Monday, May 12, 2008

Thank You Very Much, My Country!

I came across this in today's Akhbar Al-Khaleej:

And all I have for words is : Wayed 3ala Omkom.

Now my absence for such a long time was that I was looking around for another job, preferrably abroad and, well, I got one and moving there soon! I won't tell you where or when but I will still be talking about all the bullshit that goes on in Bahrain, such as the one above.

Yes 60k is better than 40, but is still nowhere near, with the cheapest lands (lands only) costing around 55k for a 55x60ft plot. Oh and with their shit-ass rule that families earning more than 1,200 Dinars a month "have no right to apply for ANY Ministry of Housing services" as was said to me by one of their esteemed employees. I have NO rights can you imagine because to the government, I am a millionaire despite the constitution stating that EVERY national has the right to a proper house with decent lving conditions or a certain someone promising EVERY Bahraini a land and a house. I guess he can't keep that promise now with the sudden jump of population from 721,394 to 1,002,345. Don't worry man, you got one less now so you have 1,002,344 lands to give out. Well thank God Almighty for finding an opportunity abroad. Until things change in this shithole, it will always be a shithole. Can you believe that I can own and build a house abroad and live in it a decent life while in my own country I can't and am forced to either rent or live with my parents although I have a family of my own to cater for? And the government and people are well aware of such issues but they want the good people to leave the country. You know why? I'll tell you why.. Because they want to look the smartest. See, government officials are nothing but dumbshits. So they always promote people and give incentives to people with less IQs than them so that they ALWAYS look good and smarter than the rest. That's why a lot of Bahraini youth are thinking of migrating. Then those officials themselves have the fucking nerves to question those exasperated people's loyalty. Loyalty will always be there but if living conditions are shit then don't expect the good people to stay and watch their lives go to waste. Just look at the immmigrants abroad, even though a lot of them became citizens of the countries they moved to, they still can proudly say where they are originally from. Here, no, you have to shut the fuck up.

It's like Imam Ali (RAA) said:"Poverty in the homeland is an alienation, while richness in a foreign land is a home". No matter how much we love our land, if there are other opportunities abroad, we shouldn't let them pass by and then regret it years later.

My head is clearer now, the anger is lesser and can't wait till I finish my notice period with my shitass company that caused me to leave in the first place because my pig of a boss turned me into a slave so that she can bring one of her own "people" in. I guess she will get what she wants now, but I will be on the greener other side by then. Until then, I shouldn't use any baseball bats or fire extinguishers to smash someone's head so that I don't delay my plans of moving out.