Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Come Fly With Me…‎

Summer time, where people try to escape the hell we live in, for many good ‎reasons. Whether it was the unbearable hot temperatures, the shit traffic filled ‎roads, the school kids that infest different areas or simply the people you have to ‎deal with every single day. ‎

Although there are many airline choices now, if you happen to be a moron, then ‎you probably have tried flying with Gulf Air at least once in you life time. But I’d ‎probably think its either you got the ticket for free, or was forced into flying with ‎them, cause honestly I cant think of any logical reason to fly with these people. ‎

Seriously, for a company that has been in the business for almost 50 years (yes, ‎its been that long, Was actually in business since 1950. But the company as ‎‎“Gulf Air” was established in 1974), you think they would actually do something to ‎improve their service. OK, I’m not talking about improving the shitty smelly ‎economy seats (because apparently economy class people are not people, they ‎are insects, lowlifes, e3yaal elkhaddaama*. So they have to thank god they ‎actually get a seat to sit on!!!), I’m simply talking about actually flying ON TIME! ‎

For the love of God! I’m trying to reach wherever I’m going on time. Why do I ‎have to reach everywhere 6-7 hours late? What’s with all the delays? What if I ‎had a connecting flight? Other airliners that are on time won’t actually wait for my ‎highness to arrive. Don’t they have project/schedule managers that actually ‎calculate the time needed to re-fuel a damn plane? Don’t they have technicians ‎that actually calculate the time needed for repairs? Or actually arrange an ‎alternative plane instead of the wing-less one? Or throw us in another goddamn ‎plane for the love of god.... I’m just trying to get the fuck out of here!!!!!‎

This is what happened to me a few years back, when I was still a student. My ‎plane was supposed to depart from Bahrain at half past midnight. It actually took ‎off a whole hour late. I was wearing this damn seatbelt just waiting for the ‎seatbelt sign to go off, cuz I was about to piss in my pants. Plus I was awake ‎since 6am that morning and I was soo tired and also was thirsty. I couldn’t take it ‎anymore so I slept on the hope that I would wake up and the sign was off. I woke ‎up a couple of hours later, it was 3 am now and that seatbelt sign was STILL ON! ‎WTF, I slept again and woke up on the captain’s voice telling us that we were ‎heading to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi? I thought we were heading to London. What ‎on earth is going on? Apparently, there was a problem with the landing gear and ‎it couldn’t go up so the captain was flying on a low altitude and speed. We landed ‎in Abu Dhabi, were kept there for 7 fucking long hours cuz they didn’t wanna ‎replace the plane and analyze the faulty one, they tried to fix it and after 7 hours ‎they couldn’t so THEN they decided to change the plane. This cost me to lose ‎my connecting flight to Glasgow and what did they give us during those 7 hours? ‎A fucking shitty food breakfast coupon. Fucking shitty food which was even ‎shittier than the plane food itself. I’d rather have gruel over plane food.‎

Other than the regular delay dilemmas of Gulf Air, I faced another 6+ hours of ‎delaying just last year when I was in Kuwait. First of all, I had booked a first class ‎ticket on my return so that I earn some mileage to get a better frequent flyer card. ‎On the day of my return and only 3 hours before the fucking flight I was called by ‎the esteemed Gulf Air people telling me that my booking on first class would be ‎downgraded because they had “technical difficulties” with the plane and they had ‎to change it with a smaller one. Why not replace the faulty plane with one of the ‎same model? What a bunch of fuckers. There goes my extra mileage cuz instead ‎of awarding me the full mileage they punish me twice, by changing the plane and ‎then not awarding me the mileage for their fuckup. I sat in the tiny shitty lounge ‎waiting for the flight, when this Gulf Air fucker came to one of the passengers and ‎told him there will be a 2 hour delay. He didn’t come asking for whoever was ‎heading to Bahrain, he just went to one passenger and told him! Then we ‎intervened and had a word or two with this fucker. Then a couple of hours later ‎he comes and says that the flight will be delayed by another 4 hours! And they ‎took us to a hotel room until we got the flight. When we asked why the delay they ‎said that the plane had “technical difficulties”. OH COME ON FUCKERS, all your ‎planes are facing technical difficulties. And all you’re good at is upgrading the ‎planes to your London customers by them being the first people you offer your ‎‎“outstanding” services to. Agool 3oqdat el 7omor lel7een o lain baacher betkoon ‎feekom, fuckers. ‎

I saw a bunch of people I know, that got their plane delayed for 4 hours. Imagine ‎saying goodbye, then see them sit in the fucking airport for 4 hours waiting to ‎leave. What kind of bullshit is that? And it’s not just the delays, bookings are shit ‎too! I know another bunch that got their bookings cancelled. And get this, THEY ‎BOOKED FIRST CLASS! Im not talking about those free ass tickets you get that ‎you have to wait and hope that you get a seat on a plane.. NO! I’m talking about ‎pre-booked full fare first class tickets! Seriously, would someone please explain ‎to me what “booking a ticket” or “reserve” means? Cause I don’t think these ‎people understand what these words actually mean? So let me get this straight, ‎I’m paying for a goddamn first class ticket, and I’m BOOKING a flight on a certain ‎date, only to find out that the plane was “over-booked”??? HOW THE FUCK ‎would a plane be OVER-booked in the fisrt place?? Don’t these people know ‎how many seats are available on the plane? Don’t these people realise that ‎people that paid and booked are the people should get on the fucking plane? ‎Where did all these extras come from???‎

And all this hassle for what? Shit ass seats and crappy flight attendants. And no slutty ‎ones either. Oh and what’s with the crappy uniform? Show some cleavage!!! Make my ‎money’s worth, bitch!‎

As if you’ll see any female flight attendants. All you will see is a bunch of people that are ‎supposed to be “women”, but don’t even come close. Nothing but a bunch of old shits ‎who wear 60s make-up and have wrinkles all over! Mile high club my ass. ‎

Or what’s even worse, you’re probably get a bunch of fucking Bahraini people from Sitra ‎with gelled back hair, and smelling of hair food, who will give you a shitty attitude unless ‎you happen to be from Sitra, then you’ll be treated like a king! Khar kussa maadar jinda ‎pedar sagg**!!!!‎

Then they come and tell me "support your national carrier". National carrier my ass.

Fuck this, I’ll get me a boat and row my way to Thailand.‎

‎*E3yaal Elkhaddama: literally means “children of the servant or housemaid”‎
‎** Intense swearwords, you don’t wanna know ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it was last year you used their airline when you were in Kuwait then why tawwik you post about this thing? :p

I can tell that you are still so mad and angry. Shaklik 7abis el 7arra kilha for a whole year o 6alla3t'ha 3adil in this one ;p

Thank goodness I haven't (and wouldn't) tried flying with Gulf Air. I already heard how much it sucks and all. 7atta when Shaikh Jaber died (allah yir7ama) I just had to go back to Kuwait and the Kuwait airlines was full. I was told to go try Gulf Air, but I preferred Al Jazeera.

It's too bad you were that unlucky with them. You've have two experiences which is a good lesson for you to never try Gulf Air again!!

Oh in general, I never saw pretty flight attendants. kelhum jeyakir :s!

1:11 PM, July 26, 2006  
Anonymous shitkicker said...

consider it a gift

2:17 PM, July 26, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

cece: Actually the 7arra is always there lol, plus it's not just these two experiences, there are a LOT of bad experiences with this shitty airlines that khalaa9 we9alt 7addy, everytime I said "no they will get better" but to no avail. So khalaa9 after that I never flew Gulf Air except for this one time where I had to go to philippines for my mother in-law's medical treatment which, amazingly, the flight went on smoothly. Overall there were some good flights with them but the bad experiences I had with them are too many to mention and I wouldn't stop talking if anyone got me started so I decided to list just two. And about waiting a whole year to write a libbie about them, it was the exasperation of others that sparked back the bad memories of last year and got me fuming ><

sk: you are right, but anger here is a way of life, everyone I know is angry at someone or something thanks for trying but anger is infused in my blood now, not even the best of anger management classes will do with me or with any of my teammates :D

4:12 PM, July 26, 2006  
Anonymous shitkicker said...

^ i was joking but you're welcome anyway bro ,,,, and yeah im acquainted with anger intimately, but i keep it bottled inside, unless i really have to vent then i take it out on myself like in the gym or basketball or something. Because i'm not much of a talker, if anyone tried to provoke or taunt me , i'd ignore and ignore and ignore as long as possible (about 3 seconds) then i'd immediately opt for physical confrontation, which would most likely result in severe damage to the other party. Not to brag of course. Controlling anger actually requires a shitload of effort and patience, and i guess it is innate so either u have it or you dont, in your case u dont. But my question here is; how do u cope with your anger in real life? In a provoking situation would you bash someone's face in or would u bottle it up and let the steam out here in your blog??

12:31 AM, July 27, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

well sk, I vent my anger in here, not to say that I don't get angry in the outside world. I am tolerant, I can be quiet and just let things go unless it's really severe or when things have gone too far, only then I let the anger out, which is rightful anger. However, in the car, I am always angry cuz people seem to taunt me with the fucked up mistakes they make, and what's worse, they don't admit it, they just think they're the best drivers, that's what makes me really fume. Other than that, if someone insults me, I thank them, unless it's a BIG insult which I won't let go easily.

So it goes two ways for me, I do get angry but try to vent it here instead of hurting the person in question if their offence wasn't major. Otherwise, I would give them a smashing.

7:56 AM, July 27, 2006  
Anonymous shitkicker said...

^ good job! and pffffft yeah about the drivers!!

12:25 PM, July 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur talking about delays??!! talk about waiting in a god damn plane from 10 am till pm untill in actually flew!!!
yeah it happend 2 me!! DAMN THOSE BRITISH ASSHOLES! by the time we flew i was sooo tired..
and the whole time i was alone!!
so i think gulf air is better than some other airlines..not saying it's the best ,but only better than some..
loved ur article


11:09 PM, July 27, 2006  
Anonymous One in a Million said...

many shaikhs robbing here and there left the local economy stripped..
One wonders where does all the millions evaporate? I think the government should start supporting local businesses and the national carrier... instead of sucking it dry :D

12:14 AM, July 28, 2006  
Anonymous Shtikicker said...

^ LOL big words man careful you dont get like assassinated or something that would be hilarious

2:17 AM, July 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I missed all the good conversations in here. Anything that has to do with anger make a good interesting conversation.

Have many things to comment about, but later... :s

9:24 PM, July 28, 2006  

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