Thursday, December 29, 2005


Here are a few pics I was able to take after we wrote about them, you will find these morons' pics and if they were related to a previous post by us, they will be linked to that article. Have fun!

Okay this one is related to the Bedouin Wannabes… article. Look at the antenna, I think this idiot still thinks he's in a bumper car in Adhari Park, maybe he thought he would need something to get the electricity to the car just like those bumper cars =D

Okay, in this pic, I am waiting at the red light to turn left, this motherfucker came in front of me and in the middle of the fucking road, not giving a rat's ass about me, why doesn't he want to wait behind me? It was 11:30 pm! There were no other cars waiting in the lane behind me, then why is he bypassing? I guess he's a moronic retard. Fucking sand-nigger. Oh, and he went on before the light turning green, I should have videoed him, damn. This pic can relate to the Shitty Drivers… article or the Morons on the Road… article.

"Ooooh look at me, I don't give a fuck about civilized people, they are sissies, proper parking is for sissies, I will just park here and run my errands". What on earth was this guy thinking? Now this guy doesn't has a shitty car. We said it before, it's not a rich fuck thing, it's a shitty asshole thing. Check out our Parking Politics… article.

Again, back to our Parking Politics… article, this asswipe is parked as you can notice in the middle of the fucking road! Look at the "virtual" ra9eef* right in front of this car, he's parked right at an intersection! Who the fuck does he think he is? Typical Bukuwara Road Bedouin wannabe sand-nigger.

Will keep you updated with more snapshots from around the retarddom of Bahrain.

*Ra9eef: pronounced "Raseef" meaning sidewalk or curb.


Blogger butt nugget said...

wait a minute......where did the comments go

4:45 AM, December 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow ur 1 of the best racists i have ever met. sand nigger sand nigger. extend ur vocab a bit retard.

10:03 AM, March 23, 2008  

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