Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy National Day...

To all Bahrainis, Happy National Day...

This was taken in Bukuwara Road, highlights how many useless people are there. If you want to celebrate the God damn national day then fine, show your pride... But don't do it in this ill-mannered way. Go take part in events, go watch the fucking fireworks which are really dull by the way. We went to the 24-hour Bahrain race at the BIC which was interesing although some of us are not that into cars and racing and some are. But the first-timers appreciated what an astonishing achievement this venue was. The construction, the facilities, the organizing of the event itself etc... Despite the weather being pouring wet, it was a very nice event nevertheless. It was much better than loitering around roads going back and forth doing nothing but letting their shitty kids hang out windows. Heaven forbid there would be an accident then they will come to kill the driver who accidentally killed their shitty hang-out-the window kid instead of questioning their own ignorance and negligence. What a bunch of good-for-nothing fucks.

Thought for the day: I called the ministry of housing to ask about whether I can switch my application from a purchasing loan to a land. They told me lands are limited and impossible to get. Well how come "some" people still get them? Fucking waasta bastards. "Happy" National Day indeed.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Look at Our Silly Youth...

I have received this via email and the first thing that came to my mind was "WHAT THE FUCK?"

I think they're trying to act "cool" or hip or something. With more and more guys like this in our communities, I say let's say our prayers from now on bcause our good youth will be overshadowed by the likes of those good for nothing idiots.

Then they wonder why are our guys running out of fuel and brain cells hanging around Bukuwara roads looking for "Chicks" while there are nothing but DFNs (Damn Fucking Ninja) infesting Riffa.