Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vote... OR ELSE...

So, the parliamentary and municipal elections are once again upon us. I can’t see anything good that was produced over the past 8 years. They managed, however, to fuck a lot of things up but the two things that pissed me off the most were:
  • Ninjas were allowed to drive on the chaotic streets of Bahrain. They bring nothing but idiocy in driving as the ninja masks they wear limits their visibility and flow of necessary oxygen into their thick brains.
  • Approval of fat payments to outgoing parliamentarians as a pension, receiving 50% if they serve one 4-year term and 80% for serving 2+ terms. So become an MP for 8 years and you get 80% of your BD 4,000 salary for life. Whereas we peasants must slave our asses off for 30+ years to be eligible for that 80% otherwise it’s much less than that.

What’s even worse is that people are still like sheep. They say that they “will never elect anyone ever again” only to go and vote again for the same fucker. Don’t make fun of Americans for re-electing G W Bush (Dubya) even though they made fun of him from day one, went ahead and re-elected him even though he managed to ruin his country’s financial status. We in Bahrain make fun and wonder how idiots in the western world get re-elected while we do the same by going and re-electing the same baboons who failed us in the previous terms.

So based on all of the above, we can only expect to see the same happy shiny people who plagued the pages of our newspapers and media for the past 8 years. They will continue to get huge payments while turning their backs on the people. They will keep on pulling off a “Street Fighter II Alpha Turbo Super EX-3 Mega Limited Edition” in the parliament building by landing punches and kicks and even “Hadukens” onto each other’s faces. They will continue to promote hate and sectarianism throughout the country while sitting back and sipping on some Carrot Juice (which is apparently only reserved for council members and journalists only get water or cheap juice) and sucking on that Miswak , and watching the country burn to the ground, still getting paid thousands every month and driving around in their latest Mercs and Beamers. One of them didn’t know how to drive his 7-series because he was used to driving a shit-ass manual transmission pick-up for 50+ years while others were used to khar-gaari’s their whole lives (if you wanna know what a khar-gaari is, go and ask an Ajam or Persian speaking dude).

You see articles like this in the papers more frequently nowadays and they’re all about awareness of not falling into the same shit-pit as the ones before did still you will see people even youth going for the same towel-headed, bushy-bearded, short-thobed mongrels.

Or demands like this that MPs must do more blah blah blah. My friends, those MPs who promised you the world, well not the world, but one of them DID promise to move the airport out of Muharraq! Some of them might have lied to themselves about bettering the lives of Bahrainis but all of that doesn’t make any difference once, just once, that first shiny paycheck arrives; we will all be flipped off.

We will continue to criticize and blame the MPs while there is no one to blame but ourselves for making them what they are in the first place.

I will be selling books like this to those interested. Hey I gotta make some money out of the rest too. It’s not just the MPs that should capitalize on the sheepish attitude of the masses. We have to exploit them to the max too.

One more thing. If these MPs had the least required amount of brain cells for their brains to start functioning, they wouldn’t wait for four years until it’s two months before the elections for them to appear or, in case of re-election, re-appear and start preaching and promising and backstabbing this and tarnishing the image of that to get to the chair. If they were smart they would plan for it ahead and actually make the plan last for four years. It’s just like the World Cup, teams start planning for it as soon as the previous tournament is over. That’s how the civilized world operates. In here, it’s all up to the LMB Syndrome and leave things until the last minute to get things done. And it’s done in all aspects of life. No one does ANY planning at ANY level be it governmental or individual then they blame everyone else but themselves for their misfortune. Like the lady who goes to have her Eid dress sewn at the tailor’s, two fucking days before Eid itself and then starts DEMANDING the tailor to finish it although he has orders pending for Eid for people who actually came in weeks ago. To hell with the rest, do my shit OR ELSE...

I really hate this “OR ELSE...” attitude and I think that unless the people change that. We will as a country continue to travel down the sewer and end up at the dumpster one day. That’s what Bahrainis unfortunately have become, demanding without giving. Every person has rights. But with rights, come duties and obligations towards society and not acting in the manner of fulfilling personal interest. Yes we all have personal interests and needs but our rights should not mean ending others’ rights. The sooner we realize this, the better we will be off on the long run. It will take generations to undo the damage that has already been done…

Vote for this *points at crotch*, biatches. I’ll go work on my elections campaign for 2014...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In private sector, you actually need to be enslave for 30+ years to be eligible for 40% of your basic income, and not 80% as you mentioned; that 80% is for public sector only.

2:29 PM, August 24, 2010  

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