Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hands of Fate?

Hey all, it's been a loooong while since I last wrote here, but will try to be a better contributor to this blog and I appreciate the support I get from the LiB Team Leader...

The world is full of stupid dickheads. In fact, I can’t ever underestimate the general population’s ability to amaze me with their idiocy. Every time I think I’ve seen the stupidest thing I will ever live to see, some one else comes along and redefines the standard, setting the stupidity bar even higher.

Here is an example:

They say, “How come it takes extensive training and strict tests to acquire a driving license, while any two idiots are allowed to have children?”

Some would say it’s not the same thing, but if you think about it for a second, you’ll figure out why they’re exactly the same.

Why aren’t you allowed to drive without a license?
Because by driving without proper knowledge & training, you’ll endanger your life and the life of others.

On the other hand, why shouldn’t you have a child without a license?
Because through parental negligence you could endanger the child’s life. Furthermore, through bad parenting you could raise a future set of underachievers, morons and/or potential criminals.

Some people fail the driver’s test several times, while others are failing way-easier tests like stupid IQ tests and profiling questionnaires. I was in a test lately where some candidates were so stupid they were cheating/copying “what field they wanted to work in”. That’s the kind of morons our educational system produces nowadays, they can’t fill any fucking blank space on a sheet of paper unless they cheat it off someone else, even their names!

Think about it. There are morons who are too stupid to drive a car, to learn how to use a PC, put mail in your mailbox, or even speak English (Arabic in some cases). But they can have as many stupid kids as they want. In fact, idiots are having more kids than smart people, because smart people can do the fucking math to know they can’t afford to raise ten fucking kids with the amount of salaries they make.

Couples should have to pass a test before they’re allowed to have a child. Like having medical tests nowadays to determine the parents-to-be's compatibility and prevention of hereditary diseases, they should also be able prove that they’re extremely committed, mentally competent, fully dependable, financially capable and emotionally stable enough to have and raise children. Of course, the question at hand “what is the criteria for this test, and who enforces it?”

Those questions will never be answered in Bahrain, and moronic parents will continue to pop out legions of stupid babies who in turn will produce more scum, and life goes on and on and on…

The recurring incidents of innocent children drowning (3 incidents in less than 6 weeks) because of their parents’ negligence, means that parents are not really learning any lessons from others’ mistakes. Maybe, to those parents, the loss of their innocent child isn’t compelling enough to take extra care of her/him.

People never seem to learn from others’ mistakes, it’s like all those fucking horrific fatal car accidents, people always think that this happens to anyone and everyone but themselves because in their own eyes, they are fucking invincible. Do they have to die in a car crash to understand that they are not? By then it’s too late but serves them right I guess.

What if Criminal Justice throws the loss of freedom into the mix? For parents who think of children as furniture, maybe the only way to save these children is by threatening the freedom (jail time) of their careless parents. Children are not properties; they are the cornerstones of future societies’ development. Therefore, endangering the lives of children is a public offence, and the public bodies should step in and protect the next generations.

Come to think of it, jail time might not do proper justice to the torture the child endured right before taking his/her last breath. Proper justice is – and always has been – eye for an eye: nothing fucking less and nothing fucking more.

The careless father/mother should be drowned to near death everyday for the whole length of her/his sentence. They should fully experiment how it feels to know that this might be their last breath, and feel the water actually filling their lungs. Then a medical team must revive them back using every mean possible (e.g. CPR, defibrillator).

I think that would be true justice to what they did to their own flesh and blood. Some assholes would say isn’t it enough that the parents just lost their own child? The answer is: NO! Since there are parents with no emotional links whatsoever to their children, or those who treat children as easy-to-replace properties, how is the pain of losing a child enough punishment?

Some parents bring dozens of children to this world and let the street raise them, then they complain that they can’t spend good amount of money on them and can’t support them bla bla bla. They then turn to the government for a handout and DEMAND that the government finds them schools, jobs and whatnots. And in turn, those children who look up to their parents, think that this is the way to act and behave so they in turn become carbon copies of their idiot parents and do the same and have children in the same fucking manner…

People who say it was fate and that it was meant to be are ought to be gathered and drowned one-by-one in a very big pool. And we’ll tell them it was fated for them to drown! This was not fate. The drowning of your own child is pure negligence. I assure you God doesn’t kill little babies, stupid parents do.

Another example of bad parenting would be by walking in the streets ahead or behind their children by a considerable distance without holding their hands, making them prone to being run over by an 18-wheeler or even worse, get snatched by a kidnapper or a pedophile where the child will be scarred for life, a fate worse than death IMHO and the criminal getting away with it with minimum fine and 5-star prison time, only to get out and prey on more productions of idiot parents. No wonder we read about child rape cases almost every day in the fucking papers.

And what about those moron parents who “forget” their children in the car to leave them boil and grill in the heat? A lot of children died or almost died that way because the idiot who is called their parent forgot them in the car.

That’s why the attitude of children nowadays in general sucks. Children do whatever the fuck they want and the parents simply either don’t give a rat’s ass to their behavior or are too lazy or ignorant to do anything about it. Then those little demons grow up to see them destroying public AND private property such as destroying lamp posts, public phones, bus stations, burning tyres or trash in the street and the list NEVER ends… A lot of things were put there to serve other people in need of those services and by destroying that shit. You are doing the whole community harm. Be considerate. But these days it’s all about “me” and “fuck the rest, I’m the best!”

The educational system is not perfect. Far from it, but the point I want to make is that when some good teachers try and discipline the child. Their idiotic parents come and unleash hell at that teacher and his administration. They also escalate the matter to the Ministry of Education, who in turn penalize the good teacher just to shut those parents up. That’s why our whole society is a joke and everyone knows it but no one likes to admit it. Bad parents think that they are the perfect family and the rest are trash. Now count every other family that thinks like that and you have a society that the majority are lowlifes but THINK they are superior. Gimme a fucking break, mongrels.

Watch your children, and provide maximum care for them. Then -and only then-, if something bad happened to them, you can call it fate. However, leaving your child (when you know he can’t swim) alone near a swimming pool, or in a locked car or open to snatching and raping by criminals, has nothing to do with fate, but has everything to do with negligence and pure ignorance.

Don’t blame fate for your irresponsibility!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LiB @ Work #2: The Alpha Male Syndrome

Now in our previous “LiB @ Work” article we talked about female managers and why they are not cut out to be leaders at work. This doesn’t mean that men are any better and also a lot of them are not fit to lead even their own shadows. Having worked in an all-male setting at one point in my career was an enlightening and a funny experience as I got to experience first-hand what is referred to as the “Alpha Male Syndrome”.

In an animal pack, like a wolf pack, a lion pack etc…, you will find that the strongest male controls and leads the pack and the rest follow his lead, this male stays in power until another strong male steps up to the challenge and ousts him from his leadership position by killing him or defeating him in a fight and banishes him from the pack. The same can be applied at work, where an alpha type will try to “kill” or “banish” those whom he deems as a threat to him and his god-forsaken existence.

To have alpha males at work is a double edged sword. On one end, it’s good to have them as they are leaders by nature and know what they want and what their goals are and strive to achieve what they have planned for. On the other hand, being persistent fuckers, it makes it difficult for others to work with them because they are aggressive, intolerant most of the time, can be arrogant at times and can easily tell you to go fuck yourself if they think your ideas outshine theirs or you tend to disagree with their views.

Most of them can get defensive and will refuse to listen to what you have to say or offer as they think they are divine creatures and they know best and everyone else is a pitiful idiot who are good for nothing but work like sheep, nod your head and say “yes your lordship” all the fucking time.

Some of them are highly productive at work and some of them just leech off of others. In the Middle East region, 97.6245624% of alpha males are actually assholes, leeches and hyenas who will climb on others’ backs to reach that high chair. They are drama queens who bullshit all the time and seek attention at any cost, even if it meant selling his parents to get into top management. And being as insecure as they are, they like to label others what they see in themselves such as framing others for forgery, giving bad performance appraisals to honest and hard-working people because they know that once allowed to shine, these poor bastards can strip them of their title and send them out the back door with the door whopping their asses on their way out. But the alphas know better, they take the pre-emptive step and send those condemned souls out the window.

What’s the next step? So step one: getting rid of high performers… CHECK! Step two: replace them with idiots who have lower IQs than parameciums to make themselves look superior. And when it’s time for them to go, those sad excuses for human beings will replace them in the end. And that, my friends, is technically EXCELLENT succession planning methodology. The steps are correct: “Time for me to go and someone will replace me and take my place” but it will be someone who is a carbon copy or worse than his predecessor. And the cycle goes on and on...

It’s not to say that ALL companies follow the same trend and ALL alpha males are like that. But the general feel is that most of the companies in this damn region are actually like this and very few are ones who care about rewarding employees for actual work or performance rather than proficiency in bullshitting and ass-kissing.

In my previous company, our General Manager, whom everybody knows and acknowledges as being the alpha male because he likes shoving his schlong in every project even minor ones just to say: “You better do what I tell you to do you ignorant idiots who don’t know jack shit”, once said something that was technically wrong, and me, being the naïve “professional” and “subject matter expert”, wanted to bring this mistake to his attention. I was wrong; he did not directly call me if he wanted something afterwards and started questioning every single thing I did thereafter. He basically made my life miserable because I told him that it was wrong doing it this way while we should do it the other way.

I can’t put my professionalism and ethics aside and be quiet when I see something wrong and not pointing it out because that’s what I am paid to do. If it’s wrong it’s wrong. End of story. But others who just shook their heads like cows and praised his holy greatness got good ratings because despite being wrong, they all said that he has bestowed his knowledge on them!

That’s why the west will always be better than us. They reward actual hard work and promote quality people. Again, not all companies in the west are like that but a lot are actually opposite what companies practice here in the Middle East. It’s because their legal rights for employees and acts are designed to minimize corruption and acknowledge performance and that’s what trade unions there strived for. Unlike our trade unions here who politicize every single thing and threatens management teams and board members to adhere to their demands, OR ELSE! But trade unions are a totally different subject that we will cover in our “Lib @ Work” series in the future.

Screw this, am late for a showdown with an alpha male, maybe I’ll manage to kill him and rip his heart out and become the next alpha male in the office ;) Yeah… Rip his heart out, MORTAL KOMBAT STYLE!!!

Side Note: This was in today's GDN, coincides with our article! "You must use Gulf Air despite them being incompetent, OR ELSE!"

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