Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sniff Glue…Worship WHO?‎??

Lately, many teenagers started to express themselves in many different and new ‎ways that people in this country are not very familiar with. And I’m not talking ‎about fags, fuck them. I’m talking about the people you usually point at and laugh ‎at, or call them “freaks”. They are the “metal heads”. ‎

They express themselves with weird haircuts or weird goatees/sideburns, or ‎weird bangles and spiky neck chains, or just simply a black t-shirt representing a ‎band. Now I don’t mind these people expressing themselves in that way, hell I ‎used to dress up worse than that, and I actually admire most of them for having ‎local metal bands where they either play covers of classic metal tunes, or even ‎creatively make their own music and present it to the other interested teens in ‎small gigs around the country. ‎

Here’s where it gets fucked. The incident didn’t happen a long time ago. It was ‎actually last year, when a group of friends got together and managed a gig. ‎Where 5 local bands can play metal tunes and simply have a good time. That ‎didn’t last very long, because a bunch of towel-headed narrow-minded imbeciles ‎were passing by, and heard the loud music being played. Taking a peak inside, ‎they witnessed a mosh pit and a bunch of head bangers on stage. Now, to ‎anyone who is familiar with rock/metal music, this is what its like in a normal rock ‎concert, head banging is a form of an aggressive dance, where you simply shake ‎your head up and down to the beat of the drums or the rhythm of the loud guitar ‎‎(if your really that dense, think Beavis and Butt-head to get a clearer image). So ‎to a typical towel head, this looks like some sort of Satanic ritual, where they are ‎summoning some soul sucking demon to be unleashed in their shit filled ‎neighborhoods, and turning all the women into man sucking incubuses and ‎spreading havoc and anarchy throughout the entire country, those were actual ‎words of the idiots who witnessed this and reported it to the police, who rushed ‎immediately to stop the show, resulting in many disappointed kids to go home ‎early. ‎

Now I’m telling you this because I actually witnessed and in fact; have all the ‎inside information. The following days newspapers had headlines which ‎sounded like this “Police Stop Major Satanic Activists from Spreading the Evil of ‎Satan”. The word even got all the way to the US, where Roadrunner records ‎‎(major US metal record producing company) wrote in the news section of their ‎website “Police Raid Metal Gig as Satanic Acts Were Involved”. The parents of ‎these kids were furious. Rushing to the news paper to basically kick the shit outta ‎whoever wrote the article, didn’t get much help there. The reporter’s response ‎was “I was simply told to print this by the police”. What? What kinda crap are you ‎talking about you whore! One of the parents spoke to me and started bitching ‎about the whole incident. He told me that his son was a very good kid, he gets ‎good marks in school, he prays, and comes to the Friday prayer with me every ‎week (which I’m sure most of those towel-heads don’t). But the thing is my son ‎likes playing the guitar as a hobby, and I support him for that, so why are they ‎accusing my son to be a devil worshipping fuck? ‎

Very true… Why? Why are you idiots just good for nothing else but pointing ‎fingers at people because they are different looking or have different interests ‎other than listening to Erwaished* and playing football? So what if these kids ‎have different hobbies? They are talented as well, probably most of them won’t ‎make it anywhere with this, nor ever have a record label. But that’s not the point, ‎they are doing it for the fun of it. It’s a hobby that will keep them busy and make ‎them stay away from cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and becoming fags! So it’s ok for ‎night clubs to spread sleaze, drinks and orgies. Its ok for hotels to have belly ‎dancers and horny Saudis. And it’s ok to act like morons at a football stadium, ‎whether painting your faces or dancing like baboons or sitting on fucking barb-‎wires at the stadium, not giving a flying fuck about your safety or regulations! ‎While it’s not ok to actually have a rock concert?‎

So what if I walk around wearing a Deftones or a Slayer t-shirt? Just because it’s ‎black it makes me a devil worshipper? I choose my own music you idiots, and by ‎doing this I’m enjoying a different type of music, and imitating the artists which I ‎admire for being so full of talent and energy. Why label me with something I’m ‎not?‎

I see many morons that wear Che Guevara t-shirts, why are they not labeled as ‎communists? Fucking towel-headed retards. ‎

Just for the record: most idiots that wear Che Guevara shirts or have his bumper ‎stickers don’t know who the guy is and what he’s done; some idiots from ‎Madeena (true story) think that’s its Bob Marley! And some call him the “Weed ‎King”, don’t ask me why….‎

Fuck that, ill go wear my Britney Spears t-shirt...

*Erwaished: Abdullah Al-Rowaished: A shitty Kuwaiti Singer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a really stupid subject.

10:23 AM, January 06, 2006  
Anonymous Intoxicated said...

OKAY anonymous, if u think this is a stupid subject why did u even bother commenting on it!

1:05 PM, January 06, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

ooooo mr. anon, did you get offended cuz we described erwaished as shitty?

People are free to choose what they wanna wear or hear, it's not others' right to label them as something they're not, do they see them actually worshipping the devil? If they cannot prove it then let them shut the hell up.

12:01 PM, January 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with anon but for different reasons, it is kind of a stupid subject. Why the fuck won't they just leave me alone to worship the devil in peace. I am the one you hear blaring "God Hates us All" as I drive down exhibition. Or maybe I've subjected you to some of my classic Oi!
It would be great to have a "hardcore night" in one of the nightclubs here. Even better to get a great band here instead of all this top 40 and 80s bullshit. There is an audience here. I've even got the ok from a couple of club managers, but they won't let me do a human sacrifice. kind of takes all the fun out of it.

4:19 PM, January 07, 2006  
Blogger Evil Pissed-Off Bahraini said...

its fucking towel heads like you anonymous who dont care or give a shit about anyone else but themselves you cock sucking retard....

if you think this is stupid, why the fuck did you read it in the first place? hell why they hell did you visit this blog in the first place?

"maybe ill go check out life in bahrain today, and maybe they have some nice articles about how to get laid" FUCK YOU retarded asswipe...

if your not interested in this article or any other article, i suggest you check out, you fag...

why do you think that peopl wanna write about what you wanna hear or even what you think!! nobody cares about what you think, and if you didnt like this fucking site, you woudlnt have commented you nincompoop!

heres a tip that will help you in the future, whenever you read something that you dont "like", do the following:

- get off you chair.
- Turn off Computer (shut down proparly).
- take a few steps back.
- locate the nearest window.
- approach window.
- open the window.
- throw yourself.

there, this should solve any problems that you may have with the articles submited here.

4:48 PM, January 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evil Pissed-Off Bahraini

You had me at "".
Fucking funny!!!

5:14 PM, January 08, 2006  
Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Merry Eid people!

6:31 AM, January 11, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

many thanks, SBG, happy Eid to you and your family and to everyone else who sees this :D

10:25 AM, January 11, 2006  

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