Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Eid...

First of all we would like to wish everyone a very happy Eid and inshallah many returns of this occasion and its blessings for all Muslims.

We had taken a long spiritual break for Ramadhan. Not that we didn't have anything to write about but we were caught up with all the worshipping, Quran reading, gatherings and socializing that come with this holy month that having time to be online was almost non existent.

Now that we're back we do have a couple of observances that we had during Ramadhan of people with shitty attitudes. I mean Ramadhan is a great month but people can be a real pain in the ass during this month, as if no one fasts but themselves and they also think themselves above all the rest of us lowlifes.

Driving: Wow! People become 100 times worse than the shitheads that they are during normal days! Especially at these times:
1) During driving TO work.
2) During driving home FROM work.
3) During going to the market to get some snacks before the time of Iftar (4 - 5 pm).
4) After 8pm when people start going out and...
5) ALL TIMES from the 23rd of Ramadhan until the last day. Where all roads are clogged due to 700,000 people leaving Eid shopping for the last days instead of "planning ahead".

Attitudes: People become really aggressive and imposing. They think that there is no one but themselves wherever they are and start annoying others. And God forbid should you just fucking point it out to them. They go all haywire and start threatening you to shut the hell up otherwise.... Otherwise what you fucking cunts? You want to beat me up in the middle of the Ramadhan day while you are fasting? And you are the ones who know hadeeths that fasting is not only about stopping yourself from food, water and intercourse.. It's more than that but it doesn't apply to you now, does it? Well how about I shove that friggin' baseball bat up your ass so that you remember the next time?

TV: TV was bullshit during ramadhan, all about food and Khaleeji series about beating up women, drugs and alcoholism. As for the quiz shows, one word... DAMN! I mean how dumb can people be? They have no knowledge at all, not general, not about Bahrain, and defenitely not about religion. It was one of those fucking ninjas who was asked "Who was the two sorcerers mentioned in the Quran who teach people witchcraft and sorcery?" and she went "Moses and Aaron"!!! They are God's prophets not sorcerers, then they pretend to know all about Islam and stuff. This silly show exposed your fakeness! You were pwned, biatch. The only decent station was MBC and only a couple of shows were of interest namely: Yomeyyat Mnaa7i, 6ash ma 6ash and Khalid bin Al-Waleed.

Finally we leave you with some pics of what we had seen during the past month...


Now look at this motherfucker who doesn't want to turn left, but he takes the lane and then just as he reaches the traffic light line he wants to suddenly shift the lane to go straight. All that is because he doesn't want to wait in line. What is it with some Bahrainis and lines? Why do they skip lines? Do they think they're cool or something? Burn in hell motherfucking asswipe. Too bad your car number isn't that clear as we have a strict "No blurring" policy for assholes like yourself. We only blur other cars' numbers.

One day as I was at the airport I saw this thing that has been going on for years and yet our esteemed sissy-ass dickless ball-less authorities do NOTHING about... I am talking about fucking Saudis parking in the SHORT TERM parking zone for months without anyone telling them anything. There are long term parking zones yet these Saudis have nothing called reasoning or they just don't give a flying fuck about signs.

From the dust that's infused into the car's body I can tell that this piece of shit has been parked since 1643, yeah even before automobiles were invented, he was parked here eversince he had that fucking camel he was shagging before he bought this garamba3a. Oh and notice how he's parked, he isn't parked properly. He is parked right by the line, which causes a disturbance to others. This is only one car of MANY Saudi cars parked in the short term parking spots. Just go to the airport and see for yourselves if you think I am bullshitting. It takes you only 3 seconds to realize what kind of crap is going on and another 2 seconds for you to lose your temper. And the worst part is that our authorities come to fuck Bahrainis up for the slightest mistake while these bastards can get away even with murder. Sad but true.

Oh here is one arrogant motherfucking bastard who thinks by performing his religious duties in this manner that he is sent from heaven above. This asswipe went for tarawee7 prayers in one of Madeena's mosques and where does he decide to park? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING ROAD!!! Now tell me, what kind of an asshole does that? You will not get any ajir from doing this kind of bullshit. On the contrary, asshole, you will be getting a lot of ithim for causing disturbance on the road just cuz you don't want to park a bit farther from the mosque. Burn in hell, dickwad. Oh and a note to all supposed "Muslims" who think this is cool, it is NOT. Our great prophet (PBUH) did not teach us to cause disturbance to others "الدين المعاملة"*. Damn shitty people thinking they are given a licence from God to do whatever they want as long as they are doing their religious duties and get this... Tarawee7 prayers are not compulsory. Baba go perform your compulsory duties properly first then think about annoying others just to do these prayers.

Last but not least, check this shit out from one of our trips to Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately we do not like Saudis, well not all of them. There are a lot of good people as well. But the bad are more. So before any "good" Saudis come cry-babying on us that we are so good n cool ppl, WE FUCKING KNOW. But look at what your people do in Bahrain judging by the pics above and from other pics as posted before and from what other Bahrainis see and from what we will keep highlighting here. 70% of your people are shitty and plain savages. GET OVER IT.

We were in Al-Rashid Mall when we saw this...
No Women Allowed!

I just stood there lauging my ass off. Suddenly I went quiet cuz I decided that I didn't want to spend the night with a bunch of Hay2a rapists for laughing at their silly absurd regulations. Just took this shot discretely and then took off. Hey, at least they do allow women to enter even if she was accompanied. Well not for long...

Two weeks later we came back on a shopping trip to Rashed Mall again only to be caught by this updated sign on the SAME fucking shop...
No Women Allowed 2

I was shocked! Only 2 weeks back it was OK for women to get in as long as they were accompanied. Now they are NOT allowed AT ALL... PERIOD!!!! I just stood there laughing and this time I didn't give a fuck about the hay2a being there or not. They are the most backwarded entity I have ever seen. I have no further comments on this thing. I leave it up to you!!!

Other than that have a wonderful time and we are back :D

*Roughly translated: "Religion is how you deal with others"


Anonymous lizardo said...

well comeback ppl !

good to know that u still alive !

2:22 AM, October 27, 2006  
Blogger Twix said...

loool !! Loved the post. Dont you just love Saudi Arabia ?? They never fail to amuse me.

9:33 AM, October 29, 2006  
Blogger LiB Team said...

Lizardo: Thanks and yes we are alive and well thank God.

Twix: Glad you loved the post. Saudis never fail to amaze us now, do they?

7:39 AM, October 30, 2006  
Anonymous BahrainiYa said...

Welcome back Lib team :) you really got me frustrated lately! hehe all we wanted were a few posts thats all. But now im more than happy to read this post especially that I'm really proud of you for showing the real essence of what ramadan should really be. Alla yit8abal 6a3atkom :)Wish peope would realise this aspect sooner than later.

12:22 AM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Siamak said...

Happy eid my friends. Good to see you all back on track again. Mokhlese hamegi.

10:33 AM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger shorty said...

Welcome Back Guys :)

12:49 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Rouaa said...

Hahaha I didn't read the text you wrote first. These pics was awsome. I red it in arabic and I couldn't stop laughing!

8:58 AM, January 06, 2007  
Anonymous Rouaa said...

The best one is still the last word in the last pic. "washukran" hahaha "and thank you". hahaha "sounds" like the person who wrote that were pissed off. :)

8:59 AM, January 06, 2007  
Blogger Amjad said...

" ... Oh and a note to all supposed "Muslims" who think this is cool, it is NOT. Our great prophet (PBUH) did not teach us to cause disturbance to others ... "

Seems that you've also forgotten that Islam asked you not to call other Muslims names, such as assholes/fuckwits/shitheads/ etc...

You should really mind your language. Your attitude is not as "cool" as you think it is.

And yes, I know that it's your attitude, your blog, and you have all the rights to do whatever you want to do. But since you mentioned that the prophet didn't teach us something bothering you, I am also reminding you that the prophet did not teach us to call Muslims names.


7:41 PM, February 12, 2007  

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