being humorous as this might be funny to some and offensive to others, everyone's free to choose and c) It's a way of getting the rage and anger out of our system, instead of us going out and setting people on fire or decapitating them.

Thanks once again for your constructive feedback, but no thanks, we're keeping things the way they are.

7:24 AM, December 04, 2005  
Anonymous Emaratia said...

WOOOOOOW i think u all need to smoke some weed and relax u r all so cynical and crazy...shit take a breather and stop making fun of everyone..u must not have a lot of confidence if u make fun of everyone and everything...good god if u hate ba7rain so much the move the fuck out whos keeping u there?! im pretty sure ba7rain doesnt need people like u in the country..fuckin losers

8:18 AM, February 02, 2006  
Blogger Evil Pissed-Off Bahraini said...

thank you for your nice comment.. you damn hippie..

didnt hippies get extinct back in 1979 ?? which rock did you crawl out from?

for some whore that idolises the likes of Cheech n Chong, uses the word "pass that" and "roll that" as a daily based vocabulary, and obviosly watches alot of eminem videos, you sure got some fuckin nerve to tell these people off..

they wanna write about somethin by all means let them... but spreadin all this love n joy aint happenin here, cause if i lived in UAE, id be driving around in my bently and wearin my stupid ass 7amdanya, not givin 2 shits about anythin thats goin on around the world..

but try living on our side of the world, then i bet you'll stand on a carbord box and preach your hetred in the street...

damn rich gold diggin good for nuthin hippie wannabe whore...

3:27 PM, February 04, 2006  

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