Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Video Game Ignorance is Bliss?

Once again, the retarded people at our local newspapers strike again. With crappy ‎retarded articles that were obviously written at 11:35pm because the bastard journalist ‎had to submit before his fucking dead-line. So he doesn’t give a shit if he’s spreading lies ‎or some crap he made out of his ass...

This time our moron is an asshole journalist with no obvious intelligence or journalism ‎background, probably a high school drop out. ‎

Anyways, here’s the article:‎

I’m not going to go through the whole article, but roughly translated, it entitles “Parents ‎Warn of Heretical Video Game”. The game they refer to is “God of War”, which is the ‎best PS2 game released, Period!‎

Now, obviously because the game’s title is suspicious to the small-minded majorities that ‎infest this island, everything with the word “GOD” in it has to be so disrespectful that it ‎must be banned! ‎

Who is the God of War? For people who haven’t played the game, and by people I‘m ‎referring to people with slight intelligence, nothing above average, they can just take a ‎glimpse at the picture, and tell you what the game is about. For example the Spartan ‎warrior, the Greek style architectural background, the big Omega sign in the title, the ‎Medusa head??? Need we say more? For idiots like this reporter, their brains seem to ‎function at an entirely different level, they seem to forget everything they see in the ‎picture, and in this case, listen to the idiot masses that don’t know jack shit about the ‎game and focus on the word “GOD”! Sad, but true. ‎

God of War is an action-adventure video game. Based on Greek mythology, where a ‎Spartan warrior named Kratos, has somehow ended on a quest to rid the world from Ares, ‎the god of war, with the help from the other gods, Zeus, Aphrodite and even Hades ‎himself! ‎

The asshole that wrote the article obviously never played the game, nor has time because ‎his boss is butt-fucking him to come up with crap articles to fit the deadlines, no wonder ‎you see him writing about whatever the fuck he can, sports, politics, religion, you name ‎it, you’d think he’s a jack of all trades. But as he says in the article, the game starts with a ‎battle with “Allah”. NO IT DOESN’T you piece of SHIT! If you don’t know the ‎difference between Greek mythological gods like Zeus and Allah, then you obviously ‎need some serious religious education, you dumb fuck. ‎

The word mythology comes from “myth”, which is translated as: “a traditional or ‎legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a ‎determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, esp. one that is concerned with ‎deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature. – ‎Source: www.Dictionary.com”. ‎

Simply putting it for retarded minds, this stuff is pure make believe, stories, ‎fairytales you cock-sucking ignoramus dick-wads. They teach this shit at the shitty ‎University of Bahrain! This is well-known crap that everyone knows about, you ‎closed minded shit! I’m not telling you to believe in that stuff, ‘cause then you ‎should be awarded the dumb-ass of the century award. I’m just saying learn your ‎shit. Do a bit of fucking research before publishing crap on papers and get your ‎facts straight before listening to a bunch of morons and becoming one yourself.‎

Let’s say you are right. If that’s the case, then here are a few things that you ‎should “Ban” as well:‎

Retarded fucks...

OK, I know you’re gonna say: “But kids are exposed to this and can't help it, it ‎corrupts their little brains... blah blah blah”. NO, if your kids are exposed to this ‎then you are UNFIT as a parent! This game contains Violence, language, sexual ‎themes, nudity, and other ADULT material. It is not made for kids. Just because ‎you get your kids any fucking thing they want just to shut them up, then you are ‎unfit as a parent. If you don’t know what the hell your kids are exposed to from ‎crap on TV to video games and the internet to smoking weed, then you are ‎UNFIT as a fucking parent. Send those bastards to the nearest orphanage so ‎they can hopefully take better care of them. As explained on our previous article ‎‎“But Daddy Told Me It’s OK to Kill Cops!” the game comes with a big M rating.‎

This reminds me of another piece of crap published on the newspaper a few ‎months ago, where searches were made around shops in Manama to confiscate ‎T-shirts that were considered offensive, for example this one shown below:‎

Yeah that’s right, let’s rid Bahrain of all offensive t-shirts. That will solve all the ‎problems we have… NO IT DOESN’T you fucks! Banning and confiscating offensive t-‎shirts will get you nowhere. Getting rid of all the ACTUAL causes of these offenses will. ‎But that’s not gonna happen ‘cause apparently everyone in the government sector is ‎smoking up, or they would take it as an excuse for their lack of intelligence. However, wanna get rid of some offensive shirts? Then get the fuck rid of those fucking FCUK shirts. That's something worthwhile of getting rid of. Fucking good for nothing FCUKers.

Fuck the kids... I’ll go sacrifice one for Hades...