Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy 'Mini' Birthday, lifeinbahrain!!!

Well it's been a month since we started, and boy that month was filled with events, I feel that we started this blog not last month but last year! This was a thing I wanted to start a long time back. But didn't until it just struck me exactly one month ago! I just had to start writing about what annoys me, I informed a couple of friends and they were in the team with me straight away!

And on November 15th 2005, Life in Bahrain was born!

We're a "core" team of 3 members under the name "LiB Team", then we have "HaloweenHarry" and The "Cynic" who contribute from time to time with useful posts but are not as aggressive as us. However, they are good for all the cry-babies who complain about our approach to posting. The "Parental Advisory" sticker was put there as well just for those cry-babies. I suggest another thing also, use Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo cuz they use a new and improved "No More Tears" formula which can stop you from crying, dipshits.

Cry-babies aside, we have had great feedback from a lot of people, either through commenting on our various posts or by e-mailing us. Many thanks to all who supported and encouraged us to go forward.

We will be going from strength to strength, and will continue to do what we are doing. A little notice though: Some people asked us why we don't write about the government. Well it's not that everything is perfect in Bahrain but government bashing isn't our style, we decided to leave that to its people. We focus on the people's attitudes and behaviours which makes every true Bahraini out there sad, frustrated and angry.

Finally a repeat of thanks to the team, our supporters and whoever wrote us or commented on our posts. And a special and BIIIIG thanks goes out to the dipshits who made this happen, keep doing what you're doing. You never know, you might end up in here one day =D


Anonymous Intoxicated said...

Happy mini birthday to this wonderful site :) keep up the good work to all :)

6:35 PM, December 15, 2005  
Anonymous shorty said...

Haaaappy Haaappy Joy Joy!!!

love the site love the work done... keep it up and "you go girl" yay!

1:47 AM, December 18, 2005  

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