Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Snapshots #2

Some people could be a real pain in the ass, couldn't they? I mean look at the following pics and see what kind of idiocy we have to deal with everyday, will the day ever come that these idiots turn into sophisticated beings? I don't think that "intelligent" life exists in the universe, maybe some place other than planet Bahrain but here... not in a million years! Anyways enjoy...

Okay so this alien thinks he's an "enemy killer"... Who's the enemy? Such mentalities should be locked up in an asylum! Damn! BTW this was taken AT a BDF base which is near the BDF hospital and the new Burger King outlet which is currently being built, which also tells us that he's one of those BDF sand-niggers who take out a loan to buy a car. And ANOTHER HUGE loan to modify it! THEN GET A FUCKING LOAN TO BUY A POWERFUL CAR IDIOT!!!!! But this kind of aliens don't have something called "reasoning" or common sense ;) Enemy Killer My ass, if you're a BDF Fucker, I have BD 1 million bet against you that you will be the first to board a plane out of the country instead of "killing enemies", dipshit.

Now this person (is he a person? No I’ll call him IT!). So it has got a sticker on its car saying "GOOD BOY". Oh my, a good boy on the road. It's about time we had such "good" boys out on the road instead of maniacs. But wait, only maniacs have such "outrageous" stickers on their cars. I guess this is the exact opposite of a good boy. I think dickhead boy would suit you better ,moron.

But wait! The good boy also has decided to have a nice parking style with his other good boy friends. What a bunch of nobodies. Please park properly, I don't give a flying fuck if you were a good boy or Bin Laden in disguise. Just park properly and stop showing off your '85 piece of junk as if it were just out of the showroom with some nice stickers, dumbass. And that goes out to those good for nothing fucks who are parked next to you thinking it's a 7araka* to be parked in such a way in a public place, disrupting others' right to park properly. What a bunch of parasites.

Here's another shot of the "good boys" trying to make an impression. Like they think they're at a car showroom! LOOK AT THE FUCKING LINES ON THE GROUND, Idiots! The road has a language, yes those lines aren't meaningless, morons! No but I forgot one thing. I apologize, I forgot that "rules are for sissies". By all means, don't stick to rules, dumbasses.

Here's an instant classic! "Bad things u do people will never forget" ????? Well YOU ARE a bad thing to this community, mate! There is a saying that we have here in Bahrain which goes something like this "Kell men yara elnaas eb3ain 6ab3a"**
Now I know it's freedom of speech but I KNOW for a fact that you think this is a cool "fashion statement". Might as well go and wear some FCUK shirts you dipshit to complement this shitty statement you put on your car, plus, what's with the long statement? Why not write your life story while you're at it! A sticker this long? daaaamn! It's even longer than my schlong! I will give you a couple of bad things to think about next time you get a car and decide to write something on it, asswipe.

Last but definitely not least for this session, an "above all" person who thinks it’s so cool or his right to park in such a way that even a car with a handicapped badge wouldn't. But this guy doesn't wanna park amongst other cars and have his shitty Benz scratched + he thinks that proper parking is gay. Just look! The way he's parked SAYS that proper parking is gay. Well you know what? You're gay, faggot. Why are you parked like this when there are tonnes of available parks? It's your upbringing, isn't it? Dad must have beaten the shit out of you telling you to "be a man and not to give a fuck about others, just do what you wanna do cuz that makes you a man, the rest are fags". I wish the faggot mall security or the traffic police would hold you accountable for your actions instead of criminalizing other "poor" souls no matter what their offenses are, except for the really heavy ones***.

When will those idiots change? I guess never is the word we're looking at. There is a lot of shit going on in this country and all those idiots think about is how to make life harder for others in such simple day-to-day affairs. Cuz their IQ doesn't allow them to think about other stuff. Even a baboon has higher IQ than those rodents.

*7araka: Prounounced "Haraka" which in Arabic means "move" which indicates a "style" or a "move".

**Roughly translated = Everyone sees others the way he/she percieves him/herself.

*** I am not against the really bad traffic offenses, on the contrary, people should be punished for anything bad they do, especially when it's someone with some connections doing it. But I also want people to be penalized for "small" offences that they consider "silly". That way they would think of something called consequences before thinking they are "uber" or superior.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Boycott the Attitudes, Not Products!

What is it with boycotting nowadays? The extremists and idiot parliamentarians we have were done from boycotting American products as it seems no one worked with them except people like them. Now they have moved to another "enemy" which are the danes.

Now the event that triggered this campaign took place some 4 months ago, NOW they are going all boo-hoo. The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a great person and this in no way will affect his great personality. Plus whoever didn't know about this incident which should have disappeared with time, now knows about it.

Now I won't be talking whether to boycott was right or wrong or turn this into a religious issue, it's the attitude of those idiots I want to highlight. I wanted to talk about this a long time ago but there were no boycotts effective until now! This rage I have inside of me has started since the announcement of American goods boycott.

Of course boycotting goods made by actual boycotted countries is a thing, and boycotting franchises is another thing in itself.

People have mentioned boycotting American cars, American foods, American whatever. They also impose on people (yes as with their shitty attitude, imposing women to turn into ninjas or men to become bearded idiots*) to boycott fast foods and brands (be them American or Danish) without knowing where the stuff is actually being PRODUCED.

Let's take a McDonald's for example, or Burger King, Pizza Hut. And as for consumer brands let's take Ariel washing powder, Danish Cheese and so on...

Do those boycotters bother to check if these franchises are OWNED and OPERATED by locals? A McDee's is fully owned and operated by a Bahraini business. They employ a lot of locals, what would a serios boycott do to those? Won't it cause Bahrainis to lose their jobs? As if employment weren't an issue! Look at consumer goods, aren't a lot of them being manufactured in local factories? They "rent" or "buy" the name, boycotting these things won't do good as much as it will hurt the locals.

Plus what's with the idiocy? I mean they're calling to boycott "KDD".... What the fuck does KDD mean? KDD means "KUWAITI Danish Diary", they are mostly owned by Kuwaiti investors and all of their products are produced in Kuwait! They might have asked the Danish, being the best dairy makers, for some advice or pointers. But won't boycotting KDD hurt a Kuwaiti business? What the fuck is this stone-age mentality? "Let's boycott the (infidels)" As if they are truly hurt by you and there are no 5 billion other souls who use their products and services! I won't boycott a franchise or a locally produced product just because it has a "name" of a boycotted country's product.

And once I went to "Al Muntazah" Supermarket, who still dont sell any Pepsi or Coca Cola products, and asked the guy for an "American lettuce" now for the educated, the American lettuce is a lettuce which has a round shape like a cauliflower, this idiot immediately said when I mentioned "american lettuce": "We do not sell American products in here". I swear my blood boiled and I nearly was gonna bitchslap this guy!

Plus if you're all up for this boycotting bullshit, look at yourselves, you produce NOTHING and even those things you produce are either low quality or has a "foreign" name stuck to its label, fucking extremist retards.

Oh and look at this pic! The illiterate fuck didn't know which word to put to indicate that he doesn't sell Danish products, someone wrote it for him, what a douchebag!

So fuck this shit, I'm going to Geant for some Lurpak and KDD Passion fruit Juice.

*These idiots IMPOSE on everyone to turn to their shitty lifestyle, you can identify them by dirty looking beards that even the pirate Captain Blackbeard's beard looks shiny compared to those, you can see lizards grow inside those "forests". I sometimes put on a beard, nicely and neatly trimmed, not a host to parasites and reptiles.