Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do the Crime...Cuz the Time's Easy

For those of you reading the title, you’ll probably get the idea that we are actually trying ‎to support crime in this country, well actually we are not, but the country sure is!‎

Let’s look at some of the examples from the previous year or so:‎

  • ‎7 people kidnap and rape 2 underage boys. ‎
  • Shakhoory murder at BJs. ‎
  • Saar Murderer. ‎
  • ‎2 Asians murdering and mutilating an elderly Bahraini woman. ‎
  • Bahraini thief murder of elderly woman in Riffa. ‎
  • Bahraini kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 13 year-old British girl. ‎
  • Bahraini man rapes 8 year-old boy. ‎
  • Murder of Bahraini male in Muharraq by an ex-military junkie. ‎
  • ‎19 year-old selling 1.5kg of drugs. ‎
  • BD10k stolen from Ashrafs. ‎
  • Murder of hundred something people as crappy ship drowns. ‎
  • Countless money laundering and counterfeit banknote incidents. ‎
  • Hundreds of cars stolen. ‎
  • Hundreds of abuse and theft charges. ‎
  • BD Millions stolen by government officials and MPs and high corporate officials. ‎
Now... look at the list above, these are just some of the examples from crimes committed ‎in the last few months. Now in most of these cases, the suspects were caught and some ‎cases they were sentenced, and that’s where the problem is, the sentence itself. ‎

Most of these people got a few months (if not weeks) of jail time, where they get to play ‎PS2 and watch TV all day, have 3 meals a day, smoke and sit together with a group of ‎friends. So basically they are sitting at a Gahwa for a few months until it’s time for the ‎country national day, where most of these people will be released in the streets again, to ‎enjoy the freedom that they deserve. And maybe if they get bored, commit the same ‎crimes one time around. ‎

Sounds like a sweet deal doesn’t it? I mean the only really bad crimes that end with you ‎rotting up in jail are:‎

  • Tearing up a traffic ticket. ‎
  • Insulting a police officer or high member of society. ‎
  • Saying something bad about your country on the internet. ‎
  • Going into restricted areas. ‎
So if you basically avoided the short list above, you can get away with anything! So what ‎the fuck are you waiting for??? Just like that fucking kid who took a knife with him to ‎school to stab his classmate, and he’s only a first grader, a fucking 6 year-old idiot. Now ‎where would a child learn such shit if it weren’t for his parents in the FIRST place THEN ‎TV, we watched action and violent movies when we were kids but it was made clear to us ‎that these things are acts and not real. If the parents endorse what you are watching ‎without regulation, then you will think that it’s okay to actually carry a fucking knife with ‎you and stab anyone just cuz you don’t like their face!‎

Go out and kidnap an entire family. Rape them all. Film them being raped. Publish ‎footage on the net. Get high. Kill them all. Burn them and then throw the bodies ‎somewhere. Very entertaining indeed and for only a few weeks in a luxury, minimum ‎security hotel/prison for a few weeks before you’re out on the streets again. Hmmmm ‎another idea, get yourself a baseball bat and start swinging at anyone in front of you! ‎Amazing! All the pleasure with minimum pain. Then pay a fine of BD50 and do it all ‎over again, genius! ‎

Here’s an idea for all the morons responsible for this, apply this in the streets of ‎Adliya...

And I’ll chop my dick and use it as a straw if people didn’t think twice before committing ‎any crime...

And what’s this shit about the police not wanting to work? I mean, isn’t it their job to ‎protect and enforce laws? And by that I mean just laws, not the ones where they force ‎people to close down their restaurants after midnight. Oh and get this, they ask them to ‎close down their joints after midnight in civilian clothes and without having to ID ‎themselves or show them official documentation. Then in the newspapers you see ‎different police officials dumping their shit on each other, stating that it’s not their ‎jurisdiction.‎

You force people to shut down their businesses so that you won’t have to get tired when a ‎crime happens? Is that how officials fix problems? It’s just like any other “quick fixes” ‎they come up with in this country, plain dumb. Fucking low IQed motherfuckers. Even ‎baboons are way smarter than you dipshits are.‎

Imagine you finishing work between 12-2 am and even later, and you just finished your ‎shift and are tired as hell and all you wanna do is have something to eat, you barely ‎survive that shit shift where you sit alone fearing ghosts/serial murderers might come and ‎decapitate you or some shit like that, now you wanna reward yourself and treat yourself ‎to that scrumptious meal. Only to find that everywhere is closed, even barraadas* are ‎closed and you can’t get even a can of Pepsi or a bottle of water to quench your thirst, let ‎alone getting a full meal to fill yourself up. What the fuck is up the police’s ass? Just like ‎N.W.A said... Fuck Da Po-leece.‎

What the hell is this society coming to? It’s not just the police, it’s also the people, ‎criminals are increasing by the day and something needs to be done, I suggest we have ‎neighborhood watches cuz the police are just inefficient, too damn lazy and useless. Bahrainis were ‎never like this. And don’t give me that bullcrap about Syrians who work for the army n ‎shit like that, I KNOW that they are one of the causes and that this shit exists. But some ‎Bahrainis are in it too. The fix must be collective and we all must admit that these ‎problems have to be acknowledged at first and then we all work together to fix them ‎instead of blaming it on the Syrians, army fuckers and other non-Bahraini people.‎

Fuck this shit, I’ll go live in Harlem where it’s safe...

*Barrada: Cold Store or Supermarket

Monday, April 16, 2007

Now This HAS to be Good News...

The highlight of news for today, this really made my day, Gulf Air total pwnage. FUCK YOU GF.


Airline plans Bahrain hub

MALAYSIA-based Air Asia Group, which owns the world's largest budget airline, is considering Bahrain as the hub for its new airline's Middle East operations, it was revealed yesterday.The new airline, Air Asia X, will operate on long-haul routes including Europe, India, China and Australia, with stops in the Gulf, group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes said yesterday.

"We find Bahrain, which is the gateway to the larger Middle East markets, including Saudi Arabia, an excellent location for our hub in the region," he told the GDN.

Mr Fernandes is in Bahrain along with Air Asia group deputy chief executive officer Kamarudin Meranun, to attend the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. Air Asia has sponsored the Williams F1 team.

"We hope to come back to Bahrain within two months and hold talks with the Civil Aviation Affairs to discuss our plans to fly to Bahrain," said Mr Fernandes.

"The initial feedback we received here has been very encouraging."

Air Asia, launched five years ago with two aircraft, now has 54 aircraft, which operate to 80 destinations in South East Asia.

"We have placed orders for 150 brand new Airbus 320 aircraft," Mr Fernandes revealed.

"We carried 11 million passengers last year and our forecast for this year is 18m.

"Since the launch we have carried 32m passengers and we offer the lowest fares in the world at $30 (BD11.3) for a 90 minute flight ."

The phenomenal success of Air Asia and its low cost, no frills customers philosophy has seen the airline expand its horizons both throughout the Asia Pacific region, said Mr Fernandes.

Air Asia currently operates narrow-bodied aircraft of a type which cannot fly long distances, he added.

"We have therefore decided to launch the new airline, Air Asia X, to operate wide-bodied aircraft to longer routes," said Mr Fernandes.

"We shall operate to many points in the Gulf, including Bahrain. Once in operation, we are confident of offering Bahrain-Malaysia return tickets at fares as low as $100-$200 (BD37.8- BD75.6).

The return fare from Kuala Lumpur to London will be only $250 (BD94.5), said Mr Fernandes.

"Air Asia's mission is to create new markets and to connect to points which were not connected before", he noted.

"We want to stimulate someone who never plans to fly by offering seats on our flights at an affordable cost."

Mr Fernandes said he was highly impressed with the marketing campaign undertaken by the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix organisers.

I can imagine Gulf Air sitting in a corner crying... You fucking deserve it for being the corrupt evil corporation that you are.. God bless the likes of Jazeera Airways, Air Arabia, and now with Air Asia joining in we will be able to travel on long hauls for cheap. When I was in Malaysia they were flying to other south-east Asian countries for the equivalent of 9 Dinars or so. Of course it will mean that even shitty people will reach the far ends of the earth, but I don't give a fuck. Let these countries worry about such mongrels, at least they enforce their laws on EVERYone regardless of who they are, if you break the rules, you get punished, it's as simple as that.

Fuck this... Time to get my simsim passport refilled, oops I mean renewed.