Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The sounds of...Silence! "a.k.a The Other Side of F1"

As I started walking into the office early in the morning, feeling like a slave being dragged around and whipped. Not having the energy to lift up my briefcase, dragging myself through the long 1-storey staircase. Having a weird rumbling noise coming out of my stomach for not having breakfast. I finally managed to reach the doors which take me into the hellish realms of the daily torture called work, I noticed something I don’t usually hear……footsteps…

No, no one is sneaking up behind me, trying to somehow molest me or something; in fact, the footsteps I heard were none other than my own…

Now this could be something normal for most people, but if you happen to work in a noisy department like the one I’m in, its not. Why was I hearing my footsteps? Why was I hearing myself breathe? Maybe because the fact that NOONE WAS THERE!

What the fuck was that all about? For a minute there I thought it was a public holiday that no one told me about! I thought maybe some royalty dude died and they declared a national holiday, I was confused.

I put down my things and started running around the department. Looking into the offices, nothing, not even the tea boy was anywhere to be seen. I walked up to the IT department where nerds usually happen to be there working on their computers whether it was a working day or not, and I was right, 6 out of 20 employees were there, I started to look for managers, and they were no where to be found! I asked one of the nerds about what the hell was going on, he told me “they all went to the formula 1 event”….

Interesting, so everyone (including management) decided to take the day off to go to this stupid event, now, I kept running around the other floors, only to find around 20% of the total company’s employees, and get this, 10% of them were just there to finish off some work, so they can leave at around 11am to go the formula 1 race!

Seriously, how am I supposed to work under these conditions! Sadly with my line of work, I require support from other department, what support am I going to get if I’m on my fucking own here? What a productive day turned out to be, 10% of the total company’s employees were there (and 50% of the ones working shifts, which is still considered low), and I’m standing there like a moron not being able to do any work, cause the people I’m supposed to work with are simply not there!

Honestly, wouldn’t the company be better off if they declared this stupid day off? Instead of having people “supposedly” turning is then leaving early to catch some stupid race? Now I’m not talking about a 3 day holiday, just a day off for the finals, if people consider this event so fucking important that they can simply leave work for it, then why not give everyone a day off, so idiots like me don’t have to come in and do nothing all day.

After making a few phone calls “since I had nothing to do” I called around a few people to waste time, and one guy mentioned that he went and took his kid back from school because only 20 people in the entire school showed up! Last year the government declared the formula 1 event days as a holiday for schools and universities, what the fuck happened this year? Apparently they didn’t give a holiday because recently we had a lot of public holidays and the school is running behind on the semester schedule, so let me get this straight, you did not give the kids a holiday because you wanted them to catch up on they’re school work, while no one showed up in the first place? What school work are you talking about? What productivity bullshit? No one was working or studying? Give the people off a day during the final race instead of wasting everyone’s time; as if a fucking day is going to make a difference, the day was wasted anyway!

No fucking brains + no planning skills + fat ass = government big shot

After further investigation, I looked more into the reason the schools did not get a holiday this year, the reason was simple: the minister was on holiday…..

I have no comment on that... But I have come to an understanding of how shit works in the government sector, if someone goes on a holiday, all work must stop.

Maybe someone should suggest the terms “handing over” or "delegate responsibilities" to these lazy ass government employees.

Screw this, I'll just get the fuck out of here, if anyone asks, I'll just tell them I went to the fucking race.


Blogger God's Loyal Opposition said...

Of course you'd see that, since the monarch himself left his work and went to see the race.. what if some foregin state decides to invade this isle on that? we can just all hop on the Ferrari and run away can we now? well my friend it's Bureaucracy at its best...hate those idiots..

11:41 PM, March 17, 2006  
Blogger Wolfwood said...

I think one thing in our favor can be answered by the following question:

"Why WOULD anyone want to take this island over?"

I mean, besides THOSE guys that is :)

12:39 PM, March 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If i were u i'd run around the dept naked

You need to ask for a raise, double overtime and the rest of the week off.... all to make up for the trauma u've been thru..

12:46 AM, March 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very funny indeed.

Why don't you become a comedian?

You could be one of those stand up comedy guys.

You've got some good material ;)

4:59 AM, March 21, 2006  

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