Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hug me Satan, Show me the Love...

Well well well, yet another day, and another fucked up article published in the newspaper. Damn I hate these ignorant bastards. Let me just get to the point… Friday's Arabic daily newspaper (Akhbar Al-Khaleej "Gulf News"), published an article which was entitled “Satanic Ritual Party Held at a Local Health Center”. I paused for a second, took a deep breath before deciding to continue reading on. The article said “Groups of teenagers were gathered around at a local and well known health center, playing really loud satanic music. And people gathered inside the auditorium and outside at the parking lot, shouting weird satanic chants, boys and girls holding hands and hugging, and all wearing black clothing with images of skulls and snakes on them”. Who the fuck comes up with this bullshit? Seriously, don’t they have better articles to write about? I had to admit it was funny reading what they were describing as any normal teen hangout, but of course we all know the main source of this bullshit. Fucking good-for-nothing extremist fags.

Let me tell you what really happened, for I happened to be there. It was just another gathering of teenagers that formed “bands” and were playing live at the Gulf Air health club in Isa Town. The health club was supervising the whole event. They gave the organizers permission to play music on stage inside the club's auditorium. The gig started at around 3:30pm (which is apparently the evil hour. When the sun is up the demon summoning begins, according to extremists). And a bunch of teenagers started showing up at around 4pm. Ages varied from 13 up to 26. Refreshments were sold by the club themselves. And organizers were there with security and everything to make sure the area is secured and that no one gets into trouble or does anything that is against the law.

Now, a few hours later, a bunch of fags from the newspaper showed up. They started talking to some of the people outside about what was going on,.They asked some stupid questions like “Are you serving alcohol, or doing any drugs?” and “What is the purpose of this event?”. The organizers made a statement that this event was purely for entertainment. People get together and play music and hopefully have a good time and they showed them what was going on inside the auditorium and showed the evil beverages sold (Diet Coke, Fanta, Water) and even let them take some pictures.

They sounded convinced that this gathering was really innocent. Nothing satanic or religious or anything regarding these issues was going on. And everyone felt relieved hoping that they might finally print something decent about them and remove the whole “satanic” label from them.

Apparently that’s not what happened. Newspapers thirsty for gossip and extremists backing them up, They printed shit like “boys and girls were hugging”. Ok let me give you a better image of how it was, imagine one of those private schools' open days or carnivals, where boys and girls are walking around, talking to each other, holding hands, what’s wrong with that? I mean they are school mates and they have different mentalities. These things are common; you even see them in Seef mall and other teen hangouts. So it's basically ok to do these things elsewhere, but if there’s rock music in the background, you label it satanic and obscene? Gimme a fucking break…

What about all this crap in hotels and night clubs? People screwing each other everywhere. Blowjobs in the Seef mall parking lot. No one said anything about all this bullshit that’s going on. And what about the “Real” Satanic music? I’m talking about Rave and Trance music where you need to be under the influence of drugs to be able to enjoy? What about all this you apes!

Stopping a goddamn teen concert before the final bands go on stage, shameful indeed…

I had to read the damn newspaper article 3 times to understand what they were talking about. I even looked up the word “hug” in the dictionary, and the only meaning I found was this:

Hug: verb (past and past participle hugged, present participle hug·ging, 3rd person present singular hugs)
transitive and intransitive verb embrace affectionately: to put your arms around somebody's body and hold the person tight to show affection.

I looked up online trying to find any satanic rituals, but nothing evolved hugging a friend, you cocksucking ignorant extremist nincompoops.

Amature rock bands will never have the freedom to express their music in this country, thanks to the brain-less bearded morons that roam around and multiply day by day. And we’re never going to see a real rock band perform either, look at the picture below:

No, this is not a concert in Vegas. Its in fact a picture taken from the Dubai Megadeth concert, where thousands (not hundreds) of fans attended and cheered as they watched their favorite rock band perform on stage, but thinking like an extremist fuck, I guess they are ALL satanic!

Fuck these extremist baboons; I'll go to a Nancy Ajram concert instead…

Hey come to think of it…. I CAN'T EVEN SEE THAT EITHER!!!!