Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prison Sex...

Please give me a moment to catch my breath... *sigh* Okay that was a good laugh...

So... Problems at Jaw Prison, where prisoners are going on a hunger strike... why? Because the prisoners have a list of demands and they want them NOW! (and I’m not making this shit up, just look at what this douchebag wrote in his letter to the GDN ):

  • They want Razors to shave... they want to look nice n’ clean… (Why? date night
    with your cellmate??).
  • They want lights out at midnight... so they would have more time for gossip n pillow fights…
  • They want the big bad security guys to stop yelling... it scares them... (awww ain’t you a cutie!)
  • They want more play time…more exercise and pumping iron… (So by the time they are out, they would have turned from child rapist, to buffed-up unstoppable child rapist!).
  • They want to be able to order food from outside… (When you get the munchies, nothing hits the spot like a bucket of KFC!).
  • Some actually demanded BlackBerry’s… they need to be updated with the BBM world of 3azeezi n the em-7ashish jokes… of course!
  • A prisoners day out to a shopping mall…(ok I think I had about enough…)

Well, while you’re at it, why not go all the way? How about demanding the government to send you a weekly selection of Moroccan prostitutes for your pleasure? How about a manicurist available on-site? Why not a foot massage? Or better yet.. Why don’t the guards just perform oral pleasure on you and get it all over with...

Seriously, I want someone to explain what the fuck is going on with these people? And by these people I mean the criminals (I actually prefer to call them criminals, but they seem to use the word prisoner a lot, makes them sound more innocent, wrongfully accused and more "politcally correct") and these good for nothing humanitarians... What’s with the sudden rise of hippies in Bahrain? Human rights this... human rights that...

Now tell me Mr. Human Rights activist hippie wannabe, is it considered a human right to kill another human? Is it a humanly right to rape another human? Well you apparently think it is... I had about enough of this “free our prisoners” crap... most of these “activists” are related to these criminals anyway...

Let me give you an insight before I go deeper into this…

This is how Bahrain’s prison looks like...

This is how it should fuckin' be!

Now the issue here is that the prisoners are asking for what’s humanely deserved, like shaving blades and shit... Look, before asking for your rights, have you considered the public’s rights when you did what you did and ended up in that (not so) shit hole? And why the fuck are you complaining anyways? You know that you will be out in a matter of weeks, heck even days!

From what we see in newspaper articles regarding sentences in Bahrain we come to the following conclusion:

• Murder: 5 years in prison.
• Rape: 2 weeks!!! And a pat on the back!
• Burglary: depends on the amount, if it’s:
o 100k+ then nothing
o 1000s: for each 1k = 1 year
o A mobile phone: 5 years!
• Drugs: Life (or 2 years)?! Ha?

Anyways, even if you WERE sentenced, you will be let go once Eid, National Day, Labor Day or any other meaningless celebration comes up, they will let you all free to roam the streets once more, to rape and pillage as your heart desires...

And as for those on the other side, these so called “activists” who happen to be the prisoners' relatives, and have nothing better to do than scribble graffiti on the walls with slogans such as “Free our innocent brothers... Blah blah blah”, why the hell is your son/brother/uncle/pimp in prison? Was he burning tyres instead of going to school, getting himself a degree and looking for a job like the rest of us? Most likely.

I’m sure we have discussed the legal system in Bahrain in a previous article, but if you ask me, I think they should simply apply an “eye for an eye” method. It’s simple and effective, if you kill, you get killed (many countries apply this, why don’t we? Why do we keep these scum living amongst us?). If you rape someone.. you get raped! And so on! (so those wondering what to do with a tyre burner, simple, stick them in a room with a burning tyre for a few hours)...

Hunger strike my ass... You know what? LET THEM! If they die, good riddance!

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the fucking time!

Doing the crime then pleading to be innocent and claiming to be wrongfully accused of shit you haven’t done, while you family are causing anarchy and riots to let your ass out of prison in which you live comfortably in, and demand to have equal human rights just like everyone else who are on the outside, *breath* is the plot of a shitty TV movie that used to get aired on Friday evenings on channel 55.

Fuck this shit, I’ll go rape everyone that pissed me off today... see you in 2 weeks!


Blogger mackid said...

You might want to re-read the GDN reader letter. No one asked for Blackberrys or going to the mall.

4:55 PM, August 22, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see YOUR reaction to being PUT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cynicism and nasty sarcasm can ONLY get YOU so FAR in life!!!!!!!! Funny how Human Rights activists in your eyes are HIPPIES!!!!!! I'd LOVE to see who would ACTUALLY defend you if you are ever put behind bars INNOCENTLY!!!!!!

2:20 AM, September 21, 2010  
Blogger LiB Team said...

mac, we were just being sarcastic, yes you are right they haven't asked for that... YET!

ookay, seems we hit a nerve with a hippie wannabe. But I get what you're trying to say behind that comment of yours, it took me exactly 2.345 milliseconds to decode and decipher that mystical cryptic writing that you posted and here are the findings:

1) By TAKING the WORDS that ONLY were WRITTEN in CAPS between THE normal WORDS in THE rest OF the COMMENT, we observe the following sentence:


The above can actually translate to: I love your input, only far away hippies like the ones in the UK or US love innocently and love peace.

Well news flash, smartass, hippies are hippies. They only know how to make themselves high and start ramblin' about their own interests only.

Chill dude... Let me finish..

And by rearranging the words and letters of the rest of the sentence after removal of the CAPS, would result in:

** Cynicism and nasty sarcasm is actually funny, I'd see Human Rights Activists behind bars and can defend no one, even themselves.

And by adding and rearranging any remaining words and letters we find what YOU are trying to really tell us:


Thanks for getting the message through and we're telling the rest of the world that you are condoning criminalism.


11:50 AM, September 21, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find most of your blog interesting and I appreciate differing views on punishment. I don't know any figures on re-offending by ex prisoners..but prison though it is about punishment, is also about re-education and normalising an individual. If I may take your attention to the Norwegian prison system. Many people view it as a socialist experiment in in luxury treatment. But by avoiding de-humanising criminals, they retain some dignity and realise their potential through education and skills development. Norway enjoys one of the lowest levels of re-offending in the world by former prisoners.

People commit crime because they are sick in the head, and thats what needs to be treated. By physicallt punishing them and degrading them, you can't ever expect them to like you or even understand you when they get out.

And before you say it, no, I am not a hippie. Liberal, yes. But when you know your prison system can give an axe to a murderer so he may learn the basics of forestry and does not kill anyone, you are prone to believing that these random violent acts are born from something else..they are not evil people who should be locked up like animals..that only makes animals. If this wasn't the case, surely, the American style prisons in Iraq and elsewhere in the world would be considered successful. Abu Grahib surely made America loads of friends..



5:01 AM, November 18, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Treating prisoners like animals will not eliminate crime. They chop peoples heads and hands off in Saudi, and this is still not a deterrent. Further more, you can not paint all criminals with same brush, as every crime has it's roots. The solution is to create a socially acceptable environment built on respect, integrity, honesty, the rule of law and an independent judicial system. All of which are non existent in the Arab World.

Please tell me how many times has a Shake or Amir been convicted of sexual assault, fraud, or traffic crimes in Bahrain?

1:53 PM, April 05, 2011  
Blogger Kanwalful said...

Hey. I recently came across your blog. It's the most hilarious thing I've read so far in Bahrain. And I have to agree with most of the things you write about.

5:24 PM, June 14, 2011  

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