Thursday, May 11, 2006

Batelco + Morons...

Okay so Batelco has announced new broadband packages, can you call them broadband here in Bahrain? Hardly, but at least it gets by better than dial-up.

The company has imposed threshold on the usage where it used to be unlimited. They have reduced the prices and doubled the speeds. Great! But wait, now instead of the unlimited usage I used to get I get a limit of a certain amount of GBs to download every month. If I exceed my limit, I get hit by a hefty bill where I get charged 10 Fils per extra megabyte, YES MEGAbyte not GIGAbyte.

Now this is utterly and purely wrong, and it's exploitation at its best. However, we have a lot of shitty mentalities to thank. It's the idiots who connect the whole of a village or neighborhood to one or two ADSL lines and share the connection, causing the bandwidth to be exhausted. I know that this is only an excuse Batelco is using to justify the new packages. But it's kind of true. Now I am not defending the new packages, I am appalled by them. But I am sure it wouldn't have happened if all those idiots didn't build webs of network cables on the streets. You can notice it upon entering some areas. Lengths and lengths of cables criss-crossing and connecting different houses and buildings. Now Batelco had clearly announced that it was illegal. Let's put Batelco aside, isn't it against municipality rules? Some people just love to break rules, as if rules were put to be broken.

Now I know they have done this because a lot can't afford the overpriced 40 or 50 BD a month, but come on! You oppose things by breaking rules? Isn't that in itself thievery? So it's not okay that someone steals from you, but it's legit for you to steal from others? Stealing is stealing, whether rich stealing from the poor or vice versa, period. So thank you dipshits for making Batelco impose limitations on me, a FULL paying customer.

This is what happens when idiotic mentalities clash, some idiots in a corporation who ruin the name of the whole company, making the other honest workers there look like public enemy no. 1. And idiots on the street opposing those first idiots by acting like the shitheads that they are. The result? A mushroom cloud of hate and opposition hovering above the rest of us.

And Batelco, you should be ashamed of yourselves for punishing EVERY user for a fuckup of a stinkin' bunch who actually make a profit sharing those ADSL connections, and they end up whining and bitching most of all, naturally. But what sickens me more is those "Network Overlords" who use Batelco's bad image to their own benefit.

All in all, people from both sides deserve it, for being such assholes in the first place, as for me, I will have to limit my online playtime and browsing to be just like those people who count the crumbs of bread they have left until the end of the month.

Oh and there is this site, which objects to the new packages. What I liked about it that this person asks not to blame all the employees for the mistakes of a few, but other sites just curse at Batelco and ALL of its employees, to those I say, fuck you, tools. What if you were working for an evil corporation and you got cursed at? You wouldn't like it at all, would you? But wait, I forgot, it's A-Okay for you to swear at others, but when others do it to you, they're infidels right? What dipshits!

Dammit, it's all because of the extremists, it's their fault, them and their ninja wives. Blame them for everything, don't blame Canada, blame Ninjas and their bushy-bearded towel-headed men.

Screw this shit, I'm gonna go get me a P.O. Box!

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Face-lift for LiB

It has been a while since we last posted here, due to life demands and work pressure. Currently we're working on some new materials and also trying to come up with a logo for LiB, this is a prototype and there will be more improvements.

Nearly six months after our first post (Nov 15th, 2005) and 7,000 hits later... It's great to know that we bring a smile to a lot, I know a lot of other dipshits don't like what we have to say. Well to these cry-babies here is a good alternative

Also, a BIG and special thanks to the morons who made this site come to existence, your idiocy cannot be highlighted enough and even our words cannot truly reflect what kind of mentalities you have.

So thanks to bitches, morons, extremists, parliamentarians (Class of 2006), BDF fuckers, Riffa sand-niggers, Qataris, Saudis, Bedouin wannabes, stinkin' spolied little brats, ninjas, Overnight Experts, player wannabes, idiot work mates and fucking traffic police and offenders... oh and fuck you all...

Thanks to all the rest for commenting, good or bad, although the good we keep in mind and the bad we will hunt down their owners and hit them with a BIG fire extinguisher when they least expect it. Thanks to all who wrote us emails and we appreciate your support.

There will be a formal 6 month anniversary post on the 15th, so stay tuned :D

Thanks and all the best...

LiB Team.