Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bedouin Wannabes...

If you’re retarded (meaning you happen to fall within 80% of Bahrain’s population), then you're probably one of those idiots that drive around all day, wasting BD10 on fuel, and basically doing nothing but polluting the air and throwing garbage on the street. Oh, and running out of brain cells if already not.

As we explained in our previous posts, Bahrain has many of what you can call “love streets”, where people spend all day just driving around like a bunch of good for nothing bastards, and so many different types of retards can be found on these streets, like the gangsta wannabes who drive around in their 1980 Nissan Z’s, or the whores that wear ninja gear and dance and flirt with boys thinking that they are invisible cause they’re wearing covers 'n ninja masks, and rich fucks that ride in their Bentleys with 24” chrome wheels, and not knowing anything about money cause daddy got it for them for being a good boy and eating his vegetables, and you get the confused frustrated idiots who accidentally ended up on one of these streets and got stuck for 2 hours in the traffic, struggling to get out, and of course last but definitely not least, the Bedouin wannabes.

Over the last 2 years, a weird new (something) started to spread around the country like a plague, people apparently think it’s cool to look like a Bedouin! Now this is obviously the influence of out neighboring countries (since they actually have REAL Bedouins that live in deserted areas, in tents and ride camels, the whole shebang), but how the hell did this thing end up here? We don’t have Bedouins, and didn’t have any since the 1930s, so why did they all start to appear now?

If you're having trouble spotting a Bedouin wannabe (if you're blind it's ok, you're forgiven), here are some pointers that could help you recognize these fucks:

 Driving around in a 4X4, mostly it’s a Nissan Patrol, and in some cases a Land Cruiser.

 The cars are usually old models (minimum 5 years old), have dent bumpers and a rusty looking body/paint job.
 Huge balloon wheels (this is what they actually call them cause they look like balloons, they are apparently made to drive on soft sand, not pavements).

 Very long aerials sticking out of the rear end of the car (above 15 meters, seriously).
 A sticker with an Arabian nick name at the back of the car.
 A picture of a falcon or a dead leader, or both together, on the rear window.
 Extremely loud Bedouin jalsa* music, for everyone else it sounds like what should’ve been the soundtrack of "The Exorcist".
 Driver and passengers have light beards, or if they cant grow any, weird sideburns.
 The ghitra** is worn as people from UAE do, known as a 7amdaniya***.
 Long messed up hair sticking from underneath the 7amdaniya.
 Annoying clapping and in some cases, one of the passengers ends up covering his face with the ghitra and dancing on the roof.
 Big exhaust pipe to create a really loud annoying noise. Also known as "Fart Cannons".

Now, I know that these people actually exist in other gulf countries, but how did it end up here? Why did it become cool all of a sudden to dress up and act like “modern” Bedouins? No one has an answer to these questions, but what really irritates me, is that none of them actually have full Arabian roots! Yes, most of these Bedouin retards you see are in fact descendants from Iran, their families came from Iran, their parents speak Persian, but do they actually admit it? No way, they will deny it, and ignore the truth. Why? Why would you wanna be someone you're not? It's not something to be ashamed of. In fact, defying your origins is shameful indeed. Be who you are, you're not fully Arabian, yes you were brought up and raised in this country, but don’t ignore he fact that you're origins are from somewhere else.

Shame on all you fuckers who pretend to be someone else, if you guys wanna be camel fuckers then fine with me, but I'd rather be called a mahyawa**** maker than a fucking Bedouin any day.

Ride this *points at crotch*, I'll go eat some falazeen*****.

--LiB Teammate's comments: "Of course this is not bashing at the people being Bahraini. On the contrary, they should be proud that they're Bahraini. The thing is that they forget their roots. Look at immigrants in the US, Canada, Australia etc. They say that they are originally from X country, be them Italian, Greek, etc., and that their roots are from there, there is nothing wrong with it. Except for some, and I repeat, some Indians who also forget their roots and go "I am Canadian" and some shit like that. I have seen and heard it with my own eyes 'n ears. So these are now acting all arabized whereas their origins are from other places. Again, I don't say go about switching your loyalty, you're Bahraini. But for fuck's sake, look at your face, look at your accent, look at your last name! It all gives who you are away in just 4 seconds flat. Why deny who you are? Okay maybe some won't recognize your origins in 4 seconds, they probably have Down Syndrome or something like that, it actually takes 'em two extra seconds to recognize it. So for crying out loud, STOP ACTING.

*Jalsa music: A type of "live" Arabian music where they gather and sit on the ground and sing and clap. Some sort of folklore music.

**Ghitra: Part of the Arabian traditional dress which is a piece of cloth put on the head, topped by 3gaal "Agal". The Islamic extremists often wear it without a 3gaal, only the Ghitra itself.

***7amdaniya: Pronounced "Hamdaneyya". A style in wearing the ghitra, rolled around the head like towel heads with a tail. It is a style worn mostly by people from the Emirates.

****Mahyawa: A Traditional kind of meal created originally by the inhabitants of the Southern part of Iran which consists of dried fish and water to create what we can call "Fish Sauce" which can be used then to put on top of bread or puffy bread to give it a tangy taste.

*****Falazeen: A thin bread "Almost like tortillas" topped by drops of mahyawa which is a very popular meal eaten on breakfast or as a snack.


Anonymous Intoxicated said...

HAHAHAAHAHHA what u just said is soooooo true! the thing is some of them are sooo proud to be a badooo WHY dont know know that in history they were theives! thats sooo lame and bahrainis are originally farmers and fishermen! since when did they start living in tents?? To all u idiots out there that think ur arab but actually not that soooo sad and admit where ur originally from a7san min ma tkoon badawee :P

12:59 AM, December 18, 2005  
Anonymous Muharaqi Pundit said...

LOL some crazy shit hahaha I never knew about this until know... atleast I know I am from a long line of fisherman from Hidd :D and i am proud of it. Although the identity of a flea infested bedouin would certainly be great for halloween. Anyways about the ajam/persians, if it wasnt for their crazy chicks, most of the sand niggers, saudis, qatars etc wouldnt on been joyriding on the so called love streets. gotta give them credit for that eventhough bahraini chick are coming up to par with their ajam counterparts :D

2:37 AM, December 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

plastic surgery and makeup does wonders doesn't it, muharraqi? ;) lol

10:46 AM, December 18, 2005  
Blogger irfs said...

dont know about the bedouin scene in bahrain dont know enough bahraini ppl to make a judgement...


8:19 PM, December 18, 2005  
Blogger irfs said...

...btw you guys have an interesting blog ...keep it up! ;)

8:22 PM, December 18, 2005  
Blogger The Joker said...

Really funny shit... after they finish private school at Bahrain school and Saint chris and whatever they hop into their sand worn nissan patrol and turn on their UAE singing/whining poetry.

One request people, can we go easy on terms like \"sand niggers\" and \"3ajam chicks\" please?

1:50 PM, December 19, 2005  
Blogger LiB Team said...

Actually, Joker, We have mentioned that the term nigger is not used as a derogatory term against african-americans, plus sand-nigger is to highlight the idiots who are shitty in attitude, be them black, white, arab, ajam, syrians, mowaleed 7waar etc.
Sand-niggers reflect the people who think that rules don't apply to them and therefore deserve to be called so. We are not meaning anything racist by using those terms.

As for 3ajam chicks, we haven't used that term, it's muharraqi pundit and he can say anything unless it's racist which we don't accept.

Other than that, the terms bu3aggoof, mowaleed 7war, syrians, bedouins and sand-nigger will continue to exist on

2:10 PM, December 19, 2005  
Anonymous Muharaqi said...

I ve lived in the states and nigger is not a deragatory term anymore its evolved and became a term of endearment. Heck me and my brother and even my friends (non black) always call ourselves niggers. Unless a white hick with broken teeth, an overall and a can of budweiser is calling me or anyone a nigger I would take that comment with a grain of salt. As for Ajam whats wrong with that???? We all know how a majority of their chicks are slutty ..... LOL I know from personal experience you should go to any of the private schools in Isa Town and see for yourself

Muharaqi Pundit

2:13 AM, December 20, 2005  
Blogger butt nugget said...

i hate mexicans, goddamn beaners. you think you can escape the bedouin wannabes.......but there are other horrors, yes there are.....

4:40 AM, December 30, 2005  
Anonymous emaratia said...

waaaait hold up the 7amdaniya is not the style worn by emiratis its the style worn by omani's...anyways jus thought id correct that everything else u said made me lauugh my asss off and i hope when i come see to ba7rain i can see one of the bdoo and have a good luahg..keep up the good work

11:17 AM, February 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares about the 7amdania i'm bahraini my fore fathers are farmers and hurders anyway man listen i have no persian blood but i'm proud to be ba7rani and i speak persian but we are no badoo we are not i rather be european that is what my kids are half of but not an arab let me say it right sand nigga i love bahrain we should love bahrain if we can handle life here with these kind of people around us we need to upgrade the bahraini brain read books people read frued read karl marx read dan brown read just study of the great ones from history and learn please

3:45 AM, April 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know.. it is really sad to see how distastefully you can speak of the country in which you live, and with such vulgarity. Perhaps you do have a point in your comments about Bahrain, but the way you express them makes you and your LiB team stoop to new lows. Stop picking on everyone else and shed the light on yourself, i hate how this culture is so critical of everyone and everything around them as a shield to hide their own faults and insecurities. And just because people may be different than you and you dont agree with their behaviour, it does not make them worse than you or more ignorant or wrong. I love Bahrain, and i thank god that i have the chance to be part of a unique community - your blog disgusts me.. like a bad aftertaste.

12:40 AM, November 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i am half holy an half ejmi an i am proud of it.anytime ppl ask me were ur from i tell them i am not ashamed.but u have a point i know alot of ppl especially huwala (not all) who act like they are sum stupid retarted faggs aka bedouin. they disgust me sumtimes i mean wat kind of person wants to look stupid :S. not that all bedouins r dumb but 3/4 of em r an all from saudi arabia are dumb fuckers no offence i only 1 guy whos father is from K.S.A (mom from bahrain)who is not dumb.cant say anythin gud bout the rest. but most ppl think i am not persian or arabian at all :S i don know y :s.

And as for u Muharaqi lay off the persian gurls. they gud lookin but not slutty. i know alot of persian gurls an they r all very conservative of theirselves.

10:06 PM, February 23, 2007  

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