Wednesday, November 30, 2005


During the last few years, major coffee franchise Starbucks established their first branch ‎in Bahrain. A few days after that, the whole Starbucks invasion started, and a Starbucks ‎outlet can now be found every 20 meters. Now I’m not really trying to say anything bad ‎about Starbucks itself; I used to be a heavy coffee drinker myself (try a triple espresso ‎when you wake up; sure hits the spot). But what we’re talking about here is the type of ‎fucked up people that go to these coffee shops. ‎

When Starbucks first opened, the people who were familiar with the franchise were more ‎than happy to sit down, relax, and enjoy a hot cup of mocafuckachino or whatever. But ‎that didn’t last, cause the fuckheads that have nothing better to do but destroy every ‎single coffee shop/cinema/restaurant/toilet discovered that “some” girls actually go there. ‎So the next thing you know, a bunch of towel-headed player wannabes are sitting at ‎Starbucks all fucking day hoping to get some pussy. ‎

Why do these fuckers just ruin every fucking decent place that we’ve got? You can’t take ‎the wifey anywhere, cause these losers are just gonna stare the shit out of you and your ‎wife (yes, they undress me with their eyes, seriously), so you’ll either end up shouting ‎your head off or kicking someone in the balls, and just ruin your whole night. ‎

Even the actual Starbucks “fans” stopped going there. How can someone relax when all ‎you see is a bunch of irritating towel-heads sitting, talking really loudly (and I mean ‎football stadium loud), drinking water, or probably juice, cause the sad part is none of ‎them actually drink coffee or tried any coffee beverages before. They just go there hoping ‎to get some action, or they probably think it’s cool to hang out in coffee shops, making ‎them look more sophisticated or something. Get a life you losers. ‎

Now the bigger problem is the whores actually know that these fucking players hang out ‎at Starbucks, so off they go sitting in their ninja gear (so that everyone would think ‎they’re actually decent people), and exchange messages with other fuckheads using ‎Bluetooth on their mobile phones (a technology that has been entirely abused), turning ‎what was once a good place to drink coffee, into a sleazy bedouin meat market infested ‎with whores, assholes and caffeine addict wannabes. ‎

I say, fuck these whores and players! Do what they do in Dubai: Print their pictures in the ‎newspapers, or better yet, billboards, and maybe they’ll stop all this bullshit that’s ‎happening. And maybe then, just maybe, I can actually go out for a nice meal or coffee ‎with the wife, without looking around for people who are asking for an ass-kicking. ‎

Sip on this you bitches!! *points at crotch* I need a latte.‎

Too little, too late . . .

Thanks to for his coverage of this issue. What we need in Bahrain, is a plan for the future, a clear idea of Bahrain AD. 2101.

We have a debate on our hands when it comes to the destruction of nature. The bottom line, it's too late to viably do anything about it. Bahrain's sea life has been destroyed by pollution (mainly by dredging, and marginally by industrial & civil waste), what little is left of it will never be able to regenerate in the toxic environment. Bahrain's land life, has been reduced to a couple isolated flocks of birds & a couple antelope herds.

So, what will Bahrain AD. 2101 be like?

I think everyone needs to take a deep breath & look at our situation, there are some very hard facts to accept. Bahrain will never have a viable nature preserve. Hawar & Umm Al-Na'asaan are neither isolated nor are they closed ecosystems. Take a step back & look at just where they are, between Saudi, Bahrain & Qatar, between 3 developed or rapidly developing industrial areas. They are set to be destroyed inevitably.

You cannot preserve an ecosystem in areas as small as Hawar or Umm Al-Na'aSaan. An ecosystem needs to be large enough & isolated enough to be self-sustaining. The future of Bahrain is urban, that means our children will not have much nature left at all. It's not really that bad when you think about it. We don't have the luxury of choice, since we don't have the luxury of space.

Al-Areen or Hawar will serve the interests of the nation & of it's people much more as prosperous towns or commercial areas than they will by preserving desert for dwindling numbers of oryx.

Please think about this. I am trying to take the argument beyond environmentalist vs businessman, I'm trying to be pragmatic.

To be worried about potential damage caused by huge development projects in places are rarely visited, when the tree of life in your own back yard is getting constantly raped, is blind hypocrisy. The tree of life is a National treasure, a symbol of Bahrain, the heart of local folklore, a flouted tourist spot & yet it is criminally neglected beyond believe. Probably the only way to save it now is to open up a gahwa near it to attract some income & open a botanist farm crow flowers & fruit near it to attract people that can take care of it. Undoubtedly, these places will need better infrastructure, places to eat, cold stores to serve employees, phones, electricity, plumbing & water.

The only viable way to save our natural treasures is to urbanise & commercialise them.


Holes R Us !!!!

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate people that live in the eastern Riffa area, or happen to be one of those good for nothing inconsiderate fucks that drive down Bukuwara road 24/7, chasing ninjas all day, and playing really loud Bedouin music, that sounds like a soundtrack of a really fucked up and twisted horror movie (seriously, how can they listen to that crap? And they say heavy metal is scary), you would probably notice the crappy construction disaster that’s been going on for the past 2 years!

The construction started by digging up the entire Bukuwara road, making many people lose out in their businesses there, like that really nice Tikka place at the end of the road. I can picture the old guy that owned the place saying: “fuck this shit, I’m going back to Iran!”

The work done on the road “supposedly” finished a few months ago. Now they're destroying the roads in the neighborhoods inside. Now I don’t mind them fixing the sewage system, cause lets face it, the neighborhood has been flooded with stinky nigger* shit (I’m talking knee deep) since 1985. The holes in the road just keep growing! Now I know this may not seam physically possible; you might wonder “how would holes just multiply?” Well if you’ve been to Riffa you wouldn’t be surprised. My theory is that the little pieces of shit that play in the street probably use jack hammers instead of pogo-sticks, or maybe there's a layer of highly concentrated disgusting 20-year-old-nigger** shit under the asphalt, and that along with extremely hot weather gives us the same effect as an underground volcanic shit-for-lava flow. Seriously, I can’t think of a logical explanation for all these holes! There are so many holes in the road that owning a 4X4 vehicle is a necessity, even Super Mario would be fucking pissed if he had to jump all these holes to get anywhere!

But as we all know, the construction work takes a hell of a long time in this country. I'm not saying it's an easy job, but for God's sake BE MORE EFFICIENT! manage your crap and get your shit together! Don’t leave a 9 foot deep hole in front of a school you morons! Don’t block every single road forcing people that live in the neighborhoods to be trapped for 4 months straight! Put some Goddamn road signs at least to warn us before going into a tight alley with 10 cars behind us, only to find out that the road is fucking blocked!

Now I’m aware that this is just a small construction area, and that it's not as important as the Seef fly-over (don’t get me started on that shit), but at least stop making these people live in hell, surrounded by holes and blocked roads. Rushing everything won't benefit anyone; either way you're going to take YEARS to finish all the work, so why not start from one road to another instead of digging them all at the same time?

Fuck this, I’ll go take a dump.

* Please note that this word is not being used as a derogatory term against African-Americans (wassup homies!!!). What we do mean by niggers here is the idiot inhabitants in the Riffa region, regardless of their skin color (also referred to thereafter in our future articles as sand-niggers or bu3aggoofs). If you're stupid enough to think that we meant ALL Riffa inhabitants, then you're one of them. Most of the LIB Team members actually live in Riffa and we're not niggers.

** A 20-year-old version of the above.

-- LIB Teammate's comments: All the photos shown are from the same one street!!! And they have been filled now! As before and the time before that and before all that. It's only a matter of time before new ones miraculously appear!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Fresh from the oven....

This pic was taken just 15 minutes ago! This manipulative moronic idiotic incompetent no-good sociopath has inspired me. Luckilly enough I could get a snapshot of him/her/it succeeding in displaying true arrogance; acting like everyone else is its servant...

Notice this cockroach of a driver wants to turn left, so he's supposed to join the lane that actually TURNS LEFT. Instead of doing that (and oh God forbid, wait in line like the rest of us, cuz some Bahrainis don't like lines and consider everyone else waiting in lines as lowlifes and worthless subjects) it decided to stay in the left lane that goes straight, and when the traffic light to turn left goes green, it would turn left before the good drivers that are following traffic rules. AT LEAST GO IN FRONT OF THE OTHER LEFT LANE CARS IF YOU DON'T WANNA WAIT IN THE FUCKING LINE. But noooooooo it has to stay there coz he da man and we da bitches!

What the fuck is wrong with such assholes? Damn...

The best way to deal with these motherfucks is to pull them out of the car, beat them up with either a BIG fire extinguisher on the head until the extinguisher breaks, or with a metal baseball bat until it shatters into a million pieces (both the baseball bat and IT's head). Or we could always pour some kerosine onto the car while it's in it and light the car up. Once it tries to escape with its life, run the bitch over with your car a couple of hundred times... sweet!

One of these days...

"...But you were speeding!!!"

Right, imagine this: You're driving at 98 km/h on a 100 km/h road, you're on the left lane ‎‎(the fast lane for you ignorant fucks that drive slow on it.. but we won't be ripping the ‎piss out of you.. not in THIS article), you're a law-abiding citizen on your way to earn the ‎cash to feed hungry mouths.. it's 6:45 am and HOLY CRAP WHAT THE FUCK ‎‎*SCREEEEEEECH*..‎

Bang motherfucker...‎

Right let me clear things up a bit as you're all probably lost. I'm the last car to pass a ‎traffic lights junction and there are cars coming in from the right. All of a sudden, some ‎dumbass decides to join the road you're on and go straight to the left lane without looking ‎to see if maybe (just maybe) there are human beings driving on that road. And what ‎happens? Yeah you guessed it. I slammed the breaks but with no avail; crashed straight ‎into the side of his "vehicle" (and by vehicle I mean and unsanitized piece of crap on ‎wheels that's not been in production since the cold war). Check out the crappy illustration ‎if you still didn't get what happened (otherwise get a thesaurus out coz some of these ‎words are too big for your pea-sized brain). Ok check if there are any broken bones; ‎none? Good. Now get out and check if the other guy's ok; is he? Al7amdila. Now check ‎your car; minimum damage but annoying to see it in such a state when it's not even your ‎fault. So guy comes out the car FUMING and says YOU WERE SPEEDING!

Say what?‎

‎"YOU WERE SPEEDING!" Whose fault is it pig fucker? "Duhhhh mine?" of course it is ‎so it doesn't fucking matter if I was speeding now does it? "YES IT DOES YOU ‎SHOULD GET A TICKET I HAVE TO KEEP OUR STREETS SAFE FROM YOU ‎BOY RACERS." Well in that case thank you for saving the people of Bahrain from a ‎good driver Captain fuckhole! By this time the traffic police have already made it to the ‎scene (what a surprise!) and straight away the guy walks up to the officer to explain what ‎happened. And you know what? I let him coz there is no way this idiot's gonna convince ‎the guy that I'm the one at fault NOR can he convince him that I was speeding. So I stood ‎there listening to this dumb asshole dump so much shit at this officer you'd need a ‎manure truck to get rid of all of it. The dumbfuck was like "MEASURE THE ‎SKIDMARKS! YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE HE HAS BEEN SPEEDING!" So the ‎officer did just to shut his pie-hole up. We were supposed to be sent to nearby police ‎station to get shit taken care of but NOOOO the moron wanted to go all the way back to ‎the traffic police headquarters determined to get me a speeding ticket. I accepted the ‎pitiful challenge as at that moment I was sick of this guy's shit and I was itching to see ‎him get humiliated.‎

We got to the traffic headquarters and straight away the guy sits at a traffic officer's desk, ‎picks up a piece of paper and a pen, and sketches the incident. The officer says “so it's ‎your fault." And the guy was like "I KNOW THAT BUT HE WAS SPEEDING! ‎PLEASE CALL THE OFFICER THAT WAS ON DUTY HE'LL GIVE YOU THE ‎MEASUREMENTS!" So he did. He spoke for 10 seconds and put the phone down. He ‎looked at the idiot and said I wasn’t speeding. The fuckface jumps up and throws a ‎tantrum! "WHAT THE FUCK WHAT ABOUT THE SKIDMARKS?" The officer replies ‎‎"well skid marks happen when someone breaks hard to stop from bashing into other ‎people's cars to save both your lives you stupid ass." I had to leave the room coz I was ‎about to laugh my ass off! The idiot was having none of it and wasn't convinced so the ‎officer said shut up punk if you wanna continue with this you gotta go to some other guy ‎with higher ranking. And he did, but I never got the speeding ticket COZ I WASN'T ‎FUCKING SPEEDING!‎

Moral of the story: ‎

‎1. If you get involved in an accident and it's not your fault then fight for it coz people will ‎try to bring you down with them coz they're sadistic fucks.‎
‎2. If you're an idiot, don't drive!‎

Monday, November 21, 2005


What the hell is wrong with these kids! Seriously, I remember when we were kids and our parents used to complain that we were a handful, but it seems that the tables have turned, well, not just turned, but totally flipped over!

It seems like each generation is getting worse than the one before, but this generation happens to piss me off big time! Take a look around, go to the nearest McDonald's and look at the kids, what the hell is going on? Nothing but a bunch of fat annoying kids everywhere! It's like all they eat is pure junk, McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can’t point out to the “fat” kid anymore, they are all overweight!

And with all this Harry Potter crap, making this four eyed geek an icon for kids everywhere, and changed the whole school geek look, making it cool to actually be a geek! Every kid you see is nothing but a fat four-eyed geek, and everyone’s ok with that!

But I’m not concerned about the whole “look” thing, fuck that, they can look like hippies for all I care, what pisses me the most is the actual way these kids are being brought up, every kid has a house maid, which plays the part of the mommy since mommy is too busy with her hair and nails appointments, and obviously has no time for something like raising her kids, instead, the house maid is no longer a house maid, they actually call them nannies now! Now the word nanny may sound kinda cute for someone taking care of a child, but for god’s sake, you’re 15 years old! You’re almost old enough to drive you piece of shit.

Spoiled brats, that’s what they are, all of them, they have no appreciation for anything, they do not understand the value of money, and have no respect for anyone, its true, I saw a kid the other day that went to his mom, and said “mom, I wanna buy this game, NOW”, and immediately, and I mean without even saying anything, the mom slips 2 BD20 bills out of her purse, and gave it to that piece of shit! I was stunned, the kid didn’t even have to beg, he just asked for it, and she gave him the money, I mean when I was his age, whenever I went to my dad and asked him the for money, he’d tell me to go fuck myself!

Ok fine, you’re probably saying “it’s ok to spend money on your kids”, it’s true, but everything should have a certain limit, if you keep giving the kid everything he asks for, what then? What happens if you couldn’t give him what he asked for? Or what’s even worse, kids that are used to getting everything, will always want more, they will be happy with their new toy, but that will only last a day or two, cause then he’ll come back asking for something else!

When I was a kid, if I wanted something from my parents, they would give it to me, but only under certain conditions that should be met or chores to be done (like getting good grades in school, or cleaning my room, or washing the car 3 times a day for a whole month), and when I finally got what I want, I realized that I worked hard to get it, and would actually enjoy it and keep it for a very long time.

They should also teach these kids some manners, they’re so used to bossing around their maids (or slaves), that they actually treat everyone else the same way! I mean this piece of shit came up to me the other day, and went “Hay int”, hay int? What the hell is that all about? I nearly smacked the shit out of this 2 foot long piece of crap, what happened to “Excuse me mister" or at least "hey mister”? Learn to speak properly, dumbass.

Maybe if all the mommies and daddies were to discipline these brats (and by discipline I mean smacking them a few times every now and then), we wouldn’t have to deal with a generation full of assholes and faggots, but I guess that’s not going to happen, kids nowadays would probably sue their parents for smacking them.

Screw this; I’ll go get me a Big Mac.

Pandora's (Yellow) Box

One morning, a few months ago, I woke up dreary & grumpy to begin my trek to work. Getting to work in the morning is an unavoidable ordeal of modern life, but then again, so is traffic.

Grab my breakfast & jump in the car, we we're off to work. At the first traffic light, there was a bizarre aura of disoriented drivers looking around like they are in a foreign land. What on earth was with the crisscross on the road anyway, wasn't there the day before.

Once I was at work, a couple colleagues were already discussing this, turned out it was something of a national phenomenon that very few people knew what to do about. It took about 45 seconds of googling (including a coffee spill) to unlock the secret of the box:

Box junctions. These have criss-cross yellow lines painted on the road. You MUST NOT enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear. However, you may enter the box and wait when you want to turn right, and are only stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right. At signaled roundabouts you MUST NOT enter the box unless you can cross over it completely without stopping. Law TSRGD regs 10(1) & 29(2)

Great, this is going to be a very needed change to the chaos, or so I thought.

It would be a couple of days yet before I could try out the boxes. Thursday night & I was stopped in a traffic jam in Muharraq, traffic was barely moving. Then my turn came at the junction box, but my exit was not clear so I didn't enter it.

A few seconds later, the gap between the car infront of me & my own car widened to about a half car length, beginning the truncation of the traffic jam. Now traffic from other directions would have a clear path across our own line, what a marvel to behold !

The gap had almost widened to a whole car length before a car from the lane to my left ploughed into the opening. With this one relentlessly opportunistic strike, I realized that the box junction with all it's traffic smoothing potential was doomed to failure. @.@;

I held my ground as yet another car from the left stole precious yellow box space, and then a the car behind him too, went for the kill. I was determined to obey as one car after the other literally bypassed me into open traffic. I was savagely mauled by a violent cacophony of horns as well as inaudible (and presumably very colourful) swears, that I thought would never stop.

I suddenly realized, I had become the people's enemy as if my foot on the brakes had betrayed them all.

The light finally turned red, traffic was still jammed, cars going in other directions couldn't make it past & so instead just rolled into the middle of the yellow box trying to wedge open a way past while the people around me started at me with bloodlust.

I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

So now we are a couple months down the line after a "public awareness campaign", people should know how to use these boxes by now.

What could have been an excellent addition to roadsafety, has instead become just another dead dog on the road. Had authorities properly planned the introduction of yellow boxes, I'm left in no doubt that there would be many many more than 20 people on the whole island with the courage to actually comply with the law.

I think of how it would have been if 2 months ahead of time we saw banners & advertisements in the press, on the radio, on tv and on the roads themselves, giving us tantalizing hints of how to comply with onestep towards the long overdue modernization of our roads. Even if budget was a concern, the launch of Junction boxes could coincide with traffic safety week, a time where the traffic department traditionally wages war against speeders.

I'm sure that people would be talking to each other about how to comply & what to do when different situations arise. The new tool could have been talked about in articles in the press with important guides being carefully illustrated & explained, presentations could have been held for the employees of ministries and large companies, quick guides could have been printed on utility bills,

Could have, would have, should have . . . But wasn't.

Now we are forced to choose between (uselessly) following the law only to have others overturn any good that may come from it or breaking the law without consequence. Oh wait, people carry children on their laps, speed, run reds, overload cars, drive without seatbelts, double park, liter, drive without lights on, weave through traffic & I'm complaining about a bunch of lines on the ground?

We have alot more problems on the road than not being told how to decipher cryptic markings on the ground & until those get addressed, I'm not going to give a damn about any yellow boxes.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Morons on the Road !!!

I was having a nice drive around the country tonight, and I was enjoying it, well for the first 5 minutes only, then I began to see stuff that would bring the road rage out of me and made me an angry driver for the rest of the evening, that's always the case when you have assholes on the road who learnt how to become really shitty drivers from our Saudi neighbours, they are the worst drivers ever, but recently, the Bahrainis as students have surpassed their fucking Saudi masters by far, they are becoming even better at demonstrating true asswipeness on the road. Here is what I could take a picture of while I was near Umm Al Hassam, will try to get better pics next time but this'll do for now.

As you can notice, there is one turn right lane and two assholes added two more. What creativity!!!
What the fuck is wrong with these morons? I mean do they think the road is their own property and all the rest should stuff it when they're using the roads? And God forbid you should just honk the horn at someone just to bring it to his/her/its attention. They would raise their hands in anger, like you have done a wrong thing and they are right, you might even get flipped off!! Well you know where to shove that finger, dickwad!

I hope I don't die from excessive anger anytime before I reach 30! That would be a new goal to add, in addition to my other career and life goals! This should be a top priority one in fact...

I hope that one day people realize what kind of morons they become on the streets, but I guess they will only become worse and worse... May God help us, and may he rest the souls of those already killed by our road maniacs and our Gulf neighbours who don't respect our laws, may they burn in HELL for all I care...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Dream Lost...

Our national football team lost yesterday's match against Trinidad & Tobago 0-1, thus ending our closest chance to qualify to our first-ever world cup finals. In a way, they deserve it, but I'll tell you who doesn't, the 680,000 other people who were on their toes or on the edge of their seats wherever they were watching the game, at home, in the national stadium or in coffee shops. A nation' s heart was broken and we might not see another chance to get this close to the world cup, maybe not ever, as this was our strongest team that ever was produced. Sure there is the future to look up to, but you never know what might happen.

This means no road chaos, no celebrations and no abusers of the right to celebrate by imposing their asswipeness on others. Yet I felt crushed and I think we deserved to have an appearance in the world cup.

Maybe if the players' incentives weren't announced prior to the match, it would have been better. Of course incentives are always a good motive to perform, but in the case of Bahrainis it's a motive to think about different scenarios on how to use those incentives which disrupts their performance and this leads to them not performing well and even ruining a chance in getting the incentive altogether.

The members of the parliament had approved an incentive plan for the players should they have reached the world cup, which comprises of BD 50,000 cash reward, a new car, a government house (which probably they would get ahead of others who have been waiting for 20+ years to get it) and a BD 1,000 monthly salary upto and during the world cup finals.

I bet you that what has been going through the players' thick heads when they were playing, they were thinking on how to use the BD50,000, would they spend it all? Would they buy a peice of land or invest the cash? If they already live in a house or own a house, would they rent the house that will be given to them? etc etc etc

Despite all that, life goes on and if we ever wanna qualify to the next world cups, this calls for proper training, better facilities and great tactics. The problem is that whenever our team performs well, the media praises them so much that the players just relax and think of themselves as invincibles! This is not how it goes in the real world, the hard work should be consisten and not sit back until your goals have been fully achieved. Next time if you're gonna give them incentives, announce them after the match not before!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

One match away from the World Cup...

Today Bahrain's national football team (that's soccer to our American readers) will either make or break history by qualifying to the World Cup finals in Germany 2006. All they need to do is either win the match or draw 0-0, if they draw by any other score they won't make it through. If the team does make it to the finals, it will be the first time (and probably the last) in their history to make it to the elite of football competitions. We might be seeing the reincarnation of Saudi Arabia's glorious defeat 8-0 to Germany back in the 2002 finals in Japan and S. Korea. I hope that Saudi Arabia's team eat another 8 or 9 clean goals so that they finally put a sock in it, they keep saying we did this and we did that.

Anyways back to Bahrain, if they make it through, I will be happy of course, they are my national team and they represent my country, but oh my God, aren't our roads already chaotic and dangerous? Damn! There will be traffic jams upon traffic jams. The already busy streets will be literally clogged. Now I know this is the world cup, and all over the world such celebrations happen, so I am not writing to talk about the celebrations. I am writing to talk about some assholes who will ruin these celebrations.

There will be people already out in the streets, whether by car or outside their cars expressing their happiness. Unfortunately, you will find some people not giving a rat’s ass about the safety of all those happy people by skidding their cars and burning rubber everywhere, not giving a damn about cars from other lanes who try to get in or get out, like the road was his own property and all else have no right to use it. There will be people throwing firecrackers at others, if your friends agree to have their faces and asses blown and burnt, do it to them, not other innocent people you morons. Then we have the sprays, if you are taking part in such celebrations, please keep your windows up when you see a spraying piece of shit approach you, cuz they will spray you with all this glowing shit that looks like painted booger, again, if they wanna do that, let them do it to their own groups, not other people who don’t like it. And god forbid that you tell them anything, they will declare you public enemy #1 and rally their groups to beat you up.

Let’s say there are road blocks by the police to important areas so that if anything urgent comes up, nothing would be distorted. There will be assholes who will throw stones, eggs, rotten tomatoes, anything that comes in their hand (you fill the blanks) at them. Like the police force are the enemy. And if the police do detain some culprits, their whining parents will come and cuss at the police for actually doing their job and write about them in the newspapers in the name of “human rights”. Yeah, it’s your right to come and beat me up or throw rocks at me or at the authorities, it’s your right to ruin everyone’ s lives by imposing your own shitty fucking lifestyle on others. Grow up and get a life you inconsiderate fucks.

Despite all those fucks which we’ll see around, I hope that we qualify to the World Cup tonight and hopefully it would be one of those memorable nights. Will try to get some pics taken :)

Seef Mall...

If you happen to be in Bahrain, whether you’re lost or were kidnapped and somehow ended up here, you’d probably end up at the Seef Mall, well, you’re probably thinking why not? This sounds like a good idea, maybe ill go do a bit of shopping while I’m here and maybe watch a movie in the cineplex. Well think again, cause Seef Mall is not a shopping mall anymore, and it’s nothing but a hangout for losers and morons from every country in the gulf region.

If you’re an idiot (and by idiot I mean you happen to be between the ages of 14-21), you’ll probably find yourself walking around the Seef mall, whether you like it or not, alongside the rest of the idiots that are just “chilling” there, I mean what a waste of valuable hours, just sitting there, or walking back and forth, like a complete good for nothing fuck! Seriously what the fuck is wrong with these people? They literally sit there for at least 12 hours a day, and if you ask them what the hell they’re doing, they just reply “checking out the chicks”! What chicks? Nothing there but a bunch of 12 year olds that look like 28 year old whores? For gods sake these tiny bitches carry Gucci bags that is equivalent to the price of a new high-end computer! What a waste of fucking money.

These losers have no place to go, apparently, so if they’re not walking around the mall like a bunch of good for nothing fucks, they are probably driving outside the mall in their Bentleys that daddy got it for them for sucking cock, or you get those fucking gangsta wannabes who just watched the latest 50cent video and “pimped” their 1986 Datsuns with new “fake chrome” wheels and a rear spoiler, which makes the car look like a tin of beans with a paint job! And you’d think they actually know anything about rap? They just pump that music so fucking loud that fucking dogs go up to them and say “Yo bitch turn that shit down or ill bite you in the balls, fucking asswipe”, and they cant even speak a word in English! Gimme a fucking break.

And what really irritates me is that all these fags look alike! Its like they’re all factory produced, you see them wearing the same fucking t-shirts and jeans, same hair style, same facial hair, everything! Why cant they just be different, oh god forbid someone tries to wear something new or “different” than anyone else, then he’s labeled an outcast. And what’s even worse, these fucking FCUK t-shirts, seriously I don’t get this, everyone is wearing them, all you see is FCUK FCUK FCUK, seriously what the fuck? Yes it’s “what the fuck” not “what the FCUK”, “fuck you; you fucking moron”, not ”FCUK you”, they think its cool to actually wear something with curse words that are “in-direct” so no one can say anything, “The authorities cant say shit cause id doesn’t say fuck, its FCUK” oh my god that’s so fucking rebellious you piece of shit, they even wear these in the mosques! Seriously!! Who the hell are you kidding? You wanna make a statement, wear a t-shirt with a big “fuck you”, and shove it up your ass while you got your penis tied to the back of your head, and walk around the Seef Mall! Gimme a fucking break.

FCUK this, I need a smoke.

Ninjas Driving in Bahrain!

Less than a year left and there will be new elections for our failure of a parliament. I hope that the current members don’t get re-elected. Those illiterate fucks have been doing nothing but yack bullshit and talk out of their asses. And instead of focusing on the true problems that we are facing and resolving them, they’ve been occupied with bullshit issues such as how to better their own lives and allowing ninjas to drive, thus making our streets more dangerous than they already are! And who are those ninjas? Apparently they’re those assholes’ relatives.

Who are the ninjas? Well they’re women who wear a “Niqaab” which covers their faces and only their eyes appear, and in some cases even the eyes are covered, making them look like those black refuse bags you use to put your everyday garbage in. I know it’s a choice everyone makes for themselves, but even in TRUE Islamic dress code, when a woman wants to go to “Hajj” (Pilgrimage) or carry out her daily prayers, in which she should be dressed in the strictest manners due to religious obligations, even in that case, her FACE and HANDS should be uncovered. So this is so extreme and, in Islam, the only time the niqaab should be used is if the woman is EXTREMELY beautiful that men cannot take their eyes off her (in other words, they will sustain an instant boner that will not go away in their presence). Here in Bahrain though, it seems the case is the complete opposite; most of the women that wear niqaab are nasty old hags!

Ninjas weren’t allowed to drive in Bahrain unless they uncovered their faces. Well not until a bunch of supposed muslim extremists got seats in the parliament and started talking out of their asses and trying to push for the ninjas to be allowed to drive with their ninja masks on! Now imagine a serial killer putting on a niqaab and driving around and killing and kidnapping and raping people. Imagine an underage kid with no driver’s license putting on a niqaab and drove around causing trouble on the roads and risking his and others’ lives. That’s only a couple of examples of the misuse that could result from allowing such creatures to drive around. Ninjas themselves are so shitty, moronic and idiotic drivers and maybe that’s the reason why they insist on keeping the ninja masks on, so that no one recognizes them. I myself nearly got into a few accidents because those ninjas kept running red lights or coming out of a turn right into my car!

If any ninjas are reading this, please do everyone else a favor by staying at home or uncover that mask at least whilst driving and ensure other people's safety. Cuz putting the mask on really disrupts your visibility and limits the airflow to your thick brains, making you careless and dangerous on our already chaotic roads. Also, realize that I am not against the masks you wear or how you practise our great religion. I am, however, against your idiotic habit of driving on my country's streets wearing them. Make our streets safe for us and our children!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This is only the start......

This will be the first time I write in here and it certainly won’t be the last. Not until we are done with all the problems we’re facing in Bahrain, will we ever?

This website intends to highlight the dark side of life in Bahrain, I won’t be primarily doing government bashing, I have decided to leave that to its people, although it will be criticized from time to time depending on the situation. The main objective is to show what kind of foolish and ignorant people live on this tiny island that is affecting our lives seriously and give our beloved country a bad name.
I will be showing pics and vids of bad drivers, people with shitty attitude, dishonest and rude people, all kinds of idiots and morons, just so that hopefully one day they and their likes realize what kind of a mess they are and what damage they’re causing the community. Might they change to the better? Or deliberately become even worse?