Monday, May 08, 2006

A Face-lift for LiB

It has been a while since we last posted here, due to life demands and work pressure. Currently we're working on some new materials and also trying to come up with a logo for LiB, this is a prototype and there will be more improvements.

Nearly six months after our first post (Nov 15th, 2005) and 7,000 hits later... It's great to know that we bring a smile to a lot, I know a lot of other dipshits don't like what we have to say. Well to these cry-babies here is a good alternative

Also, a BIG and special thanks to the morons who made this site come to existence, your idiocy cannot be highlighted enough and even our words cannot truly reflect what kind of mentalities you have.

So thanks to bitches, morons, extremists, parliamentarians (Class of 2006), BDF fuckers, Riffa sand-niggers, Qataris, Saudis, Bedouin wannabes, stinkin' spolied little brats, ninjas, Overnight Experts, player wannabes, idiot work mates and fucking traffic police and offenders... oh and fuck you all...

Thanks to all the rest for commenting, good or bad, although the good we keep in mind and the bad we will hunt down their owners and hit them with a BIG fire extinguisher when they least expect it. Thanks to all who wrote us emails and we appreciate your support.

There will be a formal 6 month anniversary post on the 15th, so stay tuned :D

Thanks and all the best...

LiB Team.


Blogger Siamak said...

Absolutely hilarious post LOL =).

11:30 AM, June 04, 2006  

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