Saturday, December 24, 2005

Parking Politics...

You know when you buy a brand new car and you step in to smell that brand new car smell, you can’t help but feel attached to this fine piece of machinery. You don’t go too fast on speed bumps and you’re careful opening the door so as not to get it scratched. But what about the idiots who don’t care about their cars? They must be so jealous of my car! If they park next to me, they will surely try to bang their filthy door onto my sweet little mean machine! There must be a solution.

I know! I’ll park like a brainless retarded moron and people won't dare do anything to me! I mean I have a nice car right? No one will mind =)

WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ASSHOLE?! Who gave you the right to take up two parking spaces? Do you own the cinema? The parking lot? Great, now I have to reverse and park outside the cinema complex IN THE SAND!

Rich fucks… But you know what? It’s not a "rich fuck" thing! Check this guy out:

He owns a Ferrari. Now this is worth a lot more than a fucking Porsche Boxster, and he’s only taking up one parking space. And look what he’s parked next to! A Toyota Tercel! He’s not afraid that the owner of this unfortunate car will angrily bang the door against his! So what the fuck is up that Porsche guy’s ass?

Here is another example that it's not a "rich fuck" thing rather than a "shitty good-for-nothing fuck" thing, it's not about money, it's about fucking attitude, now if the Porsche guy was worried about his car, what the fuck is this guy worried about?

Now don't let the dark grey lines deceive you, and look at the guy, he's parked right on the white line, and even if you look at it, he's parked right on the other dark grey line, so either way he's parked wrongly, there is a perfectly complete parking spot wasted. Would a couple of centimeters hurt? Or is he a fucking retard? He just came and parked without looking at the line, which is the case with a lot of assholes that we have.

"Oooh look at meeeee! I own the road! The cinema belongs to my daddy! I’LL JUST PARK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING ROAD!!!"

Ok now this picture will seem normal to you:

Until you notice that they’re not actually parking spots these cars have been parked in! What the hell? Stop blocking the way out you dumbasses! I hope some ninja gets freaked by this blockage and rampages her way out of the mess leaving these cars scraped and scratched to fuck!

Look at this guy with another Ferrari. But notice, he parked so neatly. It’s exactly between the lines. Kodos!

So we may not be lucky to drive Porsches, but when after we got our licenses we STILL parked properly. You think if you own a nice car people will excuse you to park like a monkey? Oh wait, I’m gonna have to apologize… I insulted the monkey. Give other people the convenience of a parking spot! There are families that also like going to the places you go to. What makes you better than them with respect to where they park? You take two parking spaces, the place fills up, people will get pissed off when they see your car! It’s more prone to being keyed now than ever! This isn’t a warning by the way, it’s a fucking threat! The next time I see a car parked like that I will take my key and scrape the side so deep you’ll have new aerodynamic air-holes. You’ll thank me for this, assholes!

Damn this, I'll go key some cars...

--LiB Team Comments: We would like to thank one of our biggest fans, Intoxicated, for providing us with these priceless photos. Many thanks to you =)


Anonymous shorty said...

Sad but true...

Whats even more sad that their DADDY'S CAN AFFORD IT!!!

Daddy sucks cock = Daddy boy gets a porshe

Whats even more sad is that these ppl are better than us, will be treated better by society and yes in the end be YOUR MANAGER!!!

*sniff sniff*

1:42 PM, December 24, 2005  
Anonymous Muharaqi said...

Man I hate sand niggers even more now even the rich sand niggers. Is it me or are Bahrainis that most showoff people in the world. I mean come on if daddy gives blowjobs and gets you a porsche or ferrari modesty should be key.
No wonder I love the US and Canada. If you got a good car good for you but atleast most of them are modest about it.
Maybe I am loving the west more than Bahrain :D
And I hate Wasta because in the end daddys contacts will get you a good job and leave that well qualified Bahraini who worked his ass off for a stupid moron that cant even count after 10.

6:22 PM, December 24, 2005  
Anonymous Intoxicated said...

First of all, bahraini's don't show off as much as the other GCC countries. Don't say that all bahraini's are like that just because a few percentage of them are spoilt and abnoxitions. Bahraini's are the most hardworking people i have ever seen. As for you if it wasn't for your dads money you wouldn't have got to canada and the US.

12:51 AM, December 25, 2005  
Anonymous shorty said...


yes we are happy ur not studying here and u dont interact in this society BUT U DONT NEED TO RUB IT IN OUR FACES EVEY TIME U TYPE!!!

If u worship the US and Canada so much just burn ur jawaz and stay there!

1:33 AM, December 25, 2005  
Anonymous Muharaqi said...

Now I never said anything about all Bahrainis, I only talked about the rich so I dont know from where you got the idea that all Bahrainis are showoffs. Read my post again and highlight the part in which I said ALL BAHRAINIS ARE SHOWOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making stupid generalizations is wrong. If you read again I only criticized the rich for spoiling it for educated Bahrainis

And yes thanks to my dad I got my education in the west but thats not the complete picture HE HAD TO FREGGIN WORK 7 DAYS A WEEK for me to able to come here so dont think that I am privileged or anything and I also worked my ass off so that I could be accepted to a college. So dont even bother to think that I took a ride on daddys money for free.

Shorty now I can understand your frustration and I am as patriotic as any other Bahraini. I say the things that I say because I want my people to see the stupid things that they do. Isnt the purpose of this blog to show the stupid things that our people do. no wonder our countries are still in third world conditions.

6:09 AM, December 25, 2005  
Blogger LiB Team said...

What all of you guys said was true, but please don't get carried away with emotions and do not take it personally, you're all here cuz you agree with what we have to say and that is that there are some shitty people in Bahrain. Now it's not about rich or poor it's all about ATTITUDE, as you notice from the article we mentioned that it's not cuz that guy's rich he did that thing, we also have a pic of a shitty car doing the same thing. It's the attitude that matters here, they think they are above the law or anyone, it's true a lot of rich people are shitty but there are a lot of them also that are civilized and actually classy!
On the contrary, we find shitty people and low ranking officers from the police and the BDF doing whatever the fuck they want cuz they think that THEY are above the law. So see, it's not about money, even money can't buy you attitude and manners, it's from one's inside.

One last word, it's not about religion, ethnicity, color, social and financial status. It's about ATTITUDE.

Oh and one more thing, I partly do agree that Bahrainis are showoffs, now hear me out, NOT all are, but there are a lot who are potential showoffs. Now Bahrainis are hardworkers cuz the culture and environment made them like that, unlike Saudis, Kuwaitis, Emaratis and Qataris who are lazy and do NOTHING that's why the localization in their jobs is less than 50% unlike a lot of Bahraini businesses, but imagine if we were like them, wouldn't we be the lazy showoffs? I mean look at people who recently made it big and became rich "new bucks". Don't they quickly forget where they came from and how hard they worked for it? They immediately think they are above all and all the rest are lowlifes. Again I repeat not all are but a lot actually are!

9:54 AM, December 25, 2005  
Blogger butt nugget said...

i cant help but wonder how arrogant mr.porsche boxster would feel after taking a 4 kilo fat sausage up the ass. just cant help but wonder............

4:31 AM, December 30, 2005  

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