Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rab Musik Good, No?

A friend of mine sent me an email with a song made by a bunch of Bahraini ‎teenagers about BATELCO that was actually around a couple of months ago, ‎right about the time when the whole BATELCO internet charges fuss started. And ‎I bet a lot of you guys probably either received or heard this song somewhere. ‎When I first heard it, I was in tears. I laughed my ass off! I actually thought that ‎these people made a song for the purpose of giving people a good laugh. It ‎sounded like a good piece of comedy material to be honest, but I was struck ‎when I found out that… these people were actually serious!!!!!‎

Not a lot of people really know who made the song... till now...‎

Another guy sent me this link to check out the people behind the music. ‎Apparently they call themselves A-Unit! Ok, I honestly don’t know where to start ‎with these people… A-Unit? What the hell is that supposed to mean?? Ass-‎Unit?? What a rip off! Next thing you know there’s a guy calling himself “Dr. Dais*‎‎“ or something...

So for some reason, everyone in the country is into hip-hop again. And suddenly ‎rap/hip-hop music is considered so popular and hip that it’s played early in the ‎morning on the goddamn radio and there are some people who try so hard to ‎look and sound and act like these hip-hoppers/gangsters/fags. Just take a quick ‎ride around East/West Riffa or Madeenaa areas, and see for yourself...

OK now for the good stuff...‎

What the hell are these guys thinking??? Ok so you’re probably thinking that I’m ‎just an asshole that likes to make fun of people because I’m jealous and can’t get ‎laid or blah blah blah.. But trust me.. Go to their website and JUDGE ‎for yourself! ‎

OK let’s start with the site link itself... “.org”??? What kind of an “organization” is ‎this???!!!!‎

Now look at this picture taken from the site... and let’s go through the (How to ‎take a good Rap album cover picture 101)...‎

I can’t believe I actually wasted my time and listened to the crap they made... I ‎think the website should come with a warning: Not suitable for the weak hearted, ‎pregnant women, people with high blood pressure or anyone outside the ‎Madeena area!‎

When you listen to their “material”, you start off by laughing so hard that you’ll ‎start tearing, and feel some pains in your stomach, possibly followed by vomiting ‎if you just had a meal, then the excessive laughing backfires and eventually ‎switch to a sad mood and forget how to laugh, its like when you see someone ‎retarded, or a vegetable, you cant really laugh at them now can you??‎

Man… for once I’m speechless; I don’t think there’s a point in making fun of ‎these guys because I really don’t know where to begin... I’ll just leave all the ‎comments to you guys...

But it doesn’t end there!!! HELL NO!! I discovered a link within the site that leads ‎to a whole region-wide idiocy! Check out And simply ‎click on the pictures tab, which should be enough to keep you laughing for the ‎next month or so... (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)...‎

The pictures below should explain what the site is all about...‎

It’s like the website was made by blind dyslexic baboons or something, seriously, ‎what’s up with the guy and the teddy bears??? Is it a new gangsta thing? Am I ‎THAT old that I don’t get it or something? And check out the black dude, I ‎wonder how many bottles of hair straighteners he used... ‎

It really makes you think why it’s illegal to own guns in this country! Oh well, I guess the baseball bat will have to do!

And if the pictures weren’t enough, try to listen to their “albums”, there’s even a ‎‎“Rabber” from Bahrain that sounds like a 9 year old Madeena Sand-Nigger ‎chocking on dick... Classic. ‎

A word to the all the “Rabbers” out there: I know that Tupac, Eazy-E, Big Pun ‎and Biggie are dead, but that doesn’t mean that all rappers are gone and it’s your ‎job to save the music genre! Dr. Dre is still out there, Snoop Dogg is still doing ‎his “thang”, other rappers like DMX, Xzibit, Method man, Cypress Hill ARE STILL ‎OUT THERE!! Here’s a tip for you “Rabbers” to help you improve your music:‎

‎1.‎ Learn some English. ‎
‎2.‎ Learn some goddamn English. ‎
‎3.‎ Learn some fucking English. ‎
‎4.‎ Make your own tunes; it’s not a goddamn Karaoke. ‎
‎5.‎ Learn some more Mother fucking English. ‎

On the other hand, I received an article the other day about a Bahraini singer that ‎formed a band and released a rock album in the UK. The article stated that the ‎lead vocalist/songwriter is actually a member of the royal family and that he ‎studied in the US and from there he started getting more into his music and crap ‎like that...‎

Ok let me just stop there... honestly... where the hell did the afro come from????‎

So apparently, he states that his music was influenced by living in a controversial ‎environment. Of a Muslim growing up in a catholic school… OK, now is it me or ‎artists (even wannabe artists) just seem to love describing shit from their ‎background/past and life experiences and make it look really sad and influential? ‎Kinda like the crap you see on VH-1 interviews… I mean come on man… you ‎grew up as a rich brat showered with money, going to Saint Chris (the so called ‎catholic school), where most of the rich brats go to in the first place...‎

Seriously, is being rich nowadays so hard on people that it inspires them to go ‎and write music?? What happened to being poor? Going to a goddamn shitty ass ‎public school? Being raped by students/teachers? Getting shit for food? Not ‎having parents? Being bullied? Having no electricity?? Living in Bukawara?? ‎What does all that do to you then??? ‎

It must be dead hard to go to a private school, having a hot blonde white-ass rich ‎girlfriend, getting blowjobs at recess, getting a sports car at the age of 15, being ‎loved by everyone, going abroad to study whatever the hell you want to, having ‎your own place to live in..... It must be so fucking painful!!! I feel sorry for this ‎dude... ‎

Well judging from the Lenny Kravitz sound alike sissy fag music produced, I ‎guess that says it all...‎

Plus what's with the name "BrotherManDude" eh? Are they trying to come up with a cool name? Kinda reminds me of that retarded creature Al Gore created in the South Park episode "ManBearPig"!!!

ManBearPig ----------------------------->

Makes you wonder why public school kids are really into DEATH metal eh??‎

Fuck this... I'll go listen to music made by really poor people... Now, where did I ‎put my Metallica CD?‎

‎*Dais: local slang terminology for boobs.

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