Monday, January 02, 2006

Search Engine Results...

I was checking our stats at the end of the year. I noticed that we are getting hits from search engines of course and here are what people have been searching for that brought them here... Enjoy =) sock exchange&hl=en&lr=&rls=GGGL,GGGL:2005-09,GGGL:en&start mall Bahrain&btnG=Search a bat its a fly no its super nigger&spell=1 in bahrain&kgs=0&kls=0 in Bahrain&ei=UTF-8&fr=FP-tab-web-t&fl=0&x=wrt to get to seef mall&btnG=Search vs. modern lives of women in Bahrain&btnG=%D8%A7%D8%A8%D8 tree of bahrain symbol&hl=en&lr=,GGLD:2004-04,GGLD:en&q=symbol of bahrain soccer team&s Mall&meta= life in Bahrain day of Bahrain bitches Images& in Bahrain fucking&prssweb=Search&ei=UTF-8&fl=0&fr=FP-tab-web-t tits&toggle=1&ei=UTF-8&fr=FP-tab-web-t&b=91 cinema time bookings is bahrain&FORM=QBRE

Seems like a lot of people are looking for sex in Bahrain ;)


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